Why Are So Many of Our Elite Sexually Depraved?

There have long been conspiracy theories that the world is ruled by a group of elite pedophiles or at least ephebophile—those who are attracted to sexually mature but very young girls. Just such a vast, elite pedophile ring — centred around Hilary Clinton — was a key strand in QAnon thinking [QAnon conspiracists believe in a vast pedophile ring. The truth is sadder, By Moira Donegan, Guardian, September 20, 2020]. In the UK, “Operation Yew Tree,” set up after the death of popular entertainer Sir Jimmy Savile and revelations about his raping numerous under-aged girls, unmasked a number of high-profile celebrities with similar proclivities, such as the entertainer Rolf Harris [Rolf Harris, Savile and Clifford all pulled the wool over my eyes, By Simon Hattenstone, Guardian, July 3, 2014].

With the publication of court documents relating to Virginia Roberts suing the now jailed Ghislaine Maxwell, a growing list of A-List celebrities have been revealed to have spent time on the private island of wealthy convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, where Maxwell procured young girls for him. These A-Listers include Prince Andrew, who denies having had sex with Virginia Roberts (then a minor), Stephen Hawking and Bill Clinton. According to sworn testimony by one of these girls, Epstein told her that the former president “likes them young” [Epstein told victim that Bill Clinton ‘likes them young’, new court filings reveal, By Rachel Young, Independent, January 7, 2024]. People may be shocked at evidence that so many highly elite people may be interested in having sex with very young girls. As someone who researchers evolutionary psychology I don’t find it shocking at all. It makes complete theoretical sense.

What is it that predicts being extremely eminent, ascending to the heights of the elite, being, in some way, a genius? As I have explored in my book Sent Before Their Time: Genius, Charisma and Being Born Prematurely, it is very high intelligence combined with psychopathic traits. If you are low in empathy and altruism, you won’t care that your radical new idea, for example, offends vested interests; in fact you might enjoy upsetting people. You will even have aspects of Narcissism, such a strong sense of entitlement; making you impervious to setbacks, possessed of a Machiavellian streak, and, so, more likely to succeed. If you are low in impulse control then you won’t be able to force yourself to think like everybody else; you will “think outside the box” and generate original ideas. And if you are high in negative feelings, in Neuroticism, you will be constantly ruminating and so generating new insights. In essence, genius is very high intelligence combined with sub-clinical psychopathology.

German-British psychiatrist Felix Post (1913–2001) conducted a character-trait analysis of 291 world famous men which I drew upon in Sent Before Their Time. He found that 16% of the male population might be sub-clinically psychopathic. This compared to 52% of politicians, 50% of artists and 70% of writers. Post estimated that 1% of males suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but this was 27% of artists, 28% of politicians and 40% of writers.  It should be added that while 1% of the male population are “severely psychopathic,” Post found it was 17.4% of politicians, 37.5% of artists, 26% of thinkers, and 46% of writers. He estimated that 33% of his sample of world famous scientists had suffered from depression or anxiety, as had 41% of his politicians, 34% of his composers, 36% of his thinkers, 41% of his artists and 72% of his writers. Approximately 20% of people in Western countries experience a bout of depression at some point in their lifetimes [Creativity and psychopathology: A Study of 291 World Famous Men, By Felix Post, British Journal of Psychiatry, 1994].

With these numbers in mind, we must ask what are the correlates of pedophilia? The first key trait is psychopathology; it robustly crosses over with being a pedophile. This is presumably because in order to abuse and take advantage of somebody, especially a minor, you have to be lacking in altruism and empathy and also have a strong sense of entitlement, that you can do whatever you like [Psychopathy in the pedophile, By D. Dorr, In . Millon, E. Simonsen, M. Birket-Smith & R. D. Davis (Eds.), Psychopathy: Antisocial, criminal, and violent behaviour, 1998]. Unsurprisingly, one study also found that, “Pedophiles possess many core personality features associated with Narcissistic Personality Disorders” [A Rorschach investigation of defensiveness, self-perception, interpersonal relations, and affective states in incarcerated pedophiles, By M.R. Bridges et al., Journal of Personality Assessment, 1998]. In other words, some men may be attracted to under-age girls but you require psychopathic and Narcissistic traits in order to act on this.

Both of these traits are part of a “fast life history strategy,” a concept I’ve looked at before. Fast life history strategists are evolved to an easy yet unpredictable ecology where you must live fast and die young. It is, therefore, pointless bonding with people, who could be wiped out at any moment, so you are aggressive and psychopathic. You must pass on your genes as quickly as possible, so you should be attracted to very young women, as they are highly fertile. If you are a slow life history strategist then you are in a predictable, harsh and competitive environment. You must ensure, for example, that your offspring are adapted to the local diseases and are well-nurtured, so you might value genetic similarity to your partner and a kind personality above youth. Our super-elite are highly intelligent fast life history strategists so we would expect to have an extreme penchant for youth.

Anxiety is associated with paraphilia, with a developing a sexual fetish. An extreme penchant for youth might be regarded as close to fetish, in that teenage girls are not yet at the peak of their fertility. It has been suggested that anxiety can potentiate sexual arousal in men, which can lead to an association between sexual arousal and atypical objects [The Relation Between the Paraphilias and Anxiety in Men: A Case—Control Study, By M. Fox et al., Archives of Sexual Behavior, 2022]. Alternatively, it may be that anxiety involves experiencing intense feelings more strongly, making the normal desire for youth more extreme, as autism, which involves low empathy and extreme sensations, is associated with paraphilia and anxiety [Psychological and Developmental Correlates of Paraphilic and Normophilic Sexual Interests, By A. Brown et al., Sexual Abuse, 2022].  Certainly, childhood anxiety is associated with later becoming a pedophile [Social anxiety and sexual offending against children: A cumulative meta-analysis, By K. Nunes et al., Sexual Aggression, 2012].

