We Shouldn’t Call Them “Woke,” We Should Call Them “Mutants”

Have you ever noticed how physically unattractive Woke people tend to be? Both the males and females are relatively ugly and the males are relatively short and physically weak. Both are clearly high in mental illness. It’s almost like there’s something genetically wrong with them.

Well, your eyes don’t deceive you.  Some fascinating new evidence has come to light that left wing people are, to put it bluntly, more likely to be mutants (something which is almost always a bad thing in evolutionary terms) than right-wing people. It has been presented by a young researcher, a computer scientist called Joseph Bronski. He has provided us with compelling new evidence for a point I have been exploring for many years.

Under the harsh Darwinian conditions that were prevalent until the Industrial Revolution, there was a strong selection pressure to be genetically physically and mentally healthy. There was also strong selection pressure to be group-oriented: pro-social, mentally stable and high in impulse control. Groups that were too low in these internally cooperative traits would be destroyed by those that were higher in them. Individuals that were too low in them would be killed by the group. Consequently all of these traits became bundled together. Supporting this, Zakharin and Bates found that 66 percent of the variation in being generally group-oriented results from genetic differences [Testing heritability of moral foundations: Common pathway models support strong heritability for the five moral foundations, By M. Zakharin and T. Bates, European Journal of Personality, 2023].

Moreover, studies have shown that left-wing people value individually-oriented moral foundations such as harm avoidance and equality over the group-oriented foundations of in-group loyalty and obedience to authority that are valued by conservatives. Accordingly, the moral judgments of leftists are self-interested. Their purpose is to help less talented individuals, such as themselves, ascend the hierarchy of the group [Liberals and Conservatives Rely on Different Sets of Moral Foundations, By J. Graham, J. Haidt and B. Nosek, Personality Processes and Individual Differences, 2009]. The above-cited Zakharin and Bates (2023) found that 49 percent of the variation in individualizing morality was due to genetic variation.

So, taken together, we should not be surprised that people who are less group-oriented and more individualizing are higher in “mutational load” than right-wing people. We were selected to be highly group-oriented and they are a movement away from this. They are more likely to be the descendants of those who would have died as children under a harsher evolutionary regime, in which child mortality was as much as 50 percent, as opposed to less than 1 percent in Western countries today [Is Child Death the Crucible of Human Evolution? By T. Volk and J. Atkinson, Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology, 2008].

In my recent book Breeding the Human Herd: Eugenics, Dysgenics and the Future of the Species, I bring together the growing body of evidence that leftism is associated with elevated genetic sickness. Compared to conservatives, liberals have less attractive and less symmetrical faces, liberal males are physically shorter and liberal males are less muscular. These traits imply a poor immune system, due to high mutational load, which has prevented them from maintaining a symmetrical phenotype, reaching their maximum height or accruing muscle because, with a poor immune system, they must invest disproportionately more of their bio-energetic resources in fighting off disease.

As I also note in the book, leftists are also higher in mental illnesses (such as depression) which are strongly genetic, and they are more likely to be atheists—atheism strongly crosses over with leftism; moreover, they are more likely to be left-handed, which implies a significantly asymmetrical brain. The heritability of political viewpoint, as I have discussed in my book The Past is a Future Country: The Coming Conservative Demographic Revolution, can be relatively high, so this strongly implies that leftism is partly a function of mutational load.

However, it is true that an element of these relationships could be environmental. Perhaps having these kinds of traits makes people feel excluded or inferior. This makes them bitter about the world, which makes them want to tear down all of its power structures and traditions, causing them to be attracted to leftism in a kind of a symbiotic relationship. What is needed is hard proof that the relationship is genetically mediated. This is exactly what Joseph Bronski appears to have demonstrated.

