Clown-Cults Big and Small: Transgenderism Is Evil But Unimportant Beside Trans-Westernism

The cracks are getting wider in the ugly and evil idol of transgenderism. A report has just been published in Britain pointing out some big flaws in the ideology that governs the “care” offered to confused children and adolescents. It’s added to the doubts increasingly being expressed about translunacy. For example, sixteen-year-olds aren’t allowed to smoke or drive in Britain. So why have some of them been allowed to take powerful “puberty-blocking” drugs that come with permanent mental and physical side-effects?

Not women: male perverts on a lesbian dating-site

It’s a good question and the clown-cult of transgenderism has no good answer. The report didn’t say that transgenderism is powered by the narcissism of a small group of sexually perverted men, but that conclusion is becoming more and more obvious to more and more people. The left has triumphed as it always does: by most harming those it claims to care about most. Transfriendly leftists are trampling on the rights and welfare of the sacred groups of women, lesbians, and homosexuals as they hasten to do the bidding of an unsacred group of straight men who have a fetish about pretending to be women. Transgenderism reeks of “male entitlement” and “male privilege,” but the hyper-sensitive noses of the mainstream left have failed, decade after decade, to catch a whiff of that.

Not a woman but a violent male narcissist: a smirking transwoman threatens real women

It’s hilarious from one perspective, but frightening from another. In Britain, the same evil and authoritarian clowns who accepted the lies and lunacies of transgenderism are poised to win a big majority in the next general election. The Labour party, founded to champion the White working-class, will enter government and continue its new tradition of waging war on the White working-class. Third-World immigration has soared to unprecedented levels under the so-called Conservative government. The economy is being wrecked and Britain, birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and colossus of world-history, is heading straight towards Third-World status. All that is only going to get worse under Labour.

Not White, not Western: some unelected non-White leaders of the White British Isles (happily, Leo Varadker is no longer Taoiseach of Ireland)

This is because there’s a much bigger and much more dangerous clown-cult than transgenderism. It’s what I call trans-Westernism, the lying lunacy that insists non-Whites and non-Christians can become full and authentic citizens of the West. But as with all leftism, there’s a lie even within the lie. Leftists preach equality and practice hierarchy. Transgenderism is based on the lie that men can become real women, but in fact leftists regard “transwomen” as superior to real women. Similarly, while leftists preach racial equality, they practise a hierarchy of race that places non-Whites at the top and Whites at the bottom. Trans-Westernism has gone from the lie that non-Whites belong in Britain to the even bigger lie that non-Whites created Britain:

A new ‘Diversity Built Britain’ coin to mark the profound contribution minority communities have made to the shared history of the United Kingdom will enter circulation next week [October 2020]. Around 2.5 million of the coins, which recognise and celebrate Britain’s diverse history, will be released on Monday. The coin features a geodome, which represents a community of connection and strength, with each section working together to build something greater. (“New ‘Diversity Built Britain’ coin unveiled by Rishi Sunak,” 17th October 2020)

Not White and not Western: the geeky Hindu Indian Rishi Sunak promotes the lying clown-cult of trans-Westernism

In reality, the “profound contribution” made by “minority communities” has been to eat White taxes and destroy White lives. But the clown-cult of trans-Westernism is based on inverting the truth and acting on the lie that trans-Westerners like Pakistani Muslims are superior to real White Westerners and entitled to behave as they please towards Whites. That’s why the British left have presided over decade after decade of Muslim rape-gangs and Muslim child-prostitution rings preying on White girls and women in staunch Labour constituencies like Rotherham and Rochdale. When we compare the harm done by trans-Westernism and transgenderism, it’s like comparing an atom-bomb with a firework. Lunatic transgender policies like placing “transwomen” in female spaces have resulted in a handful of women being raped and assaulted by predatory men. But the lunatic trans-Western policy of allowing non-Whites into White spaces has resulted in literally millions of rapes over the decades.

Trans-Westernism in action: Black fake Westerners are superior to real White Westerners

Not to mention a vast number of murders, woundings, beatings, and robberies, plus the massive transfer of White resources to non-Whites, the ethnic cleansing of Whites from cities and towns across the invaded West, and the degradation of life for millions of ordinary Whites in formerly clean and crime-free White spaces. But trans-Westerners don’t have to be low-IQ rapists and murderers to do great harm to Whites and the West. Indeed, in some ways they get more destructive and dangerous as they get more intelligent and less criminal. For example, the Quillette-anointed Richard Hanania is a trans-Westerner who can lie and manipulate much more effectively thanks to his high IQ and verbal skills. He doesn’t care about mass immigration because he doesn’t care about the West being destroyed if he can become part of the Jew-approved elite. When he was on the dark side at Counter Currents, he was trying to compensate for not being White or Western by opposing the anti-White and anti-Western Jewish agenda. Now he’s made his peace with the Jews and joined their war on the West. But that doesn’t make him a traitor: he can’t betray what he’s never been part of and never will be part of.

