The EU Migration Pact: The Bad, the Worse, the Ugly Western elites are once again accelerating the Great Replacement (legally!)

From: White Papers Institute:

In a series of 10 votes on Wednesday (April 11th, 2024) the European Parliament approved the long contentious Migration and Asylum Pact which has been a decade in the making. The raft of measures is designed to force solidarity on member states, redistribute migrants from countries struggling with their arrival, and ensure that the European Union can override member state policy during emergency situations.

But, with a record number of migrants arriving on Europe’s shores and national populations voting in an increasingly nationalist direction, it is likely that the pact will only be used to force ever large populations of foreigners on the White nations of Europe.

It is further worth mentioning that the pact acts as an addition to the raft of policy changes that member state governments are making to enhance both legal migration and irregular arrivals. It also fits with the political declarations of many national elites that they would prefer more migrant arrivals, mostly for ‘economic’ reasons.

White Papers – Tuesday 18th April 2023

Demographic Replacement – Legally! The details and current situation:

Under the new solidarity framework member states will be required to agree to take asylum seekers from other EU states which declare themselves to be “under migratory pressures.” States that do not wish to take asylum seekers have the option to refuse but will be required to contribute financially to the maintenance of asylum seekers in the rest of the EU, to the tune of roughly 20,000 Euros per refused asylee.

Funds will also be redirected to ongoing search and rescue operations and to EU border security operations.

It is worth noting that the European Union has attacked its own border agency, Frontex, and called on its executive to resign over allegations that the agency was pushing migrants back and preventing them from landing in Europe. This makes it clear that, much like DHS in the United States, Frontex exists to facilitate the arrival of foreigners rather than to keep Europeans safe.

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    The Germanic Thing Place of the “Young Republicans” in Tampa has invited not only FPÖ-Vilimsky, but also “Professor Doctor” [sic!] Weyel to the racial fraternal assembly.

    “Weyel is the son of an African-American GI and a cook from the Westerwald. One year after his birth, his father left the family and returned to Raleigh in North Carolina.”

    Florida’s tropical climate visibly did the “AfD representative” good after he was arbitrarily forced to be exposed to the post-glacial climate of the sub-alpine lowlands.

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