In a study in the journal Open Psych entitled “Evidence for a Paternal Age Effect on Leftism,” Bronski achieves something that is both important and beautifully simple. He shows that older fathers are not more likely than younger fathers to be left-wing but that the fathers of left-wing children tend to be older. The correlation between paternal age and leftism was relatively weak but it was highly significant statistically, that is, vanishingly unlikely to be a fluke. This finding is vital because as men age they produce more and more de novo mutations in their sperm, meaning that the older your father is the less genetically healthy you are likely to be, on average. The fact that older fathers are not more likely to be left-wing yet they are more likely to produce offspring who are left-wing effectively demonstrates that being left-wing is a function of mutation; a function of poor genetic fitness.

In another study, as yet unpublished and available on Bronski’s website, he argues something that even I—who tends to be sympathetic to genetic explanations—found surprising: The rise in leftism in the West over the last century can be almost entirely explained by rising mutational load; the rise, in other words, of mutants. In The Past is a Future Country: The Coming Conservative Demographic Revolution, I argue that rising mutational load is part of the explanation. It led to more and more selfish, individually-oriented people until a tipping point was reached, probably around 1963, causing society to rapidly become left-wing. I aver that a big part of this was environmental. Once the shift began to occur, the more intelligent—i.e., those better at sensing the general mood and better able to conform to it and see the benefits of so-doing—began competitively signalling leftism, causing a kind of runway individualism.

However, in his paper “On Evolutionary Pressure and General Leftism,” Bronski argues that the rise in leftism can be mainly, not just partly, explained by genetic changes in the population. In effect, he notes that there are two competing pressures: conservatives tending to have more children and a rise a mutation, which can be quantified. As Bronski summarises:

Using a narrow-sense heritability estimate of 0.6, we find a selection pressure of 0.076 SDs per generation in the conservative direction. We . . .  compute the mutational pressure as 0.22 SDs in the leftist direction. We find that the sum of these two pressures adequately explains the change in general leftism per generation over that last 70 years (0.15 SD per generation in the leftist direction), indicating that Western political change is solely due to evolutionary pressure. Per Bayesian analysis, there is a 95% chance, given this data, that 70% or more of the observed shift in leftism is due solely to evolutionary pressure, namely mutational pressure.

If this seems extreme, Bronski attempts to allay such a reaction in his Open Psych study, discussed earlier:

It is theoretically plausible that mutational pressure could produce some or all of the leftward shift of the last several generations in the US and other Western nations . . . If the mutational pressure on leftism were 1 in 20, and leftism were treated as binary, then mutational pressure would convert 5% of would-be non-leftists each generation.

If Bronski is right, and his data appears to be sound, the implication is clear: growing leftism is overwhelmingly a function the growth of genetically unfit mutants. You will not fight its growth by critiquing illogical Woke arguments.


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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    This is a very interesting article. Yes, the ugliness of the Left is not compartmentalized. Physical homeliness goes hand in hand with other ugly attributes, such as promotion of sexual perversion, miscegenation, pornography, and the welcoming of the Brown tide from the southern border to ultimately darken our beautiful race.

    The very last sentence in this article is quite true; one cannot hold a meaningful conversation with those on the Left. Their arguments are indeed illogical as well as fraught with emotion. Regardless of what facts one presents to the Left with respect to America’s decline, the Left will nearly always lay the blame on one of three things – climate change, racism, or traditional moral values.

    Someone once said Liberalism was a mental disorder. At the time I thought that to be a bit over the top. I’ve changed my mind.

    • Concrete Cowboy
      Concrete Cowboy says:

      I believe Michael Savage claims to have coined the phrase,
      “Leftism is a mental disorder.”

  2. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Edward Dutton writes as follows:

    In [my book], I argue that rising mutational load is part of the explanation. It led to more and more selfish, individually-oriented people until a tipping point was reached, probably around 1963, causing society to rapidly become left-wing. I aver that a big part of this was environmental. Once the shift began to occur, the more intelligent—i.e., those better at sensing the general mood and better able to conform to it and see the benefits of so-doing—began competitively signalling leftism, causing a kind of run[a]way individualism.

    It seems that some people will do or say anything so long as it distracts attention from the Jews and their pernicious influence.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Pierre de Craon

      Hang on, Pierre. What right do you have to disrupt Ed’s business model!

      Notwithstanding this, I have no objection whatsoever to the insights arising from Ed’s sociobiological understandings, provided they have firm scientific foundations.

