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My Party: The Stupid Party!   

   House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is being pressured by idiots like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert to impeach Biden for his son Hunter’s sleazy foreign dealings — and thus decimate the reelection chances of every other Republican in Congress. But MJT and Boebert will have tremendous fun doing it and get lots of […]

Break the Law Again, You’ll Get TWO Desserts!

Days after Mayor Eric Adams said the migrant crisis was going to “destroy” New York City, we memorialized the last time immigrants tried to destroy it: The 9/11 attack. At least that was a one-time body blow.  The city suffered grievously, but survived because, luckily, the immigrants who flew planes into the buildings killed themselves in […]

Apparently, Not All Black Lives Matter

Let’s be honest: As far as the media are concerned, most Black lives don’t matter. Only in the tiny, infinitesimally small percentage of cases when a Black person is killed by a White guy do the media sit up and take notice. Thus, while there was blanket coverage of a White racist 21-year-old (mentally ill, […]

We need immigration, not Trump, at the debate

Donald Trump, the least self-aware person in the country, at least seems to know that he’s a terrible debater. He has the vocabulary of a kindergartener, strings words together in combinations that aren’t recognizable as English and has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about most of the time. His sole objective when he begins […]

Debate Advice for Republicans: Issues, Not Oprah

    As the first Republican debate approaches, I have an urgent appeal to the candidates: Please adopt the good things Donald Trump did and skip the catastrophic parts (i.e., everything after the campaign ended on Nov. 8, 2016).      Although he presided over the most wasted presidency in history, the 2016 Trump campaign was magnificent, without […]

How to be a New York Times Reporter

   You probably think the job of a reporter is to report news. How old-fashioned, cis-gendered, White supremacist of you! That’s not it at all, certainly not at the august New York Times. Instead, a reporter’s mission is to find out what kind of story would help the Democrats at any particular moment in time, and then […]