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The Anniversary the Media Would Prefer You Forget

How did I miss the third anniversary of George Floyd’s death? Were the media caught sleeping? Three years ago, Floyd was given funerals in three states, carried in a gold casket and driven to his final resting place in a horse-drawn carriage. It was like the funeral for a pharaoh.       From Floyd’s death on […]

How Not To Be President

Now that we know Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is running for president (along with several others whose names I can’t remember), I have a helpful primer on what NOT to do as president. I base this advice on the conduct of the most inconsequential president in U.S. history, Donald Trump. With the exception of the […]

Biden to Illegals: Stop, or We’ll Give You More Money!

There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding at the heart our current immigration debate. We keep hearing about needing an “orderly process” to get the migrants into our country, “building lawful pathways,” and helping the migrants bypass coyotes.       The two missing points are: 1) They have no right to come to our country; and […]

No Biggie, Just the End of Civilization

Whatever you had planned to do for the rest of the day, please drop it and read this right now: Heather Mac Donald’s new book, “When Race Trumps Merit: How the Pursuit of Equity Sacrifices Excellence, Destroys Beauty, and Threatens Lives.” It seems that in the hysteria that followed George Floyd’s death in 2020, we […]

How To Bribe The Supreme Court

Having failed to destroy Clarence Thomas 32 years ago with preposterous sexual harassment charges (disbelieved at the time by 60% of Americans), now the left is resorting to attacking the ethics of a man vastly more honorable than the collection of degenerates reviling him. The sole purpose of the media’s sudden fixation on the Supreme Court’s “ethics” […]

The New Baby-Killers

Extremists have got to learn to take half a loaf. Just like the cheap labor-demanding GOP donors, pro-lifers need to be told: You can’t get everything you want. If Republicans give you this, they’ll lose their jobs, and the people who’ll replace them want you dead. Unlike a lot of people complaining about the anti-abortion zealots, […]

Who Really Cares About Dead Kids?

We’ve heard a lot lately about how Republicans don’t care about dead kids — just keep your hands off their guns! The bullhorn insurrection staged by Tennessee legislators, for example, was justified on the grounds that they were JUST TRYING TO SAVE CHILDREN’S LIVES!!! As MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell put it, the bullhorn episode showed “who is trying […]