Westerner and trans-Westerner: Keith Woods with the devious and dishonest Arab-“American” Richard Hanania (compare Tricky Dicky with Roman caricature of a Jew)

As an individual, Hanania is much more harmful than non-White trans-Westerners like these:

A woman has been jailed for 11 years for killing a couple who had been standing up “twerking” in the back of her car moments before it crashed. Adele Okojie-Aidonojie, 23, had been drinking alcohol and driving at more than double the speed limit when her Mini Cooper convertible overturned in Battersea, south London.

Rida Boutjettif, 24, and Mary Macharia, 23, were flung from the vehicle. They died at the scene and a third passenger, Ben Sidibe, was injured. Following a trial at the Old Bailey, student Okojie-Aidonojie, from Bromley, was found guilty of two charges of causing death by dangerous driving and one of causing injury by dangerous driving.

Judge Richard Marks KC described her conduct as “sheer madness”, adding: “Especially [as] moments before the collision, your two passengers to your knowledge had been standing up dancing.” (“Speeding driver jailed for 11 years over death of twerking couple,” BBC News, 5th April 2024)

Twerk macht frei: the trans-Western Adele Okojie-Aidonojie

Low-IQ trans-Westerners degrade the West by their numbers; high-IQ trans-Westerners justify and assist the continuing invasion by low-IQ trans-Westerners. In combination, trans-Westerners are destroying the West. That’s why transgenderism has to be regarded as a minor problem set beside trans-Westernism. I admire leftists like J.K. Rowling for standing up to the small clown-cult of transgenderism. But she ignores the far greater harm done to women by the giant clown-cult of trans-Westernism. It’s as though she’s complaining about the common cold while cholera is raging.

Alas, when it comes to race, Rowling is still a leftist and still accepts the leftist idea of preaching equality and practising hierarchy. This hierarchy of race explains why Whites must submit to invasion of all kinds by non-Whites, from the literal invasion of their nations to the metaphorical invasion of their art and culture. At the same time as the report into transgenderism, we’ve had news about an exciting new casting in Shakespeare. The role of the beautiful teenaged heroine of Romeo and Juliet has been given to an ugly Black actress with a moustache. It’s utterly impossible for a Black Shakespearean role like Othello to be played by a White actor today. That would be “racist” and “inauthentic.” But all White roles are now open to non-Whites.

Juliet as Shakespeare meant her to be and Juliet as Clown-World wants her to be

The double standard is obvious, but that’s what the left delights in: naked displays of hypocritical power. The left also delights in the degradation of beauty and excellence. Juliet is famously compared to the sun in Shakespeare’s play: “But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? / It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.”

In other words, she’s dazzlingly beautiful, a paragon of White beauty. By casting an ugly dark-skinned Black woman in the role, leftists make a mockery of Shakespeare’s greatest heroine and turn Romeo’s words into lies. Juliet will be compared to the sun while looking like a lunar eclipse.

But we mustn’t think that Clown-World has finished with Juliet or Cleopatra or other great Shakespearean roles for White women. The next step will be for the clown-cults of trans-Westernism and transgenderism to join forces and cast bearded Black transwomen in roles like those. As Vox Day sardonically points out, this kind of casting will be called “stunning and brave” when it’s nothing more than drearily predictable. Clown-World and its cults hate the Good, the Beautiful, and the True. Ugliness is much easier to achieve than beauty. Destruction is much easier than creation. And parasitism is much easier than production. Leftism makes the easy choice every time, but that weakens it even as it rises in power. The great White writer Shakespeare was a central influence on the great White writer J.R.R. Tolkien. Here’s some Tolkien to predict the future for leftism: “Oft evil will shall evil mar.”

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  1. GirlinTexas
    GirlinTexas says:

    All of once-Great Britain is ruled by South Asian/Middle Eastern men. Yes, Barbara Spectre and Noel Ignatiev, thy will be done.

