Paul Joseph Watson on Scotland’s Hate Crime Law

As predicted, Police Scotland was deluged with nearly 4,000 complaints in the first day alone after the passage of an absurd new hate crime law, proving the legislation is being weaponized by activists.

Under the new legislation, anyone deemed to have been verbally ‘abusive’, in person or online, to a transgender person, including “insulting” them could be hit with a prison sentence of up to seven years.

Transgender activists have been busy making lists of people they are waiting on to make such comments, including Harry Potter author JK Rowling herself.

Although it was announced yesterday by police that Rowling wouldn’t be investigated, the mere fact that she has been reported could create a ‘hate incident’ file on her that will remain in perpetuity.

“Calum Steele, the former general secretary of the Scottish Police Federation, said he understood that around 3,800 cases had been lodged over the previous 24 hours,” reports the Telegraph.

That figure is likely to now be almost doubled as deranged shitlibs feverishly report anything they deem offensive via an online form and a 101 non-emergency number.

Authorities are now being swamped with vexatious complaints exactly as the legislation’s critics predicted, with resources that would have been available to tackle real crime directed elsewhere to patrol speech.

Indeed, as we previously highlighted, Police Scotland admitted that the new law could create “additional demand”and create a “resource implication” for police.

This followed a trial of a separate program set to be implemented across the country to stop investigating crimes like theft and criminal damage, which authorities acknowledge will help criminals. … [Entire article is here.]

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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Media report: Authorities register drastic increase in foreigner crime

    The number of crimes is rising. Violent crime in particular is getting out of hand and reaching new highs. One group of offenders in particular stands out.

    The number of foreign suspects rose to around 923,000 last year. This corresponds to an increase of almost 18 percent, reports Die Welt, citing the as yet unpublished crime statistics for 2023 from the Federal Ministry of the Interior. They now account for almost 41% of all suspects. A total of 2.246 million people in Germany were suspected of a crime – 7.3% more than in 2022.

    The number of suspected asylum migrants (recognized asylum seekers, rejected asylum seekers, quota refugees, etc.) rose particularly sharply. The security authorities registered just over 400,000 people in this category. This is almost 30 percent more than in 2022. People with German and other citizenship are automatically considered German suspects. The migration background of the alleged perpetrators is not recorded.

    Violent crime on the riseThere is an upward trend in violent crime in particular. The authorities registered around 214,000 cases here – an increase of 8.6%. There was a record figure in the area of dangerous and grievous bodily harm with 154,000 cases (up 6.8 percent). The number of robberies rose by more than 17 percent to 44,857. The number of “intentional simple assaults” reached an all-time high with almost 430,000 cases – an increase of 7.4 percent.

    The authorities also registered significant increases in the number of cases in other crime areas. For example, residential burglary (77,819, up 18.9 percent), car theft (29,985, up 17.5 percent), shoplifting (426,096, up 23.6 percent) and pickpocketing (109,314, up 11 percent). A total of around 5.94 million crimes were registered in 2023, 5.5 more than in 2022.

    The complete police crime statistics will be officially presented on Tuesday.

  2. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Authorities are now being swamped with vexatious complaints exactly as the legislation’s critics predicted, with resources that would have been available to tackle real crime directed elsewhere to patrol speech.

    Kevin and most of his regular readers understand that overstretched resources and their inevitable consequences—a free pass for real criminals and a loss of the social cohesion that always follows hard upon a widespread sense of increased vulnerability—do not trouble the globalist Jews who manipulate and undermine virtually ever Western nation, not just Scotland.

    Collapse, contradiction, and chaos are welcomed rather than regretted by our rulers. To use the popular aphorism, these things are features, not bugs.

  3. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    If a woman says to you “You’re too extreme for me!”, you should take this as a compliment and reply: “And you’re too average, too ordinary and too mediocre for me.” Finally, we disagree and our paths inevitably diverge. But what’s it actually all about? Only a completely feminized, effeminate society without any quality detests the “radical”, “extremist” because it “worries” it.

    But what is meant by “extreme”? Terror, murder, kidnapping, violence, robbery, rape? Not in the slightest! These “qualities” are only tolerated in invaders. Instead basically everything that constitutes healthy masculinity: courage, independence, will, freedom, unpredictability, self-reliance. “Extreme/radical” means that you are NOT ordinary, average or mediocre.

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