A Jewish Takeover of TikTok?

From the Wall Street Journal:

Steven Mnuchin is putting together a consortium to try to buy TikTok, the former Treasury secretary said Thursday, as U.S. lawmakers stepped up the pressure on the popular social-media app.

Mnuchin’s comments come a day after the House voted overwhelmingly to approve a bill that would ban the popular app from operating in the U.S. or force its Chinese owner ByteDance to sell off the company’s U.S. operations within about six months.

“I think the legislation should pass and I think it should be sold,” Mnuchin said on CNBC. “It’s a great business and I’m going to put together a group to buy TikTok.”

Mnuchin didn’t give details of who he was working with or how his group could raise the funds needed to buy TikTok.

The House bill will now move to the Senate, where lawmakers signaled a more cautious approach on the legislation. President Biden has said he would sign the bill if it reached his desk, and the White House said Wednesday it hoped the Senate would take swift action.

The short-video app has faced scrutiny over the way its algorithm works to select content for users, both on sensitive issues such as teen depression and on global debates such as the Israel-Hamas war. U.S. officials say TikTok’s China-based ownership potentially gives Beijing a way to collect data on Americans and influence public opinion, driving years of start-and-stop efforts to rein in the app. …

Former Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: Government spending is what caused inflation

CNBC/CNBCFormer Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: Government spending is what caused inflation
Any deal could be valued at $100 billion or more, narrowing the field of possible acquirers. There would also be likely antitrust concerns if another large social-media player were to seek to acquire TikTok’s U.S. operations.

Other executives have also discussed buying TikTok should ByteDance move to sell it. Bobby Kotick has expressed interest to ByteDance co-founder Zhang Yiming, the Journal reported, citing a person familiar with the situation. …

Mnuchin is Jewish, and Kotick is also presumably Jewish. Kotick says he intends to partner with another Jew, Sam Altman of Open AI.

From the Forward:

Worried about antisemitism on TikTok, Jewish federations ask Congress to act

Jewish Federations of North America says TikTok is the ‘worst offender by far’ in driving antisemitism on social media.

The Jewish Federations of North America asked a U.S. congressional committee to approve a bill that would allow the president to ban TikTok or force its China-based parent company to sell it.

“Social media is a major driver of the rise in antisemitism,” the JFNA said Wednesday in a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, adding that TikTok “is the worst offender by far.”

The bill in question would require “foreign-adversary controlled apps” to divest from their foreign owners or else lose access to app stores and web hosting in the U.S.

Any application that “presents a national security threat, has over 1 million annual active users, and is under the control of a foreign adversary entity” could be subject to those terms. The bill would allow the president to decide which platforms should be forced to comply with the proposed regulations, but it does not punish individual social media users or censor speech.

How TikTok works

TikTok is different from other social media sites where users mostly see posts from people they follow. TikTok’s algorithm, in contrast, automatically begins playing videos for users that appear to be related to their interests, rather than only responding to topics the user is actively looking for. The app refines what it exposes the user to based on factors like how long the user watches a given video. If you use the app to consume news, as many young users do, watching videos about topics related to Israel or the war could lead the app to rapidly offer up antisemitic or conspiratorial content.

The Wall Street Journal created test accounts for eight hypothetical 13-year-olds and found that within hours, the app was sending apocalyptic, conspiratorial and “highly polarized content, reflecting often extreme pro-Palestinian or pro-Israel positions.” A majority of those posts “supported the Palestinian view.”

Until recently, researchers and lawmakers used a tool on the TikTok app to search for content related to the Israel-Hamas war. What they found was an inordinate amount of pro-Palestinian content. In January, TikTok quietly turned off that particular search feature, making it harder to do this kind of research.

A poll published in The New York Times in December found that 35% of voters aged 18-29 get their news primarily from social media, and 44% use TikTok “often.” That same poll showed that 48% in that age group believe Israel is intentionally killing civilians in Gaza and 55% oppose providing further aid to Israel. …

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  1. hyperborean-sun
    hyperborean-sun says:

    this openly admits the government wants to force a company to be sold because a certain percentage of its American users from 18-29 don’t want to financially support Israel and haven’t been mentally manipulated or conditioned into believing Israel can do no wrong and it has fired weapons into an area where civilians are which obviously means it has intentionally killed civilians. I doubt any war has been fought since artillery better than cannons were used where civilians haven’t been intentionally killed.

      • Jack Adams
        Jack Adams says:

        Apologies I should’ve been more specific I was referring to. I was talking about the second section of the article after “Why TikTok matters” in bold where it discusses how young people are being impact by the Palestinian posts there. It shows how a majority of the topics there where pro-palestine in the chart there “U.S. views on top opinionated Israel-Hamas TikTok hashtags” It is discussed in this video: https://twitter.com/KeithWoodsYT/status/1767932265756053798

  2. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    It’s always the same with these disgusting … hypocrites: spread sick
    perverted pornography everywhere and claim that we are the sexists!