    I recently came across a blip from a UK broadcast wherein a very White middle-age man was proclaiming, “That’s so racist! It’s just outright racism!” Ad nauseam….he was so righteously indignant. Apparently, he was defending Diane Abbott from criticism. Ms. Abbott is clearly about as stupid as they come; I can’t imagine she has done anything productive for the UK, just as neither Maxine Waters, nor Sheila Jackson Lee, could have done anything beneficial for the United States. All three are a waste of taxpayer money and legislative space.

    How did we fall so far? It seems that the last few decades, from 911 to the mass immigration influx into America/Europe, has been the ramping up of the One World Plan. At what point does the massive over-representation of Jews in media, academia, social justice movements, and subversive government policies move from within the realm of coincidence to obvious machinations? The Roman caricature of a Jew is yet another example of a historical record of reporting on the obvious characteristics of organized Jewry throughout history; a record of which has been so successfully obfuscated, that given the massive demographic shift of less erudite peoples into the body of Europa, the only formidable enemy of Jewry, we may not be able to overcome their recent push to overtake western strongholds without decisive actions, which we seem no longer capable of doing.

    The last nation that attempted decisive action was utterly destroyed, and despite the efforts of many revisionist historians, most people are utterly clueless about the real history of Germany and WW2, and how that war was indeed a war to preserve Jewish primacy in Europa.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      The problem whites face is just what this website was based around, which is that we’re anvils who wish to become hammers.

      WASPs didn’t believe in the value of culture. And we believed we were “rational,” immune to influence by the irrational or whatever you wish to label it. The result has been a disaster. As it turns out, culture does matter, and we aren’t capable of reasoning out (as opposed to obeying tradition) every detail of society at a whim.

      It’s tremendously ironic that the Soviets suppressed Jews until the Soviets were overthrown by anti-communist whites, led by Jews. If we’re incapable of even seeing clearly, we shouldn’t be involved in politics. Maybe another is to blame for misleading us, but whites followed.

      However, whites seem much better now. We’re not obeying anti whites at this site.

      • GirlinTexas
        GirlinTexas says:

        The Soviets embraced the Jews, until Stalin had had enough and purged many of them.

        Anti-semitism was declared a crime in Soviet Russia and Jews/Bolsheviks were vastly over-represented in the early Soviet government.

        But, you’re correct – we found them on opposing sides of many issues/events, such as their heavy involvement in the African slave trade, and connected enterprises, into the Americas, and then heavy involvement in civil rights/integration organizations, such as the NAACP, SPLC…scratch a conundrum, find a Jew.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          Jews were hindered before the US took down the Soviets to empower the Jewish oligarchs.

          I’m not referring to early Soviet history when Jews overwhelmingly dominated the leadership. However, on that point it is extremely curious how Stalin defeated Trotsky and how Jews lost power there. Also, Solzhenitsyn said the Soviets didn’t trust foreign Jews, under Stalin I think. It’s just extremely curious. They dominated. They ran things. And they fell from power until the US restored them.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          To be blunt, the Neocons were Trotskyite Jews, plus a Stalinist I think. They led “conservative” white Americans to retake Russia for them.

          So, I just find it irksome how “conservative” white Americans were loyal to Trotskyite Jews for a period.

    • Alan
      Alan says:

      Hear hear!Spectacular riveting clarity.Trenchant gorgeous words of acerbic truth from you.A classic model of true
      illuminated no pretense extrapolations. *

  2. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    This richard hanania (what a ridiculous and out of place name ) manages of being even uglier than Jonathan Greenblatt!!
    And this gallery of faux non-white leaders from the British Isles: all ugly, dysgenic, with asymmetrical skulls and features.

    Of course, the physical ugliness of these non-whites has a lot to do with their resentment and desire to harm the white race.

    And thank you for that Roman caricature of the Jews. There is indeed historical and genetic continuity, but shlomo will continue to claim that the Jews are not a race but a religion.
    They even proclaim on that they are “ plenly European “ , no less… Envy and self delusion.

  3. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    This excellent (VERY excellent) brutally honest article has not attracted many comments. I normally comment, so perhaps I can speak for at least a few of our people when I say that the photographs spoiled more than one meal for me, prohibiting me from commenting earlier. Anyway, thank you Mr. Langdon for your courageous honest article. May the Lord continue to guide you!

  4. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    How absolutely correct you are, Girl !
    The nation wreckers are running wild, while the afflicted cluelessly slumber…for now.

  5. Alan
    Alan says:

    To be clear my first comment was to Girl in Texas.The article originally elicited a response similar to clockwork orange.The sense of satanic gentrification of the bizarre.,the normalization of pure vile evil..The Jew -K leads the way in some reprobate sense of the transmogrification declension of the west. Really…Great article,we never expect less from TOO.

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