Paul Craig Roberts: “What’s Up with Conservatives?”

Paul Craig Roberts: “What’s Up with Conservatives?

[It] is depressing that [Gov Noem of South Dakota] is so uninformed that she cannot connect her enthusiasm for halting the inflow of immigrant-invaders with her unbridled support for Jews. Governor Noem stresses that she “called on every governor to follow my lead and send troops to the border, and I offered to personally drive more razor wire down to Texas in the back of my truck.” Yet, she seems unaware that principal among the NGOs recruiting and financing the overrunning of America by “immigrant-invaders” is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, of which the current director of the US Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, himself a Jew, was a board member. and
So here we have Governor Noem pimping for Jews as she complains about the immigrant-invaders the Jews are helping to bring into our country.

It is really quite astounding that a governor, a conservative hope, cannot see the contradiction or inconsistency in her positions. What it looks like is that politicians simply grandstand on issues that they don’t bother to understand and, thereby, end up with inconsistent positions.

Of course, it’s not so astounding to readers of this website. And it’s bereft of any analysis of how we got here—in particular, that the activist Jewish community views multicultural, multiethnic immigration as a net positive (with few small bumps mainly as a result of Muslim immigration) because it precludes a homogeneous White society that might come to see Jews as enemies, as happened in Germany in the 1930s. And it’s not just liberal-left Jews who see things this way, but Jewish neocons are totally accepting of the “invite the world, invade the world” ideology.

Neocons have been incredibly influential in the Noem’s party, basically dominating U.S. foreign policy in both parties until Trump’s candidacy resulted in wholesale defection among GOP neocons because of his declared non-interventionist foreign policy and his rhetoric against multiculturalism (e.g., claiming that Brussels isn’t Brussels anymore). Hence Victoria Nuland, who was Dick Cheney’s top foreign  policy advisor as well as having important positions in the Obama and Biden administrations.

A big part of the decline of the U.S. is that politicians of both sexes and both parties overwhelmingly see getting elected as their only real goal, and supporting Jewish causes, especially Israel, is a fundamental sine qua on for election. Hence subservience to the interests of our hostile, Jewish-dominated elite, is the only real option. It’s where the money (particularly from the Republican Jewish Coalition) and media coverage are.

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  1. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    The above web-link leads to an interesting website. That’s a good article by Paul Craig Roberts.

    All these laws against “anti-Semitism” are amazing and disgusting. Any criticism of Jewish influence or Israeli foreign policy can now be censored. Anyone speaking the truth can go to jail.

    Even more amazing are all those so-called “conservatives” promoting this kind of censorship. It’s OK to slander the White race, but you are forbidden to tell the truth about Jews.

    Jews and their tools favor censorship of the truth, which they label as “hate speech”. For Jews, “truth speech” is “hate speech”, which they censor, as they did in Bolshevik Russia.

    • hyperborean-sun
      hyperborean-sun says:

      at least in bolshevik russia the russian people knew and accepted they were being lied to. a large portion of our people are either victims of jewish eduction and ignorant or intentionally stick their head in the sand because the implications of the truth mean their entire ideology and life’s work are based on harmful lies and they are too cowardly to even consider the actions that need to take place to fix it all.

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