Andrea Widburg: If you believe that sociopaths are in charge, you’re right

All that’s missing is a breakdown of the demographics of this poll. It’s often noted that Jews provide around 75% of the funding for the Democrats (and probably 40% for the GOP). And this is a group whose ethic is basically “what’s good for the Jews,” so cheating in order to advance what they see as Jewish interests would not raise ethical issues.

Andrea Widburg, in American Thinker

Anyone with a brain knows that there was epic cheating behind Biden’s “win” in 2020, ranging from official cheating (e.g., mail-in ballots, drop boxes, and ballot harvesting) to unofficiaHowdy, Kevin MacDonaldl cheating (e.g., delayed vote counts, faked ballots, and illegal registrations). Pollster Scott Rasmussen has discovered something very disturbing about all that cheating: While ordinary Americans want fair elections, the “elite”—that is, the rich, powerful, and connected—don’t. They want only to win.

According to the Issues and Insights editorial board:

Earlier this year, pollster Scott Rasmussen asked voters a simple question: “Would you rather have your candidate win by cheating or lose by playing fair?

The answers he got back were, as he put it in a Daily Signal podcast last week, “the most terrifying poll result I’ve ever seen.”

Among all Americans, just 7% said they would want their candidate to win by cheating. As Rasmussen put it, he’d rather see that number lower, but that’s not bad.

But more than a third of the elite 1% he surveyed would condone cheating. And among those who are “politically obsessed” – meaning that they talk about politics every day – that number shot up to 69%.

The same editorial notes that this 1% of “elites” is almost entirely Democrat. Credentialed people (i.e., college and university graduates) are more likely to be Democrats, as are the wealthy. These are the people who control the levers of power in society, so the fact that almost 70% of those who are most concerned with politics think cheating is a fine way to win is a terrifying thought.

And what do these powerful sociopaths intend to do with the power they attain through cheating? Nothing good:

  • Nearly 60% say there is too much individual freedom in America – double the rate of all Americans.
  • More than two-thirds (67%) favor rationing of energy and food to combat the threat of “climate change.”
  • Nearly three-quarters (70%) of the elites trust the government to “do the right thing most of the time.”
  • More than two-thirds (67%) say teachers and other educational professionals should decide what children are taught rather than letting parents decide.

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  1. Deb
    Deb says:

    While disheartening, the results of the poll are not surprising. After all, most elected officials as well as government employees have been caught lying many times in their careers. These are the people who should be held to higher standards yet their inability to perform with ethics and integrity has trickled down onto the average Joe. Lying and cheating were once considered abominable character traits, now they are regarded as minor flaws. How far mankind has fallen.

  2. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    Rationing of food and energy, but they want maximal inward migration of foreigners.

    I suppose a hammer would figure how to influence these people.

  3. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Always these “brown” allusions. This time Doofburg vs. Doofbräuhaus: The Austrian anal degenerate Gerald Grosz called the Bavarian asshole Söder “Södolf”. Although the only thing brown about Södolf is his mass-imported negers and the dirt that sticks to his corrupt paws. Now the gross Grosz is supposed to pay 36,000 Eurones for this, which would otherwise be wasted on parties with his Lederhosn call-“boyz”.

    One of Trachtenjodler Gerald’s favorite jokes: “What do a shotgun and I have in common? Right: you can bend it in the middle and load it from the back!” Gerald’s motto (jewgle it): “Make Austria Grosz Again” (or “Meet the next President” instead of Perversident), as if they had spoken Denglish in the gross decadent Habsburg monarchy.

    Gerald should organize a “Doof Doof” party in Sri Lanka together with lesbian Alice Weidel (who is currently working on the melonization/de-bystronization of the AfD), to which they also invite Johnny Depp.

