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The Post-OJ Verdict Paradise

    O.J. Simpson’s death last week reminded me of the glorious period in American history when we finally got liberals to stop their infernal race baiting. It came right after O.J. was found not guilty of a double murder he’d obviously committed. That too-brief suspension of racial agitation, what preceded it, and what followed, is […]

The Beautiful Humanity on Death Row

The New York Times is weeping over the death penalty again, publishing a glowing review of Nashville reporter Steven Hale’s book Death Row Welcomes You.  FYI, this was not on the cover of my book review — but we may get a different version here. Obviously, it’s an important book, since only 1 million journalists […]

NYC Subway: Where Safety Is Job No. 319 or So

   I’m excited to announce a new acquisition for my New York Times museum! It’s an article from the March 24 edition titled, “What Would Make the Subway Feel Safer? Experts Have 5 Suggestions.”      Appropriating from mid-20th-century works, when the streets ran with blood, none of the “experts” suggested locking criminals up. (Studies show that DOESN’T WORK.) […]

Too Dumb for Harvard? Lemon’s Too Dumb for Twitter

Interviewing Elon Musk this week, former CNN host Don Lemon demonstrated the real-life consequences of affirmative action. Interestingly enough, Lemon himself is an affirmative action beneficiary who miraculously hung on at CNN despite committing one moronic gaffe after another (maybe he’s just got television magic!). The only CNN on-air personality to handle himself worse was Jeffrey Toobin. Lemon […]

Republicans’ Latest Diversity Train Wreck

   Republicans’ embrace of “diversity” has been an unmitigated disaster, as illustrated most recently by Sen. Katie Britt, whose response to President Biden’s State of the Union address came with a double dose of diversity.      Why was this first-term senator chosen? To boost her reelection chances? She’s from the reddest state in the Union, won […]

The Myth of Low Immigrant Crime

   With the Biden administration hauling in millions of “newcomers” (the latest euphemism for illegal aliens) from booming economies like Venezuela, Senegal and Haiti, we seem to be getting a Kate Steinle every day.      Among the recent atrocities committed by Our Greatest Strength is the savage murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley by Jose Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan illegal alien released into our country […]