      Having said that, Ed’s powers of abstraction sometimes leave me dumbfounded. It’s as though upper class greed/monopoly of real power (stripped on a skerrick of patriotism) and consequent lower class powerlessness, never existed; not to mention the overpowering effect on public discourse of saturation immigration.

      Meanwhile those with a clear vision of the(ir) future and the power to buy/shame its path sit by and rake in the dividends, the reality of it all being over-documented.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      Some people are obsessed with everything dysgenics because they are themselves
      very dysgenic. Just take a look at this author’s videos (if they still exist).

      It’s true that the degenerative tendencies of the left will mainly attract the freaks, the misfits, the degenerates.
      But ignoring the role of the eternal parasite in promoting these same trends… What a dishonesty.

  3. Alan
    Alan says:

    We thought this isa really fun article.
    AT the end of the era science as it so often falsely called rediscovered
    and at least in a dawinian sense,justified common sense and Morals.Somewhere there is a cosmic irony there..like nimrod the have habiru clown. king… on top of the first tower of babel shooting arrows ..or so he thought..at God The 2nd Tower of babel is ostensibly the U.N. Perhaps the 3rd ..Davos…,
    the end of false futurity?… like the mythical idiotic 3rd temple , that may never be…red heifer barbarism and all.in a future district near the I’ll fated Sanhedrin….
    .keep at it Mr.Bronski…simple cross referenced studies may soon, be the only thing of verifiable real value in
    the postmodern religion of science. Mutants. So many ugly gender dysphoria mutants..so many are Jews or products of consorting with Jews. .Even if the mossad isreali Jew hasbara trolls scour this..scrape this and many other online forums for quasi legal pre crime proof scams ..so called anti semitic incitement… ha!….after Italian Jew fauci said “I Am The Science”Jokes about mutants abound and increase.

  4. HebeJeebeez
    HebeJeebeez says:

    Have you ever noticed how physically unattractive Woke people tend to be? Both the males and females are relatively ugly and the males are relatively short and physically weak. Both are clearly high in mental illness. It’s almost like there’s something genetically wrong with them.

    Yes, I’ve noticed all that. I’ve also noticed ugliness, mental illness and “woke” politics in another group with interesting genetics:

    Despite considerable uncertainty about the demographic history of Ashkenazi Jews and their ancestors, available genetic data are consistent with a founder effect resulting from a severe bottleneck in population size between a.d. 1100 and a.d. 1400 and an earlier bottleneck in a.d. 75, at the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora.


  5. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    In this article, Edward Dutton makes a compelling case for his theory about Spiteful Mutants, and he cites copious scientific data to support it. From now on, I shall use “mutant” instead of “woke”.

    Wokesters are freaks, weirdos, sickos & mutants, who should have died by natural selection, but are kept alive by modern medicine. That explains the freaks of Antifa. Just look at their mugshots, which you can see online – all mutants.

    Mutants all suffer from a death-wish, which they seek to inflict on the rest of humanity. Hence their abuse & promotion of narcotics. Hence their support for war, open borders, transsexualism & porn. Hence their hatred of the White race and its culture. Hence the Jews make their useful tools.

  6. quasi_verbatim
    quasi_verbatim says:

    Don’t worry about it, the matter is in hand.

    When we’re down to the magic 500 million the residual mutants can be weeded out on a more individual basis.

  7. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    We live in a completely unhealthy, sociopathic, borderline, sick, feminized, under-average mediocre Orwellian society full of contradictions, minefields, pitfalls and double binds that is pathological. Many break down as a result.

    Aggression is “lived out” here as a substrate, i.e. vicariously through “games” or “horror movies”, but even an undisguised rebuttal can emotionally trigger a snowflake who needs a safe space from any reality.

    This is a schizoid schizophrenic flea-air madhouse, no wonder people who are not supple and pliable inside, i.e. “adaptable”, go berserk. So we are forced to cloak our emotions in veiled phrases for the sake of sheer social survival.

