Daily Wire Severs Ties With Candace Owens

American political media in a nutshell: Choose between Ben Shapiro-type conservatives and New York Times-Hollywood  media monstrosity. Maybe it’s a good sign that Candace Owens definitely got off the reservation:

Prominent right-wing commentator Candace Owens has left the Daily Wire, the website founded by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, after months of promoting antisemitic ideas. …

The details of Owens’s exit weren’t immediately clear, but it follows increased tension over antisemitic rhetoric that pitted Owens against Shapiro, who is Jewish, and the rest of the site’s more mainline conservative figures. …

Owens first rose to prominence on the right during the video-game-focused “GamerGate” movement. Her profile grew when rapper Kanye West, now known as Ye, endorsed her ideas. [This link goes to a paywalled Wapo article. This Vanity Fair article summarizes Owens and West’s relationship.] West has continued to make antisemitic comments — if occasionally apologizing — and spoken admiringly about Adolf Hitler.

Owens became one of the Daily Wire’s leading pundits after joining in 2020. A Nashville-based conservative entertainment conglomerate that has ambitions to become a conservative alternative to Hollywood, the company served as a massive platform for Owens’s views.

But Owens used her Daily Wire platform to promote antisemitism — claiming this month on her show that “secret Jewish gangs” terrorize Hollywood — and recently favorited a tweet repeating a false claim about Jews drinking Christians’ blood.

She has also clashed publicly with the avowedly pro-Israel Shapiro by criticizing the nation in the wake of the Oct. 7 attacks.

“I think she’s been absolutely disgraceful,” Shapiro said in a recording posted on X in November. “I think that her faux-sophistication on these particular issues has been ridiculous, it’s not faux-sophistication, it’s ridiculous.”

Owens shot back on X that “you cannot serve both God and money,” in what appeared to be a jab at her employer.

Still, the November feud appeared to have been settled, with Boreing releasing a statement saying Owens’s “job is secured.”

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  1. Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee says:

    Is it possible to be the brother of a bloodthirsty mass murderer who endangers world peace and still appear harmless, human and innocent? “Doc Iddo” is certain that the Germans (long ago) stopped thinking in collective categories and are now just pure individualists who divide the world into individuals, regardless of their origin. Otherwise Bibi would not even dare to send him to the “land of eternal guilt and atonement”.


    Bibi’s little bro is once again on a reading tour for his new satire “Itamar K.”, which would be directed against the cancel culture. The former radiologist practicing in Jew York is not surprised that the judeophile anal pervert, pedo propagandist and crypto-communist Volker Beck has disinvited him, as Iddo is publicly chumming up to the AfD. And this despite the fact that nasty Butt-Beck earned himself such great merits in the oppression of the Palestinians.


    But this would confirm Iddo’s view that “Germany” is not ruled by Jews like him and his Zionist clique, but by woke totalitarian eco-Stalinists. The only viable way out would be to finally fraternize with Israel and recognize the true danger, which lies in the threat of totalitarian Islamic plans for world domination.

    Israel, according to Iddo’s unshakeable optimism, would certainly triumph against the ever-present threat of suicide bombers from the mullahs, and then Germany would finally have to make up its mind whether it wanted to be on the side of the historical and moral winners or losers.

    The AfD is considered the most pro-Israel party within the “democracy” simulation of the FRG, they even have a branch that calls itself “Jews in the AfD”. Of course, the ass-kissing interviewer fails to ask Iddo to ask his almighty brother to stop massacring the Palestinians, as this would constantly produce new terrorists, and then not to expel the rest of them to Europe.

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