Michael Moore: Jews should fight White Christians, not Hamas

It’s paradigmatic of White European self-hate—much more empathy for people who are unrelated and with totally non-Western values and traditions than with their own people, and completely duped by the Jewish propaganda about the history of anti-Semitism where the main story is legitimate conflicts of interest on the part of the Christians.

The clueless Michael Moore doesn’t seem to realize that Jews are fighting a two-front war in the Middle East and against Christianity. They have regarded White Christians as the enemy for well over a millennia. Now that they are in power in all Western countries, they are well on their way to completely destroying their enemy—as they are doing to the Palestinians. And if they get absolute power, as they did during the 1920s and ’30s in Russia when 20–30 million White Christians were murdered , the results will be catastrophic.

<p>The surge in antisemitism in the UK comes as the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues in the Middle East </p>

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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    I remember “Master and Servant” (recorded in Berlin). With video excerpts from the Bundestag. The industrialists are all corrupt warmongers, was roughly the message. The B-side “Set me free” was the consolation prize, so to speak, but without any call for revolution. After all, Depeche Mode wanted to make it big again, especially in hyper-capitalist America, which they did five years later.


    Much later, they asked “Where is the revolution?” Revolution by whom and against what? Of course, people who actually consider this nonsense to be “music” or even “inspiration” will never find an answer to this question for the rest of their lives, because inspiration to overturn the existing order cannot be expected from those who are, were and always will be the pupils of capitalist consumerism. Moreover, they emphasize, they screw up everything in life for their Jew producer Daniel Müller.

    “Hello Martin, are you a boy
    or a girl?” (Martin unmasked)

    At least “Soft Cell” (where they belon-
    ged) were still decent, upright homos.


    Mr. Gahan, who, unlike his pseudo-gay composer Martin Gore, does not have Afromamerican but Malaysian heritage, not only falls over on stage, but also seems to make his flatulence an event there. He always kneels down on stage as if he needed a toilet. He said on a Norwegian talk show broadcast from Jew York that Richard Spencer is a cunt. This was, in no uncertain terms, a cathartic primal eruption of all the hitherto unsuspected volcanism of his tormented soul.


    Back then, these guys were something of a novelty, although they sounded like drunken plumbers testing a new sewage system. Depeche Mode were a product of the throwaway society. “At Hansa Studio (Bowie, Iggy Pop), we stole the method of beating on lifeless scrap metal from Einstürzende Neubauten and incorporated these samples into our songs. That’s how we outgrew Kraftqerk, so to speak.”

  2. Adam Hiley
    Adam Hiley says:

    Sitting through a Michael Moore movie is torture enough he’s a complete idiot and irrelevant

  3. What’s up Skip
    What’s up Skip says:

    He did say on network television that European Christians and Jews have been enemies for two thousand years. The unhinged anti-Whiteness might have just been cover to get this aired.

  4. Mason Gilbert
    Mason Gilbert says:

    “White European self-hate [involves] much more empathy for people who are unrelated and with totally non-Western values and traditions than with their own people… The clueless Michael Moore doesn’t seem to realize that Jews… ”

    Which seems to mean KM thinks Michel Moore is “self-hating white.”

    OMFG! How can you not know that Moore is a rabid flaming JEW, KM? Which explains literally everything about him.

    What is way more “paradigmatic” is how clueless bona fide racial Europeans are to how riddled their society is with CRYPTO-JEW moles and conscious, deliberate race traitors. For every one Jew who openly identifies as Jewish there are 10 or 15 more that wear perfect aye-magoy disguises. Let’s talk about THAT.

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