  4. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    “Electing Saudi Arabia to a women’s rights commission is like making a pyromaniac into the town fire chief,” said (((Hillel Neuer))), executive director of the independent non-governmental organization UN Watch, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

    After all, women are finally being protected from prostitution, drug abuse, childlessness, homosexuality, pornography, the destruction of the family and society, political incompetence due to mental overload and much more. For Neuer and his fellow tribesmen, of course, this is an unacceptable no-way imposition.

  5. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    “Credentialed people… the people who control the levers of power in society, so the fact that almost 70% of those who are most concerned with politics think cheating is a fine way to win is a terrifying thought.”

    Lot of assertions in this piece, in this sentence. I don’t view simply college and university graduates as elites by any definition. I’ll give the writer that what’s called credentialed people– maybe based on experience– don’t believe democratic elections effective at selecting leaders. I don’t accept that those doing politics the demonstrated American way as that Justice Department attorney allegedly said about Chinese military comtributions to the Clinton campaign laundered by a Little Rock Chinese resteraunt owner. Not just recently but my entire life since class officers were elected in elementary school were not necessarily “sociopaths” in the dictionary sense of the word.
    My wife and I marvel at what we see in public and point things out to each other usually without comment, sometimes just “Voter”. Those walking around free in America are being led by the literal and figurative hog rings and their quality isn’t a if not the problem?

    My sense is that limiting if not “Rationing of energy and food” whether by allocation rather than pricing on at least the basics isn’t such a bad thing. It might point out that there are entirely too many people and everyone that society is going to put-up-with ought not to be entitled to all the corn sweetener and gasoline they want to consume and that pricing as opposed to a minimum amount of electricity, internet, natural gas, for example, ought to be within reach but driving ego-building 4-WD car crushers aggressively at least ought at least not to be subsidized if not outlawed including enforcement. I can’t see that’s not what’s coming with everything from bearing arms to morbid obesity so promoted that even the uncredentialed will clamor for authoritarian management generally.
    From the elementary schoolroom to the homeowners association boardroom, the general public not just elites trust their government to “do the right thing most of the time.
    Teachers and administrators do decide what children are taught. Enforcing not smoking in the student’s restrooms, when I was in school, wasn’t enforced because the teachers were both afraid of confronting violators though not necessarily getting mugged and more interested in getting to the teacher’s lounge to smoke themselves. Like according to Robert Griffin Timothy McVeigh noted, quoted at his sentencing, government is the teacher. Those who interview job applicants need to pay more attention to character and temperament but maybe they are but just want something different than I want in public servants. That looks to me to be how we got here– thinking the ever-degenerating public ought to simply get to vote-in what’s promising what they’ll get.

  6. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    A prototypical antigoyist (to be written without a hyphen, because goyism does not exist in itself) projects all his own collective-psychopathic hatred into the work of a German scholar, in the familiar manner, mirror-inverted without any self-questioning or reflection and eben without rationally justifying this with excerpts from the book he condemns. Despite Jewtube censorship, the comments below the video are not without an eye-opening effect.

    Striker brought up the name Eisenmenger (who was not
    entirely unknown to me) about halfway through the stream.

  7. Rudolf

    You only have to remember who the leading protagonists are in the Springer Group. The largest owners (apart from the infamous Springer widow) are “Kohlberg Kravis Roberts” (36%) and the unspeakable “transatlanticist” / Bilderberger Doepfner.

    Springer is followed by Hubert Burda as the most influential Lugenpress loudspeaker. Wiki lists him, just like Axel Springer, in the category “German Zionists” (without tribal affiliation). In third place is another of these “widows” swimming in money, Liz Mohn, who, however, apart from a typical attempt at appropriation called “honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv University”, has less commitment to the eternal everlastig question of collective guilt. I have not researched who operates in 4th place (Bertelsmann, Holtzbrinck, Bauer or Funke conglomerates?).

    Leo’s “Kirch Group” also plays in the premier league. He was even given a permanent place of honor in the artwork “Ludwig’s Legacy”.

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