Armenian Christians under siege by Israel


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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Anglin says his ancestors come mainly from Ireland. However, he claims to have a “German grandmother”. The Mossad, however, found out that Anglin is now the double of Shroyer (originally presumably Schreyer, although not genetically.

    This would explain why he now wears one of those impressive fashion beards and styled hair replacements and pretends to be Owen Shroyer. Btw., I’ve heard that yuppies who wear these beards also favor intimate shaving.

    An image of a naked warrior in the shower, meant to amuse the gods: a creepy scruff on his head, naked below the waist like a baby. In addition, Americans often suffer the unsightly disadvantage of circumcision, a practice implemented from the Jews that degrades nature.

    This is also common practice among Muselmanes, and I suspect that in Jewrope the massive influence of Sharia is primarily responsible for the adoption of these sick “customs”.

    • Rudolf
      Rudolf says:

      Mr. Shroyer replies that he is “multidimensional”, while accusing Green of being “one-dimensional”. This does indeed raise the urgent question of his mental horizon, namely whether his alleged multidimensionality does not in fact mean one-dimensionality.

      You could also say that he sees symptoms everywhere without WANTING to attribute them to the cause. The Jewish problem is much more multi-dimensional than his one-dimensional observation of all the “symptoms” (which is what the Jews want) that it causes.

      But that’s very “typical” of these types of guys.

      • Rudolf
        Rudolf says:

        In other words: Jew skepticism is a kind of monothematic fixation based on a blinkered mentality. Owen Shroyer would not be mentally capable of constructing this syntactically coherent sentence, but he still means the same thing.

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