Paul Joseph Watson: The plan from the beginning was to ship Gazans to the West.

And the Republicans are on board–voting for a massive aid bill that would do nothing for our border but go a long way to give Israel its final solution their Palestinian problem. Tucked away in the bill is money for more refugees from the Middle East.

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  1. Random Stuff
    Random Stuff says:


    What explodes here multiple times is not a Pershing 2 missile, but a so-called “electric car”. This life-threatening moving pyre on four wheels, which is supposedly good for the environment, has made Elon Musk the richest man in the world.

    But the battery manufacturing process itself also involves considerable risks.

  2. Anon
    Anon says:

    I have many of them living near me. One family just moved in next door with a young boy who doesn’t speak English. They stick together and always seem to have money. I guess they are suppose to write home and tell everyone how great America is. They are Democrat voters, no doubt.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      There’s nothing necessarily intrinsically bad about Palestinians. They can be radical, but I’ve been friendly with Muslims before. They just want you to say the US should be out of the Middle East.

      The President of El Salvador is originally from Palestine.

      I, ah, knew a Muslim in college who listened to David Duke. They don’t all hate us. They hate how some whites want to harm the Middle East. Armenian Christians often vote Dem, but they dress well and behave. I’ve had times where I’ve voted Dem.

      But if you say anything to anyone on politics, you have to be wary that a person can and will record you and upload the recording.

      In a world of identity politics, we need to escape from everyone hating us. So, opposing foreign policy in the name of neutrality is what I attempt.

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