James Lindsay and Joe Rogan — Two pathetic examples of mainstream conservatism: Fighting gender insanity is okay, but don’t you dare talk about White racial interests

I listened to some of the interview Joe Rogan did with James Lindsay (I used to follow Lindsay and Rogan on X ; neither would complain about people like me being banned despite their claims of opposing censorship). They are both smart guys, and the interview was good as far as mainstream conservative attitudes goes when it came to topics like censorship from the left, leftist activist organizations like the SPLC, the aggressiveness of trans activists and the whole gender insanity that we see all around us today (Lindsay’s latest book is The Queering of the American Child), and the “politics of compliance”—the idea that all the problems of society would be cured if everyone complied with what the left wants, like covid jabs and the evil of “right-wing extremism, which is pretty much anything the left doesn’t like. Lindsay labels the true believers a “cult,” for good reason.. Lindsay notes the takeover by the left of schools of education by 1992, so they can preach their ideology to children, e.g., like promoting gender confusion and destroying Christianity.

But when it comes to race, it’s a complete disaster. Both of them are horrified by the idea that White people should see the U.S. in racial terms, as the left certainly does, as it champions racial identity and a sense of racial interests for non-White Americans even as they condemn similar attitudes by Whites. They even note that this has resulted in a lot of explicit hatred against Whites, and they are worried that this will eventually lead to a genocide of Whites. Oh, sorry; what they are worried about is that Whites will become more racially conscious as they become aware that they are hated in the country they founded and developed into the greatest superpower on Earth.  They are certainly correct in noting the ubiquity of anti-White hatred (e.g., today’s story about the Archdeacon of Liverpool’s call for “anti-whiteness,” and to rise up  to “smash the patriarchy,” all the while insisting that her comments were “not anti-white, or anti-men.” And it’s no surprise that the Church of England is trying to raise £1 billion for reparations for slavery…).

No doubt the left will continue to push this sort of horror unless forced to stop. And the only way that will happen is if White people wake up and adopt an explicit White identity and sense of White collective interests. But Lindsay and Rogan are, at least implicitly, condemning Whites who have already arrived at the necessity of White identity in all Western countries and are attempting to push back against this onslaught — an assault that has already greatly lessened White political power.

But mainstream conservatives continue in their assertions of colorblind virtue, at least partly because it’s a good career move for anyone wanting to reap the rewards of fame and fortune available for anyone willing to take this tack The left of course realizes that this pushback by racially aware Whites is a possibility and is pulling out all stops to prevent this:  censorship of pro-White views on social media (no need to censor the mainstream media of course), purging the military and developing a deep state in the federal bureaucracy hostile to White interests, turning up the volume of anti-White propaganda, promoting non-White immigration to increase Congressional representation (the census counts all residents regardless of citizenship status in apportioning Congressional districts), and, at least in the  long run, have an amnesty so that the imported millions can vote (e.g., not a single Democrat voted in favor of a recent amendment that would have prevented Mayorkas from flying planeloads of illegals into America). I can’t think of any Democrat who opposes Mayorkas’s policy of generally opening up the southern border.

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  1. Aelred A.
    Aelred A. says:

    Just another example of what David Icke criticizes the alternative media for: they still have a line they can’t cross—theirs is just a bit farther that the mainstream’s, but it’s still there.

  2. Count Lippe
    Count Lippe says:

    Then these “conservatives” surely excel at the central theme — refusing to name the Jew.
    Zionism has overrun mainstream conservatism in the same way that Marxism has overrun mainstream liberalism. Largely the Jews in both cases with assistance from the toadying, money grubbers of the white managerial class.

  3. WCH
    WCH says:

    I find it bizarre that you compare – promoting transgenderism with distroying Christianity. Religion is myth. All religions need to be categorized as mental disorders. Transgenderism is also mental disorder. And at this point religion has been the more distructive of the two.

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