    “The alternative comedian (((Ben Elton))) made a headline-grabbing allegation, both on the TV show Saturday Live and in the pages of Q magazine (in its January 1987 issue), that The Benny Hill Show incited crimes and misdemeanours. ‘We know in Britain, women can’t even walk safe in a park anymore. That, for me, is worrying.'” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3Hh6OIli44

    “He parodied himself in the sketch ‘Benny Elton’ for Harry Enfield and Chums in 1994, using the style of Benny Hill to send up his (Elton’s) ‘right on’ socialist image as a politically correct spoilsport, chasing Page 3 models around a park to chastise them and tricking heterosexual couples into becoming gay.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Elton

    I can well imagine that.

  3. Joe
    Joe says:

    It’s funny watching these squirming, lying jews run around trying to put their greasy fingers into every hole of the dam against truth that they’ve spent centuries building. But, like gravity, that truth cannot be held back forever and the water is starting to gush is larger and larger amounts. Let (((them))) buy TikTok. Once it’s kosherized, truth seekers will find another vehicle and, like (((their))) MSM, TikTok will then begin to wither and die. Their attempts are futile because they defend lies… and lies cannot be sustained forever.

  4. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Why the Jews want to “acquire” TikTok https://i.ibb.co/h9MvMBr/tiktok.jpg

    “My daughter posted a Smurfs video on TikTok.” In Judeo-Bolshevism a capital offense to be severely punished. https://www.amren.com/news/2024/03/german-teen-pulled-out-of-classroom-and-questioned-by-police-for-tiktok-post-stating-germany-is-her-home/

    “School without racism [except against white sexually normal natives] – school with courage.” “Courage” here means the deliberate and conscious labeling of dishonor, cowardice and indecency with a word that is thus completely devoid of its meaning. https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Schule_ohne_Rassismus_%E2%80%93_Schule_mit_Courage

    At least they haven’t (yet) named their school after a Negro, a 102 y/o “Holcaust survivor”, a Turk, a “gay rights activist” or anything else inane. Of course, this was only possible by washing the folklorist clean of any affiliation with the brown mob of the 1930s (by a former Stasi spy of all people named Arnold Hückstädt). “Also sexuality in popular culture was not left out, research into which (((Friedrich Salomon Krauss))) undertook at the time.” https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Richard_Wossidlo#Kulturwissenschaftliche_Bedeutung

    What a colossal surprise! This has always been not only the main field of activity, but also the main interest of these “individuals”. And we read further: “In 1908 Krauss supported the founding of the Zeitschrift für Sexualwissenschaft , which Magnus Hirschfeld was only able to publish for one year in the Leipzig publisher Georg H. Wigand. Krauss coined the term paraphilia , the deviation of sexual preference. From September 16 to 23, 1930 he took part – together with a total of two thousand participants – in Vienna in the 4th Congress of the World League for Sexual Reform.” https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Friedrich_Salomon_Krauss

    After the war, the tribal brothers then resumed their “activity” of professional thematizing and whipless snooping around in the bed sheets of the Goyim in their endless search for everything that was offside, degenerate, lewd and perverse. One example: “Sex in the vernacular. The sexual slang of the German people” https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Sex+im+Volksmund.+Die+sexuelle+Umgangssprache+des+deutschen+Volkes



  5. AnonGuy
    AnonGuy says:

    Something I wrote at Unz Review, it’s just one perspective, and others can surely disagree:


    We can’t save the Palestinians due to the Ashkenazim being much more genetically superior to the Gentiles. But, we can warn all the other Arabs, and all the Gentiles in the world, about what the Ashkenazim are going to do to them. Just like the Ashkenazim killed 30 million Russian slavs during the Bolshevik Revolution, and just like they genocided Germany during WWII, and on and on, the same is going to happen to every other Gentile on Earth. If a Gentile is lucky, it will be a quick death, like a bomb instantly blowing them up. But, billions of other Gentiles may face a slow torturous death like the Palestinians currently are. Gentiles are too genetically deteriorated due to dysgenics/mutational load to protect themselves from the Ashkenazim. They are even too genetically deteriorated to seek out the truth about the Ashkenazim, and if you try to talk to your friends and neighbors to tell them the truth about the Ashkenazim, they will break off all relations with you. So, since I am very Altruistic, I think we should try, without putting ourselves in danger, to let Gentiles know that they will soon face extreme torture or death by the Ashkenazim, and that they are too genetically inferior to do anything about it, and the only course of action is to end their lives to avoid all the Ashkenazi torture. There is no other choice. Gentiles are genetically no longer able to even unite to stop the Ashkenazim. Suicide is the only option. That Unz guy wrote the following article: https://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-gaza-jewish-power-and-the-holocaust/ I just read it, and it’s nothing I didn’t already know, since I read all of Professor Kevin MacDonald’s books and articles, but regardless, that Unz article gives a good summary of the extreme torture all Gentiles will soon face. Ashkenazim are like the Lion in Africa – king of the jungle, and completely unstoppable. Why stay alive to experience exactly what the Palestinians are facing right now? For years, I wrote letters to the Palestinian government that they must preemptively commit mass suicide to avoid exactly what is happening right now, but they refused. Oh well. Most Gentiles will ignore us when we tell them the truth about the Ashkenazim. That’s fine. But, I feel morally satisfied that I at least made an effort to warn the Gentiles about what is about to happen to them.