    I have gotten into the habit of cutting up a large sausage of anger into small slices and mercilessly smearing them on the recipients’ sandwiches in a continuous but seemingly uninvolved manner. Every sentence contains at least one personal insulting allusion.

    “Game through” fron Level to Level like Sun Tzu. In addition to fight or flight, there is a third alternative in the animal world, the play dead reflex. You simply play dumb: “My name is Hare, I don’t know anything!” https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/mein_Name_ist_Hase

    Someone who believes they can flush a cardboard box in its raw form down the toilet is making a logical error. If he hits someone in the face with his fist, it amounts to the same thing. It can mean your social ruin. Rather pay an anonymous middleman to slash tires on your behalf like a mafiosi.

    Without a trace like a proxy server. You would therefore be better off practising patience and taking your revenge in set traps, not massive but refined. You have to tear the cardboard box neatly into small pieces, which is the only way to get it through the toilet and into the sewer.

    • Rudolf
      Rudolf says:

      How do we cross predetermined boundaries without being (too) destructive? How do we enter “forbidden” territory without being guilty of trespassing? Dancing, playfully, intuitively! You have to climb over the tipping point from the cliff of the outer habitable world, ride there on Saturn’s rings beforehand, and then smear rancid honey in your opponent’s kisser with a thick, colorful brush and assure him, with all due respect, that this is now the latest absolute craze, hip and trendy.

      Of course, this extraordinary moment is immediately captured with a high-resolution cam (which you just happen to have with you) to underline this immovable ceremony with diligent public relations work.

      And then, when the crowd gathers to marvel at the “innovative work of art”, blend into the crowd unnoticed and sneak away like a thief in the night. Who did it, where is the culprit, catch him! The ultimate thrill is enhanced by cheekily sitting on the cliff after the crime and accusing the crowd: “Which one of you fools allowed this unprecedented disgrace to happen with your eyes open, an inexcusable affront to authority!”

  8. Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom says:

    I prefer “deviants”. Mutations can sometimes be beneficial. You can judge a book by the cover. The cover has the title, the author, and a synopsis of the content. Similarly, ugliness is a symptom of poor genetic quality. Symmetry seems to be the basis of both beauty and fitness. The fake jew is a lowly creature. An inbred mongrel from the steppes of Asia. Bastards of every horde that climbed the steppes to invade Europe. They were “chosen” by Satan because they are inferior. Only the inferior would deal away their souls. The “woke” are zombie followers of the system of lies. They are functionally braindead and just operate on a base instinctual level. Eat, sleep and reproduce is the whole menu of options for the zombie apocalypse. The free shit hordes will follow the gravy train straight to perdition. Call them deviants, for that is what they are really. Unhealthy, unhappy and unimaginative. Perfect drones for the complete destruction of all mankind. Idiots that don’t think, but merely follow blindly to the tune of discord and chaos. The Synagogue of Satan was designed and programmed to destroy the entire world with their insatiable greed and endless stupidity. The free shit hordes will devour them and anything else that can’t fight them off. It is a doomsday suicide cult that Satan designed to fulfill prophecy. It takes a certain special kind of stupid to proudly declare that they are ape descended and ignore the fact that a complex system cannot be created by sheer random chance. An explosion can’t create anything that complex no matter how large it is. Mutations can’t create new species no matter how much genetic information is changed. Everything the system has told you is a Big Lie. There are higher powers and the God that created the universe. Deviants are now the norm for the failed state of ZOG. The insane and the stupid follow the evil that will kill everyone involved. This is an undeclared war on the Christian faith and Truth itself. Treat it like a war. The enemy is an existential threat to you if you are sane and healthy. They must be destroyed or they will destroy you. It’s an US vs. Them conflict of total war. You and your family or the evil insane deviants. The difference is you can survive. The enemy will kill itself off eventually. They are already doomed. Those cuckservatives that go along to get along are traitors and useful idiots. The corrupted and the cowards are also doomed. It’s an all or nothing proposition. You follow along at your own peril. Do the right thing or be damned. It is in the Holy Bible. Does anyone ever bother to read the Book?

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