Saying “Everything for Germany” Is Verboten

From an email list:

Bjöeb Hoecke (center)

Björn Höcke is on trial in Halle because he is accused of ending his speech in Merseburg in May 2021 with the slogan: “Everything for our homeland, everything for Saxony-Anhalt, everything for Germany.”

Someone then found out that the slogan “everything for Germany” was also used by the SA then, which is why these words are banned today. Now Höcke could be sentenced to more than six months in prison for using “Nazi vocabulary” (criminal use of features of unconstitutional and terrorist organizations, Section 86a of the Criminal Code.) And that would mean he would no longer be able to run for the AfD in Thuringia in the fall. Of course, the AfD is well ahead of all other parties in the polls with around 60 percent.

So if “everything for Germany” is punishable because these words were used by the SA, then one can only hope that the National Socialists did not speak publicly about the fact that the “milk is white”. Because then we would have to dye the milk black today so that we don’t commit a crime.

So if the formula “everything for Germany” is punishable, then that conversely means that you can only do politics in Germany if you do “everything against Germany”.

I’ll let you know next week how the trial before the district Court turned out. An appeal hearing is usually possible and would likely go to the highest court. But you don’t know what the system will come up with to prevent this.

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  1. Jank
    Jank says:

    Germany lost WWII, and was taken over by the the hated jews and catholics, both of which were deposed during NSDAP rule (also see the 80 Years War). When you lose a war, everyone loses everything, including rights to speak, which is why the preparation of war, and state of the art weapons are really the only main concern. Everything after this is secondary. In the grand scheme of things, the type of government you have, your beliefs, and even your state resources all depends on the ability to defend these things, which ultimately leads to the realization that militarism can be the only true form of government.

    It’s not what you believe but what you can defend.

    “War is the father and king of us all” Heraclitus

  2. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Female “logic”: “Hitler’s birthday today should be forgotten, that’s why I’m remembering it today!” This is about as logical as calling the ex-lover who left you to credibly remind him that you no longer love him. In reality, of course, it is nothing more than “twisted” clickbaiting, because if you jewgle Hitler in the news today, you will at best find out who Sharon Kennedy (born 1947) is. Although Hitler is mentioned dozens of times in the media every other day.

    Andrew Anglin also commemorates this date in his twisted way by replacing the grinning Hitler face in the banner of his website with a tiny skull and crossbones. It makes no sense to try to “understand” our fellow human beings; we should leave them in their fundamental incomprehensibility.

    This illusory and deceptive world, conceived and constructed by Jews, needs an ultimate villain and scapegoat as a benchmark for comparison and orientation towards one’s own values. Its name, as we all know, is Adolf Hitler. Even the day only becomes recognizable through the night and the mountain through the valley.

  3. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    A German who you can’t tell is German is a rarity. At first I thought he was Irish. I predict a great future for him. But only if he faces up to the real challenges, which are as follows: Close combat encounters with Papuan cannibals. He learned from self-marketer Fraulein Kuegler that Papuans were not at all keen on her fillets (such as moist salmon folds garnished with curly angel hair).

    Dietmar (who presumably died of the Jewish “vaccination”) had the same name, but he was a steadfast Americanist.

    • Rudolf
      Rudolf says:

      Fraulein Kuebler believes in an afterlife. Why she doesn’t remember her past life is beyond her feminine “logic”. This reflects stupidity, but not wisdom. Her empathetic, feminized questioner is incapable of answering her with even a clever question, but instead hands over command of the entire “conversation” to her in advance.

      He is Hyle Hunt, the woman-worshipper who canonizes her because he was “born from the womb.” That’s enough to worship her. He is a so-called feeling man who elaborates on emotional spheres without even comprehending the meaning of his brain and the creative power of his own physique.

      In 20 years’ time, he will probably still be sniffing around for the wisdom of others and searching for the “meaning” of life without ever having understood it. Life is not what he imagines it to be, but has passed through him without a trace. It was close at hand all the time, indeed there, but he didn’t want to grasp it by the scruff of the neck, preferring instead to theorize about it ad nauseam.

      Presumably the son of a single mother, dotty, spinty, emotionalized, passive, phantasmic, unreal, esoteric, gullible to the point of naivety. Clingy, “glued to their eyes”. These boys did not become real, emotionally, spiritually and sexually mature and self-sufficient adults, but instead constantly “reflected” the (supposed) “emotions” of their environment like a seismograph with a divining rod and “trigger antennas”.

      If natives believe in an afterlife, then it is an insult to ourselves to want to imitate them in this primitive superstition and their limited horizons. When a compost heap grows from our molecules, that is a kind of afterlife. That’s all there ever was and can ever be.

      But very few of us achieve this status. I am against this nonsense of belief for one simple reason: the supposed afterlife automatically devalues the now, the only thing we have, just as the expectation of the reward and the fixation on it devalues the achievement itself. We then no longer do it for the sake of the thing itself, but for the sake of the expected reward.

      The only logic that is permissible is: I don’t believe in any “afterlife” at all, but if it happens for my sake anyway, then I’ll be very positively surprised by it! The only mature conviction is to finally come to terms with the earthly end in order to appreciate, live, enjoy and celebrate the here and now all the more. Everything else is pure spiritual kitsch, irrational dreaming, spinning, nothing more.

    • Rudolf
      Rudolf says:

      In German, there is a derogatory term for the “emancipated” “man” (i.e. one who has been trained, tailored or trained by women to meet their needs): Frauenversteher. They used to call him softy. Today they’re called Warmduscher, Sitzpinkler, Lila Pudel, Weiberknecht.

      The tragic thing about these immature, emotionally hungry, underdeveloped and sexually needy un-men is that they have no other, alternative program stored in their heads. They must worship and expect pity in return. That’s basically the sad formula in a nutshell.

      They make the painful experience of being permanently abandoned by women because women find a toy very flattering but unattractive and uninteresting in the long run. Who wants a yes-man who pleases you and neglects and disregards himself?

      Women need friction, resistance, so that they too can grow. The boy “brought up” (in reality spoiled) by a selfish single mother learns to look at the world exclusively through his mother’s eyes, i.e. to develop a sensory system for “female needs”.

      This goes as far as attention diversion: “Look, sweety, a bird!” It is against his nature, and yet he constantly repeats this pathologically self-damaging program. It is a deficient personality disorder.

      One could say that the corrective and role model of the professionally and socially successful father, who knows how to assert himself and who conveys to the son that his mother is not a “saintly” but a fallible female person, is missing.

      The women understander and worshipper is an empathetic, attentive, sensitive, courteous, charming gentleman, a servant. He does everything he can to “win” a woman. He defines himself through his counterpart, without this complement and mirror he feels incomplete.

      He practices the skill of making the surrogate mother feel as comfortable as possible. If the woman feels good, only then will he finally feel good too. This goes as far as total self-abandonment and exhaustion, also known as burn-out.

      The father leads the son out into the world and shows him how to master it. He cuts the umbilical cord. His message is stern but kind: “You can do it, take courage! I know you can do it, I believe in your potential! After all, you are my son!”

      The father is the vital leap into the deep end instead of the feeding mother’s breast. He raises objections when the mother becomes too clingy, overbearing, selfish and controlling. The mature man has thus memorized that neither of his parents was perfect, but both had their strengths and weaknesses.

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