Soros’s Top Money-Man Stood With Antifa at Charlottesville; Blocked Access to Lee Park

In 2017, Jewish lesbian lawyer Roberta Kaplan launched a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the leading participants and organizations of Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. She thought she would find something big. But after 4 years of lawyering and thousands and thousands of pages of discovery, she found nothing. Because there was nothing.

She wanted a smoking gun. Instead, all she got were stacks of spergy route-plans and a recording of Richard Spencer randomly screaming.

She must have been mad.

UTR was something that the Jews could never pull off: an organic mass-demonstration of people willing to risk their lives and reputations. Its organization was grass-roots. It did not require $100Ks of Manhattan cash to pull it off. It took a few dozen guys with pick-up trucks and some barely functional walkie-talkies.

If Kaplan wanted to find a conspiracy, she should have looked at Antifa, the University of Virginia Law School and the prosecutor’s office.

For that link, we have abundant evidence.

The key person is former congressman Tom Perriello. Perriello has had a long and varied career serving the Jewish system. He has been the soulless State-Department mouthpiece calling for more wars in Africa and the Middle East. He has been the corporate goon shoveling cash-stacks into your local prosecutor’s race.

And he has been the Antifa street-fighter standing in a mob blocking people from entering a permitted, court-sanctioned rally in a public park.

He’s a war-mongerer, a Soros money-man and an Antifa thug all in one.

Some background: after a career at State and a stint in congress, he ran for Governor of Virginia in 2017.

While campaigning, Perriello latched onto the Charlottesville issue. The city had been debating removing the statues of Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson. When the Alt-Right held a demonstration to defend the statues in May of that year, he saw an opening. He lashed out on Twitter with laughably irrelevant slogans like “Get your white supremacist hate out of my town” and “You lost, in 1865.”

The May Alt-Right demonstration was a surprise. It was supposed to be. The planners did not want to be attacked by Antifa.

In the meantime, Perriello had lost the primary and was looking for new political opportunities. It would not be enough to pick cat-fights with Nazis on Twitter. If he wanted to salvage his political career, he would need to go all-in. “Unite the Right” was his chance.

On the morning of the demonstration, Perriello was in the street with Antifa groups like “Standing Up for Racial Justice” and “Congregate Cville.” They took up positions at the entrance to Lee Park. Their plan was to block their political enemies from conducting their long-announced political meeting on public property, for which they had a permit backed up by a federal injunction.

When that plan failed and the demonstrators got into the park anyway, Perriello and his fellow Antifa conspirators launched their campaign of illegal doxing and manipulation of the courts.

These are typical Antifa tactics. Find out where someone you don’t like is going to meet and talk. Block their routes. Attack them on site. Play the victim if they fight back. Or sue. Or whine to your prosecutor for criminal charges. Or all of the above.

Perriello has also served as a high-level apparatchik in the American oligarchy’s NGO-word-salad complex. Before Charlottesville, he was CEO of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a $40-million-a-year paper-generating money-sucking scheme charity founded by John Podesta and chaired by Tom Daschle.

This, along with his new Antifa street-cred, made him the perfect pick to run George Soros’ Open Society Foundation as Executive Director of American Programs. In this role, Perriello did the day-to-day work of deciding how Soros’ money got spent.

Now here’s where things get interesting.

In the aftermath of the Unite the Right rally, the wannabe feds and faux-intellectuals of the University of Virginia were feeling angry and humiliated. The Alt-Right tiki-torch vigil on their sacred “Grounds” had violated their serene self-assurance and their metaphysical certainties that truth and history were on their side. For the first time in their lives, they were confronted with a clear proof of the common People’s thoroughly justified frustrations.

UVA was ass-mad.

So UVA Law launched a years-long conspiracy to stack the prosecutor’s office with their agents in order to bring fake criminal charges against anyone who carried a tiki-torch on “Grounds”. The lynchpin of the whole scheme was electing soulless Jew-puppet good-ol’-bwoi Jim Hingeley to the office of Commonwealth’s attorney (Virginia’s annoying technical term for “prosecutor”).

Hingeley’s 2019 campaign received $8,000 from Justice and Public Safety PAC, which is controlled by George Soros. Given that Perriello was Soros’ slush-fund manager, it’s safe to say he had a role in picking Hingeley for “Commonwealth’s Attorney”.

Perriello has two other interesting connections.

1) His brother “Bo” and sister-in-law Maureen were attending the Antifa-planning session (disguised as a religious service) at St. Paul’s Memorial Church across the street from the Jefferson statue where the alt-right tiki-procession was planned to end. “Bo” and Maureen later said that that experience convinced them to join the Antifa attempt to thwart the alt-right rally the next day.

2) Perriello is friends with Charlottesville’s billionaire power-couple Sonjia Smith and Michael Bills. Their son even interned for Perriello.

Smith and Bills are the main funders of prosecutor Hingeley, having provided $114,000 to his 2019 campaign.

Moreover, Bills’ and Smith’s daughter, Kendall Bills, is an Antifa militant. She was arrested on July 8, 2017 for trying to block the entrance to another Charlottesville public park. Charges were of course dropped.

She also attended the August 12, 2017 blocking-action-cum-riot, where Antifa threw bottles of urine and potentially blinding bleach-bombs at the rally-goers.

So … would it be a stretch to hypothesize that Smith and Bills funded Hingeley’s campaign for the express purpose of getting revenge, and that Tom Perriello was their point-man?

Remember this fact when the media accuses us of being the “privileged” side. We had no billionaires in our ranks.

The masked goon threatening you in the street and the suited douche-bag throwing you in prison on fake charges are the same person. Antifa and systemic Jewish power are the same thing.

When you’re in charge, you bear the responsibility.

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  1. Maxwell Howard
    Maxwell Howard says:

    “In government, the scum rises to the top.” — Friedrich August von Hayek

    I would add that the golem scum rise to the top of the U.S. power elite. What a world!

  2. Spraguer-Droevig-Haas-Mulder-Imas
    Spraguer-Droevig-Haas-Mulder-Imas says:

    This Perriello character sounds like a piece of work.
    I found him on Wikipedia, portrait and all. He looks like he could be Chucky’s gay human brother.
    Good to see Greg back in the mix fighting for our people.
    Every single thing about Charlottesville was totalitarian and absurd.
    We must dismantle the police/security state.
    There is no other way out of this mess.
    Hope all is well brother.

    • Alan
      Alan says:

      Periello.**Is that a deadly
      new parasite?…a mutt? Periello sounds like he s trying to beat the Jew at his own when Chris Cuomo didn’t yet know he could be dying after..being in such an awful pig headed rush to get quackzinated.
      This clown …Periello.. Is he also just gay? Yeah..some strange similarities to Chris Cuomo who threatened some little guy he would push..throw him down a long flight of stairs . look at him now…not so lucky as Periello but hey guys…every dog ..every mutt has her don’t get us wrong..we don’t need or like to see Chris Cuomo squeal like a dying man child on his way to ..explain it all to Jesus and all but..Cuomo like isreali jewboy mobboss gene Simmonds or Jew faggot coward stern..or demented dershowitz… was awfully tough on anyone who resisted being quackzinated..what goes around comes around ..stay awake Periello.,looks like you got real bad Karma*. Stay awake Periello.keep trying to enjoy the Soros bloodmoney… never know when the axe falls”

  3. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    As in Europe, these ” antifas ” are useful idiots for the usual suspects and from very wealthy families. They are also mentally retarded, childish, cowardly and ugly.

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