Israel Says Readying ‘Imminent’ Attack On Iran As Airlines Cancel Flights To Region

The dangerous reality is that the Israelis see this as an opportunity for an endgame against Iran, at least for a considerable period of time. They knew that the attack on the Iranian embassy would result in retaliation from Iran, but they welcomed it because they are confident they can win and that the West will come to their rescue if need be. As a result, expect a very intense response from Israel—enough to set off the all-out war Israel wants, although at present Israel denies they want a wider war. All of this despite pretty much the entire world wanting it to end with Saturday’s attack, including Russia:

Russia too has called for restraint, but defended Iranian actions as done in self-defense. “We have repeatedly warned that the numerous unresolved crises in the Middle East, primarily in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone, which are often fueled by irresponsible provocative actions, will lead to an increase in tension,” its foreign ministry said.

Unlike the West, Russia firmly condemned the prior Israeli attack on Iran’s sovereign embassy:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Saturday held phone talks with Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollahian. The Russian Foreign Ministry said Lavrov reiterated “decisive condemnation” of an Israeli strike in Syria this month that killed Iranian generals.

Russia has previously condemned Israel’s conduct in its six-month war in Gaza.

Regional media noted of Moscow’s stance: “Russia noted Tehran’s claim that the attack was made within the right to self-defense after the strike in Damascus, which Moscow condemned.”

Interestingly, deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said on Telegram that “America does not want a big war in the Middle East” as “The killings in Gaza worsen Biden’s prospects in the elections, and war between Israel and Iran would introduce additional uncertainty.” [Winning the election is the only factor that Biden et al. really care about.]

And Iran will surely respond to another attack by Israel:

As for Tehran, it is warning that in the face of any Israeli assault it will hit back harder. According to BBC Iran correspondent Kasra Naji:

Iran’s IRGC commander: in new equation every time Israel attacks our interests, assets, personalities or citizens, we will hit back from our soil. Israel’s Def Minister: we won’t accept an equation in which Iran responds with a direct attack every time we strike targets in Syria.

Recall that before the Saturday night Iranian attack, Israel’s leadership vowed that a major response would happen if the Islamic Republic directly attacks Israel from its soil. Indeed that’s precisely what Iran did – it launched hundreds of drones and ballistic missiles directly from its territory.

These quotes and the below are from Zero Hedge.


  • Middle East braces for Israeli ‘retaliation’ attack on Iran after Israel War Cabinet meets
  • Israeli Air Force says it has completed ‘preparation’ and that an attack is ‘imminent’
  • US officials tell WSJ they believe Israel will launch an anti-Iran operation today
  • IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi: Iranian missile and drone attack on Israel “will be met with a response.”
  • Netanyahu orders military: draw up a list of targets
  • Several major airlines canceling flights to Tel Aviv and whole region.
  • State Dept spox: “commitment to Israel’s security is sacrosanct”.
  • G7 working on measures against Iran as China, Russia signal weekend attack won’t hurt relations with Tehran
  • European allies urge Israel against military response
  • Tehran warns that it’s ready to hit back harder.
  • IRGC says it is willing to hit back from Iran for any new Israeli escalation, including when it attacks in Syria.
  • Iran FM: we warned Washington that response in face of an Israeli attack will be “faster, stronger, and broader” (via AJ).
  • US reiterates that it “does not seek conflict with Iran.” …

Meanwhile, from Mondoweiss:

Key Developments 

  • Israel kills 46 Palestinians, wounds 110 in the past 24 hours across Gaza, raising the death toll since October 7 to 33,482 and the number of wounded to 76,049, according to the Gaza health ministry.

  • Israel considers “determinant” response to Iranian attack that “does not lead to war.”

  • UN commissioner for human rights says Israel continues to impose restrictions on aid entry into Gaza.

  • Gaza health ministry says remaining power generators could stop working.

  • Israeli court rules for expulsion of 35 Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem.

  • World Food Program says humanitarian ceasefire needed to overcome famine in Gaza.

  • Israeli settlers kill two Palestinians in the West Bank.


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  1. Herbert
    Herbert says:

    Via “WarStrike”

    Adam Kuper is the son of a South African Zionist who was murdered (as always for no reason).

    “The common surname Böing, more rarely spelled Boeing, is borne by over 2600 people, most of whom live in the Westphalian region. There is a strong name center in the Borken district.”

    At woke and diversified Boeing, once producer of the infamous B-bombers that wiped out historic German cities (including their civilian inhabitants) forever, there seems to be a serious quality deficit. Btw., the inventor of the competing product Mustang, Kindelberger, was also one of these so-called “heroes”, who bore a kind of German name but was without honor or conscience. Thanks to American idiocy, “Rosie” was also able to execute his “missions” to his own complete satisfaction.

    The logical brain no longer understands the world: “The Boeings placed racially restrictive covenants on their land to enforce segregation, forbidding properties from being ‘sold, conveyed, rented, or leased in whole or in part to any person not of the White or Caucasian race.’ Non-whites could occupy a property on the land only if they were employed as a domestic servant ‘by a person of the White or Caucasian race.'”

    Finally, Switzerland is also meeting the demands of the Jews.

    Erdogan’s mouthpiece complains about Swedish clean-up operation.

  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    Don’t attack Iran.” We opt to highlight the multiplicity of sub themes this article leads to. Why for decades should America be in the middle of the old Arab Jew conflict?It s a little late to rethink that but better late than never.American tax dollars go to more Holocaust museums..for bombs for Gaza and the new Jerusalem,the new second Isreal, Ukraine.Jared kushner …,dj tumpdogs thought fuhrer,sells Gaza real estate parcels
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    Harry says it’s 350,thousand killed or are in the death process as the 24 -7;Holocaust genocide extermination s continue in Gaza.We hear of 3 particular popular drone kill programs the isreali Jews boast of to immolate Palestinian Christians… Palestinian Muslims… and believe it or not Palestinian Jews.They are”Lavender” …. Where’s Daddy”and “The Gospel”.
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    Dont attack Iran.*

  3. Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom says:

    ZOG can’t destroy Iran. The golem of Uncle Sham is too weak and broke to back up the retarded hubris of these satanic meat puppets. ZOG spent decades destroying White Men and now they have an army of brown idiots that can’t get the job done, but support the Arab world against the racist apartheid colonial regime of ZOG. Ha ha, hymie. They have painted themselves into a corner and are now between Iraq and a hard place. Russia and China see the stupid and insane ZOG as a liability. The Muslims are now becoming united due to the constant threat of ZOG. ZOG is on its last legs. The jew century is over. 1913-2016 RIP. The stupid parasites have killed their meal ticket and replaced it with fine young cannibals that will kill them and eat them alive. The narrative of brown power against white pipo has painted a target on their back. These pasty liars are about to get the payback they deserve.

  4. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    This is, of course, total nonsense that can only come from an illogical female brain. As Heide’s North German counterpart, I can afford this insult. Of course, the correct phrase should be: “Your truth is (and remains) simple – ours is and remains complex. Both are (and will remain because of this) incompatible. So disappear from our complex truth into your simple truth”. Presumably the stupid brains of white women are much more compatible with the clever brains of black men; there is a not insignificant amount of overlap between them.

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