    It is evolutionarily quite natural for the Ashkenazim to replace the Gentiles in the evolutionary wars. In the process in which monkeys evolved into humans, hundreds of intermediate hominid species came into existence and then were replaced by more genetically superior hominids. Thus, we are just witnessing another leap in upwards hominid evolution where the Ashkenazim will replace all Gentiles. However, since I am so Altruistic, I feel the pain of all the Gentiles. I understand they must be replaced, as evolution dictates, but I just wish the Ashkenazim would kill all of them in a painless manner. But, Ashkenazi evolution is one where they have evolved extreme ethnocentrism, so they display zero levels of Altruism towards all non-Ashkenazi life. They tortuously exterminated dozens of millions of Gentiles in Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Kosovo, Germany, Japan, and the modern West through importing millions of violent Africans and Browns to tortuously kill ethnic Europeans. If any of the Gentiles have attractive daughters, siblings, or wives, the Ashkenazim will make them sex slaves until they are no longer attractive due to being too old, and then they will be tortuously killed. If Gentiles don’t want their women to face such a fate, they should immediately commit suicide in a painless manner – suicide all your females in a painless manner to avoid a fate of being a sex slave. There is no hope. Gentiles are de facto extinct. But, as I said, it’s no big deal – think of how many hominid species came and went during the course of human evolution. And one day, after the entire Earth is exclusively populated by the Ashkenazim, a new superior hominid species could emerge from the Ashkenazim, and they will kill off all the Ashkenazim and form the next leap in Hominid evolution. And, it could even be possible that a genetically superior alien extra-terrestrial species could arrive at earth and euthanize all the Ashkenazim and claim Earth for themselves. There are billions of galaxies, and possibly billions of parallel universes. The Ashkenazim could very well just be an insignificant spec of dust compared to what could possibly exist in all of reality. Thank you.

    • Sir_H
      Sir_H says:

      Hominid Evolutionary Theory sounds a bit.


      It appears to me that.

      Organized Judaism is nothing more than a criminal enterprise.

      Masquerading as a Religion.


      This is primarily a religious conflict.

      Wherein most of the participants.

      Aren’t even true believers.

      Just NPCs following a script.

      And that’s the problem.

      When one believes in things that aren’t true.

      They will unable to discern what is.

      Ideas like Hominid evolutionary Theory.

      Lead to silly conclusions.

      Like “Jews” are so evolutionarily blessed everyone else might as well dropout of the game now.

      Silly Wrabbit.

      Trixs are for kids.

      Not a good idea to build ones house on sandy loam.

      Might fall down on top of ones head.

      Try again.

      Sir H

  6. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    P.S. Jew Bornemann was a passionate gynocrat (just like Kyle Hunt aka Heil C*nt) and propagated the “matriarchy”. He preferred to talk about the evil “patriarchy” and his favorite topic “bondage”. He probably liked to be whipped, secretly wore women’s underwear, was a foot fetishist and let himself be led around crawling on a collar.

    One of his “books” was named “The New Jealousy (Strong Men Show Weakness: They Become Jealous)”, another one “The Sexlife of Children’. ‘Removing the taboo on paedophilia: In 1988, Ernest Bornemann argued that paedosexual, physically and psychologically non-violent sexual acts do not necessarily have to have negative consequences for the child. He argued, among other things: ‘If you condemn from the outset any form of love that is not within the same generation, you harm the child.'”

    “Bornemann died by suicide. The direct cause was a failed love affair with doctor Sigrid Standow, 42 years his junior, which he had maintained since the death of his wife of many years, Eva. Bornemann is quoted as saying that he wanted to break up because ‘my sweetheart, with whom I have been living relatively monogamously for nine years – as I thought – is sleeping with someone else. But not only sleeping with him, but also letting herself be beaten. But he is completely dependent on her. ‘I can’t escape this bondage unless I end my life. He put this announcement into practice on June 4, 1995.”

  7. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:


    “Combating misogyny”. However, honour killings and “chastisement” (beating women is explicitly legitimized by the Quran) among thousands of Muslim invader clans allowed into the country do not fall under this category, nor do the daily gang rapes by Muslim perpetrators all over against local “infidel” women, who are categorically regarded by Muslims as prey and whores because alone of their skimpy “progressive” clothing.

    Anyone who mindlessly says “all white men are just cancerous pigs that the world doesn’t need!” is considered hip and up-to-date. They receive applause and approval. Anyone who calls women “frontholez” already has one foot in prison. How about a day of action for discriminated boys and disenfranchised fathers for a change? Or a day of action for abused white Europeans? There will be no such days under toxic regimes!

  8. asdfde
    asdfde says:

    Glenn Greenwald did a great segment on this last week. He did a thorough timeline analysis, quoting the Wall Street Journal that came out and explicitly said this was all about anti-semitism.

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