Russian advert made to mock Russians that leave for The United States.

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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Is capitalism Jewish? From its origins in northern Italy via the Hanseats to Manchester industrialism, formally not. But: Jews understand financial laws most thoroughly, which stems from their “religion”. This truth is now being stigmatized “anti-Semitic”.

    If one investigates exactly who was behind communism, one discovers exactly the same Jews. How can it be that Bernie Sanders is complaining about what Larry Fink wants? Of course, because it’s all part of the same game and serves the same goal!

    So it’s just two mutually dependent and complementary sides of the same worthless coin. A medal that divides society. Where capitalism prevails, communism must inevitably grow like a weed as its shadow. In this case we speak of system immanence.

  2. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Martin Luther already said: “Where God builds his church, the devil always builds his chapel right next door.” So he seeks proximity, just as communism only ever seeks proximity to capitalism. They are inextricably linked, as the money supply always remains the same (unless it is constantly created and multiplied by the Jewish FED or central banks). What one person has, he can only have taken from everyone else. This inevitably generates envy, suspicion, class hatred and resentment. The Darwinist-oriented Nazis wanted to tear down precisely this seemingly insurmountable barrier erected by the Jews to divide all the peoples of the world by saying:

    “Both the industrialist’s son and the farmer’s son are people’s comrades, all should have the same opportunities for advancement! Our socialism is not an international utopia to keep the world in a permanent state of unrest, but a national revolution, a realization of the highest ideals. Yes, we are an elitist society that exists through performance and effort, through toil, duty and self-sacrifice, but not through the ‘moneyed aristocracy’ that has been born into it. Not the heir to a huge fortune, but the best in his field should receive the social status and position that he truly deserves, which basically corresponds perfectly to the rules of nature.”

    However, there are also artificially created enemies who act in the service of domination, for example these so-called “anti-fascists”, who do not find any “classic” fascists at all and therefore have to constantly create and imagine them artificially. Anyone who resists their delusion is inevitably a fascist. This is exactly what the system, which is largely determined by Jewish interests, wants. No Jew would ever speak out against this filth! On the contrary: what is “anti-fascist” can only be good, right and beneficial in their eyes. So, despite their own ideological authorship, they don’t get involved at all. They are satisfied that the stupid Goyim are now fighting themselves around the clock.

  3. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    I wrote to “Amren”:

    I am now deeply convinced that those wretched creatures, clowns and “political” comedians, who have been deliberately damaging our countries for such a long time cannot be dissuaded from and convinced of their madness by “the very best arguments” – but at best by the swung truncheon. On this point, I agree even (or because of that) with a world-famous Austrian, whose name is apparently not allowed to be pronounced here (because it is unseemly in the system). He had recognized this throughout. Everything else is “democratic” daydreaming and self-deception. This whole thing is just a scam, grasp dat finally!

    It is absolutely childish, immature, irrational to continue to believe and propagate in all seriousness that this system, which in its entire construction was created to ultimately eliminate us all, because it flushes the character-deficient scum to the top like a grease drops, could be reformed from within. Laughable! Nothing will change, neither today nor tomorrow – on the contrary. Everything will inevitably get worse and more unbearable. Our time is running out before our eyes, and we continue to allow ourselves to be “democratically” deceived, bamboozled and hoodwinked. How long? When is enough finally enough to swallow?

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