So, put simply, we shouldn’t be surprised at evidence of highly elite males having sex with underage girls. The same traits that predict being highly elite would appear to predict just such a penchant. The “conspiracy theory” makes theoretical sense.

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  1. Devon
    Devon says:

    For all of human history women have been considered adults once they had their period and so by 16/17 it would be normal for them to be married off and having children.

    Calling men today pedophiles or perverts for finding girls that age attractive is claiming nature is wrong.

    Now of course that’s very different to finding pre-pubescent girls attractive as that is clearly unnatural and a perversion.

    • What’s up Skip
      What’s up Skip says:

      I was going to contradict you but at least according to Wikipedia it appears you are dead right at least regarding consent. The age of consent was raised from 12 to 13 in England in 1875. That said just prior to the English Civil war only one out of a thousand marriage records in Canterbury involved a thirteen year old maiden. 97% of brides were seventeen or older.

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        They probably waited until later, after marriage. So, the girl probably wasn’t touched at first.

        But today, this society encourages girls that young, which is a bad thing. They get pregnant at some point in their twenties by someone they didn’t want. They have abortions. It’s just an unpleasant topic.

        They have hook up apps… It’s just unpleasant to talk about.

  2. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    Edward Dutton is always interesting and entertaining. I always learn something new from him.

    What is an “ephobophile”? That sounds comical and disgusting at the same time. Having sex with balloons, maybe? Let me look it up — Oh no! I wish I hadn’t. It’s not as disgusting as pedophile, but near enough.

    No surprise that our so-called “elites” are paraphiles. They flaunt their perversions. They are suicidal in their decadence. If you criticize them for it, they deny everything with mock conviction, in the manner of Jimmy Savile. And then they retaliate by calling you a racist, a homophobe, a transphobe and an anti-semite. They are that obvious.

    • ariadna
      ariadna says:

      Don’t learn this “new word”–it does’t exist except in this article as a misspelling of “ephebophile.”

  3. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    The blasé way in which Edward Dutton refers reflexively to a certain class of men and women as elite—men and women whose primary characteristics are lust for power and the ruthlessness that complements that lust and other lusts—is, to my taste, too subversive by half. His points, excellent as they indeed are, could all have been made without inviting his readers to subliminally accept his corrupted use of a word that has long been associated with refinement and with superiority of education, cultivation, or acumen in another area.

    The individuals named in his article, along with many, many others that aren’t named and don’t require naming, may certainly be thought of as outstanding in a sense—but in what sense? Is one expected to recognize a man or woman as manifesting elite qualities when what he or she is is little more than a paragon of depravity in a Jewish and Jewish-aligned ruling class where corruption and depravity have superseded morality and ethics as desiderata?

  4. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    I liked past articles by Mr Dutton but I found this one rather disappointing.
    He starts promisingly by proposing to examine the sexual depravity of our “elites,” obvious examples of which are the Clintons, Prince Andrew, and we could add several politicians we know of.
    The then asks, “What is it that predicts being extremely eminent, ascending to the heights of the elite, being, in some way, a genius?” and responds, high intelligence and psychopathy.
    I have a completely different answer to what predicts a psychopath’s ascent to the level of being in the elite and that excludes genius. Not even high intelligence. Reptilian cunning suffices
    Psychopathy is a necessary requirement not only to motivate the candidate to aspire to fully enjoy his symptoms of narcissism but, more importantly, to mark him for his employers as a trustworthy tool, vulnerable to blackmail.
    Not only do I see no “genius” in these successful individuals but often little more than mediocre intellect. Once selected by the “elite makers,’ they are promoted rapidly by the extensive Jewish network operating in all centers of powers and the Jewish media.
    To make his case, Mr Dutton uses studies of paraphilia and pedophilia in artists, writers, scientists and other “extremely eminent” people, dunking them all in the same trough with the ruling elite–politicians– and concluding that they all share two major traits: genius and psychopathology.
    i disagree.

  5. James J O'Meara
    James J O'Meara says:

    “…in order to abuse and take advantage of somebody, especially a minor, you have to be lacking in altruism and empathy and also have a strong sense of entitlement, that you can do whatever you like.”

    It also helps to write a book that says God chose you to be one of his special people.

  6. Francis Galton
    Francis Galton says:

    It doesn’t make sense when you remember not long ago our elite were not degenerates but also more intelligent than our current elite

  7. Oliver Dyer
    Oliver Dyer says:

    Satanists desire to praise their God lucifer by committing “sin” and thus sin thru sexually depraved acts is the ultimate. The more innocent tge victim is, the larger the sin thus the more worthy they are.

  8. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    This is the sort of question no one truly wants a true answer to.

    Kids are encouraged to engage in sex at an early age. Sex out of wedlock used to be discouraged. If schooling were completed earlier, young men and women could marry at an earlier age to start families as their bodies encourage them to do.

    It’s bothersome to talk on such matters, and an easy answer is to say no sex out of wedlock.

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