Israel-Iran war

Discuss: Israel would not have attacked the Iranian embassy in Damascus if they didn’t think they could win a war with Iran. The U.S. and U.K. are already involved shooting down drones. Iran seems to want this to be a limited gesture–aimed at military bases as I understand it and how they say the issue is settled, but Israel will surely escalate it further, knowing the U.S. and the West will be on their side. Israel would love to set back the anti-Zionist forces for a long, long time if not permanently and can only do this with a major escalation.

Dershowitz on Newsmax: WE have to topple the Iranian regime, meaning the U.S. and Israel. Biggest opportunity in years to end the conflict. Iranians will support this. “They’ve given us the opportunity, do waste it.”

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    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      In the U.S., especially during the Vietnam Conflict (1955 to 1975), Selective Service registration was a big deal for citizens and immigrants 18 to 25 even though military service was all-volunteer. Advisors weren’t drafted until the last couple of years starting in 1973, if memory serves.

      Like ailing to register for selective service, not registering as an alien could prejudice subsequent application for naturalization, etc. Alien Registration was voluntary, and registration cards were out in the POST OFFICE lobbies.

      See: from which this is copied and see also the images embedded online:

      Elizabeth Burnes, National Archives
      20 May 2021
      The Alien Registration Act of 1940 required that each alien living within U.S. borders go to their local post office and register their alien status with the government during a four month period ending in December of 1940. The registration process included a questionnaire form and a requirement that fingerprints be taken at the time of registration (certain exclusions applied for diplomats, employees of foreign governments, and children under the age of 14).

      The Alien Registration Form (Form AR-2) contained fifteen questions including when and where the subject was born, when and where they entered the United States, a physical description, and inquiries about employment, organization memberships, prior military service, criminal record, and attempts to obtain naturalization in the United States. As the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) received the forms, an Alien Registration Number was assigned (ex. A1 234 567) and an Alien Registration Receipt Card containing this number was mailed to each registrant as proof of alien status.

      Image of Alien Registration Form (AR-2) from the Alien Case File for Victor Hinkelman (A2427853). Record Group 566, Records of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Alien Case Files, 1944-2003. National Archives Identifier 5230784, National Archives at Kansas City.

      Promotion of the Alien Registration Act primarily came through a series of radio public service announcements (PSAs) given by various government officials that cited participation in registration as supporting democracy and called on Americans to aid their alien neighbors in completing the registration process. A number of officials of foreign descent spoke to audiences of specific nationalities in their native tongue (i.e., German, Italian, Polish, etc.) in order to ease fears about the registration restricting or violating an alien’s rights. To bolster support, newspapers across the country captured numerous photographs of actors and musicians completing various components of the registration process.

      Government officials expected a few million registrations to occur, but final counts saw over five million registration forms submitted.

      Nice photo of Director Henry Koster and actress Anna Lee fill out the Alien Registration Form, 1940. Courtesy of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Historical Office and Library.

      Beginning in April 1944, many of the Alien Registration Forms found a home in a new series of INS files, the Alien Files (A-Files), which were created utilizing the numbers assigned to each individual during the 1940 registration. The files were established as a means of tracking an alien’s experience as they moved through the immigration and inspection process within the United States up to the point of any final action which could include death, deportation, permanent resident status, or citizenship; and the Alien Registration Form was often the first form transferred into the file.

      Alien Registration Forms are available for research at the National Archives within A-Files. To learn more about the A-Files and the record request process please visit:

  1. Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom says:

    Hymie is a retarded meat puppet that is incapable of thought. It stupidly believes that Uncle Sham can still get it up for another war. These imbeciles have destroyed the west’s ability to fight. They like most retards engage in magical thinking. They expect that they will get the same results from their DIEvershitty as they got from a mostly White Male nation. Too bad. The DIEvershitty sees hymie as a racist colonial oppressor. Send a million brown people to Palestine and they might side with the Arab world. White Men need to stop supporting ZOG and help it to Fall Down. A military debacle is just the thing to show everyone that ZOG is dead. The treasury is empty. The legions are not able to fight. Uncle Sham can’t get it up anymore. Expect the fake jew to push dummy biden over the finish line with fraud and militant minorities. Stupidity is as infinite as infinity and eternity. The Synagogue of Satan is an inbred group of mongrel imbeciles. They have not a thought in their sloping foreheads. They will keep doubling down on the failed policies until they are killed off. Either by White Men or by their brown hordes. They are doomed to extinction in any and all conceivable scenarios. The New World Order requires sacrifices to be formed. The fake jew was “chosen” to be the sacrifice. They will continue to their extinction like lemmings to the sea. They have been programmed to destroy everything they touch. Especially themselves. Expect a failure at many levels. In the economy. On the battlefield. In the political arena. These idiots don’t know how to stop. They have to be stopped. They function like a disease organism. Treat them like a virus. This is the last war. World War III. The New World Order will rise after ZOG has fallen.

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