Updated: New Deadline for the first ever movement poll: May 15

Participate in the first ever movement research poll here Registration link and be entered to win $500!

If we want our movement to grow, we should try to attract more like-minded people. But doesn’t finding people who are like us presuppose that we already know who we are? If we want to effectively mobilize our existing movement to create political change, doesn’t that presuppose that we already know our people’s talents, interests, locations, levels of commitment, etc.?

But how much do we really know about our own movement? We have direct knowledge of ourselves and our friends. But even our best activists and networkers don’t really know more than a couple hundred people, and we can’t make broad generalizations from such limited data. We also have impressions, hunches, and guesses gathered from the internet. But how accurate are those? For instance, how many of those impressions come from the enemy media and are thus shaped by their biases and agenda?

Knowledge is power. The sad truth is, our enemies probably have a better idea of who we are than we do. But you can help us fix this, today, by taking the Counter-Currents movement poll:

  • The poll has 114 questions.
  • It takes about one hour to complete. (You can pause and save your work, so you don’t have to fill out the poll all at once).
  • We are inviting everyone on our mailing list to complete it.
  • Your email address gets you into the poll, but once you finish it, the results are anonymous.
  • By completing the poll, you will help us do two things better: (1) mobilize the people we already have for positive change, and (2) craft better outreach to bring new people into the movement.
  • As an added incentive to take the poll, everyone who completes the poll will be entered in a drawing for a prize of $500.
  • The poll will end on May 15.

Once we have completed the poll and analyzed the data, we will invite other important groups in our sphere to poll their own audiences: VDareAmerican RenaissanceThe Occidental ObserverThe Political Cesspool, etc. We will give them both a snapshot of their own audiences as well as amalgamate the answers from all the different groups into a broader picture of the movement as a whole. This is very exciting, since large numbers give us greater accuracy.

For the first time ever, this project will make it possible for the movement to engage in serious, fact-based strategic planning and outreach. For the first time, we will have a clear picture of where our people are, as well as their ages, backgrounds, education, religions, professions, income levels, psychological profiles, most important political priorities, levels of commitment, and more.

This has been a monumental. Your answers are completely anonymous, and David Zsutty, who will bring the experience that he gained in conducting five national polls as the Homeland Institute’s Executive Director, will be handling the data analysis.

You as a Counter-Currents reader have the honor of being the first to take this poll. So please set aside a quiet hour, make sure you have a pen and paper handy, and take it today.

To participate, please email Greg Johnson at editor@counter-currents.com.

Thank you, Greg Johnson

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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    As a German, you always wonder where this British infatuation with German military history comes from (“Wehraboos”). Is this somehow an act of exoneration or an attempt to denigrate the evil Germans as idiots, while they themselves have long since sunk into the mire of “multiculturalism” as a result of the world empire they used as a pawn in the war and which is now invading them? How much longer do they think they can fool themselves with this ridiculous self-delusion without having to take their hands off their eyes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TuvgRFjToA

  2. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Die Tödin is an attempt to turn the male der Tod into a female die Tödin. It’s never been done before. She “wants to die when she sees the conformist bourgeois pigs”.

    She also does not approve of the Biedermeier style. It could well be that her death wish is justified because she herself belongs to these bourgeois pigs that she supposedly hates.

    After all, the cowards are never revolting, they always just act in accordance with the wishes of the system. And this system actually propagates such moronic “revolters”.

    This is now the end age of feminized imbecility, and there’s really nothing left to oppose except a good, juicy bitch-slap directly in the dumbhead-mug. This expresses a lot of female longing to live out their natural masochism.

    How in this world can “women” (who are actually at most girls) be overburdened with having all the power in their hands and having to “rule” us, a single crime of sick brains.

    Women as fertility? Not the case in this country. We are no longer even allowed to transfer these psychopathic creatures to a closed inpatient ward. Oh poor western world!


  3. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Mr. Green says that the original problem is the Abrahamites, with the cowardly, deceitful and murderous Jews at the top as a gigantic global control. Only when we have all freed ourselves from this sick superstition will we be truly independent. But since man is stupid and knows nothing, and must instead believe like the proverbial sheep, there is no salvation for the world in sight.

    I don’t think this is out of the question, but I believe that believing in the good can’t be a pity. How is stupid humanity supposed to know what is morally good or reprehensible without seeing a halfway corrective guideline? Is it possible to live without the imagination of a “God”? I confess that I have been pondering this question for decades and have not found a plausible answer.

    I think I already know that murder is reprehensible and that help is self-explanatory. There is no God in nature. We had to invent him to keep the barbaric in us in check. Does someone help us because he wants to score points in heaven and not because he himself recognizes the immorality of refusing to help? Then he would indeed be the one who is actually lost. Why should he then be considered worthy before God of all people? This illogic does not make sense to me.

    Here we are already entering the self-damaging border area as a result of this sick ethnomasochistic original sin conviction. All other races except us have no problem with mercilessly rejecting people who intend to enrich themselves at their expense and sending them back to their homeland, where they are supposed to do useful work. Is the Christianity implemented and internalized in us by the Jews really behind our collective weakness? It does not seem completely absurd.

    As a universal religion, Christianity insists on dispensing with distinctions, because we are all children of God. From Moses to Marx is the name of a book by a National Socialist who believed to have recognized that the same anti-natural forces are at work in both Christianity and Marxism, indeed that Marxism is in truth self-damaging Judaism, whereby the Jews are anything but willing to join this erroneous belief themselves.

    For Jews it is and remains inexplicable why the Goyim allow themselves to be duped so easily. The Christian replies that the Jews have no inner experience of God, but carry an unspeakable monstrance in front of them to justify their egoism. Their belief in God does not consist in the conviction that God can only become conscious of himself through us, but that an ancient demon of vengeance commands them to plunder and rule the world because otherwise they would fall out of favor with him.


  4. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Our all-time disliked so-called “cousins”, the moronic Brits succeeded in genetically crossing a Dachshund (father!) with a Rottweiler (mother). The product is a short-legged hybrid that looks not unlike the American bull terrier, but does not have its psychopathic character. The principle should be extended to so-called “humanoids”, e.g. crossing Eskimos with Aboriginies to create a particularly intelligent and aesthetically pleasing species that will dominate the world in the future due to its outstanding qualities. https://www.newsweek.com/rottweiler-daschund-puppy-cross-daschweiler-1899857

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