Traditionalists of all countries, unite!

Dugin is absolutely right. This is why so many on the dissident right support Russia in the current war:

Of course, each civilisation has its own traditional values. But today, all of them are under attack from one aggressive, intolerant, deceitful, and perverse civilisation, which wages a ruthless war against any tradition — against tradition as such. In such a situation, Putin’s Russia can openly declare itself the bearer of the opposite mission — to become the defender of tradition and normality, continuity and identity. …

We should not be shy, ashamed, or conceal this. The more confidently we embark on this path, the faster and more reliably our influence in the world will grow. Having chosen an orientation towards multipolarity, we must be consistent in this.

Traditionalists of all countries, unite!

by Alexander Dugin

Alexander Dugin asserts that President Putin’s inauguration marks a new stage, emphasising traditional values and multipolarity while rallying allies like China and India against Western hegemony.

The inauguration of President Putin marks a new stage in Russia’s history. Some lines from previous periods will surely continue. Some will reach a critical threshold. Some will be curtailed. But something new must also emerge.

I would like to draw attention to the ideological aspect, which could become a fundamental vector for Russia’s further development in the international context.

In our fierce confrontation with the West, teetering on the brink of nuclear conflict and a third world war, the problem of values is becoming increasingly apparent. The war in Ukraine is not merely a conflict of states with their quite rational national interests but a clash of civilisations, with all of them fiercely defending their value systems.

Today, it is already clear that Russia has decisively committed to defending traditional values and sees them as integral to the fundamental processes of strengthening its civilisational identity and geopolitical sovereignty. This is not just about the various interests of individual subjects within the same — Western — civilisation, as the escalating conflict between Russia and the collective West could have been interpreted until recently. It is now obvious that two value systems are clashing.

The modern collective West staunchly defends:

  • Absolute individualism;
  • LGBT and gender politics;
  • Cosmopolitanism;
  • Cancel culture;
  • Posthumanism;
  • Unrestricted migration;
  • Destruction of all forms of identity;
  • Critical race theory (according to which previously oppressed peoples have every right to oppress their former oppressors in turn);
  • Relativist and nihilistic postmodern philosophy.

The West ruthlessly censors its own history, bans books and artworks, and the US Congress is preparing to remove entire passages from the Holy Scriptures, allegedly offensive to certain groups of people based on ethnicity and religion. Moreover, the development of digital technologies and neural networks has raised the issue of transferring global governance from humanity to artificial intelligence — and several Western authors already hail this as an incredible success and the long-awaited arrival of the singularity.

In contrast to all this, Putin’s Russia offers an entirely different set of values, many of which are legally enshrined in Decree No. 809 of 9 November 2022. Russia firmly defends:

  • Collective identity against individualism;
  • Patriotism against cosmopolitanism;
  • Healthy family against the legalisation of perversions;
  • Religion against nihilism, materialism, and relativism;
  • Humanity against posthumanist experiments;
  • Organic identity against its dilution;
  • Historical truth against cancel culture.

There are two opposing orientations, moreover — two antagonistic ideologies and worldviews. Russia chooses tradition — the West, on the contrary, everything non-traditional and even anti-traditional.

This makes the conflict in Ukraine, where these two civilisations have clashed in a fierce decisive battle, much more than an ordinary conflict of interests. There is indeed a conflict of interests, but it is not the main point. The main point is that two models of humanity’s further development have entered into confrontation — the liberal, globalist, anti-traditional path of the modern West or the alternative, multipolar, polycentric path preserving tradition and traditional values, for which Russia is fighting.

It is time to note that a multipolar world, to which Russia declared its loyalty during the previous stage of Putin’s rule, only makes sense if we recognise each pole. Each civilisation (as represented in BRICS today) has the right to its identity, its tradition, and its value system. Multipolarity becomes meaningful and justified if we proceed from the plurality of existing cultures and recognise their right to preserve their identities and develop based on internal principles. This means that the poles of the multipolar world, unlike the globalist unipolar model, where Western values dominate as universal by default, follow Russia’s path to some extent but utilising their own — each of them different — traditional values.

We see this clearly in modern China. Not only does it reject globalism, liberalism, and global capitalism as dogma, retaining many features of the socialist system, but it increasingly turns to the eternal values of Chinese culture, reviving the political and social ethics of Confucius, which have inspired and organised society for thousands of years. It is no coincidence that one of the leading theories of international relations in modern China is the ancient idea of Tianxia, where China is thought of as the centre of the world system, with all other nations surrounding the Middle Kingdom on the periphery. China is its own absolute centre, open to the world, but strictly guarding its sovereignty, uniqueness, and originality.

Modern India (Bharat) is moving in the same direction, especially under Narendra Modi’s rule. Again, here the deep identity, Hindutva, dominates, reviving the foundations of the ancient Vedic culture, religion, philosophy, and social structure.

The Islamic world even more categorically rejects the value system of the collective West, which is in no way compatible with Islamic laws, rules, and regulations. In this case, the emphasis is on tradition.

African nations are also moving in this direction, entering a new round of decolonisation — this time of consciousness, culture, and mindset. More and more African thinkers, politicians, and public figures are turning to the origins of their indigenous cultures.

Latin America, too, is gradually discovering these new horizons of traditionalism, religion, and cultural roots, increasingly coming into direct conflict with US and collective Western policies. The peculiarity of Latin America is that the anti-colonial struggle was long carried out mainly under leftist slogans. The situation is now changing: the left is discovering the traditional and conservative roots of their struggle (for example, in liberation theology, where the Catholic factor dominates), and the conservative anti-colonial front is growing (for example, the theology of the people).

But so far, none of the civilisations oriented towards multipolarity and preferring tradition has entered into direct armed conflict with the West, except for Russia. Many are hesitating, waiting for the outcome of this dramatic confrontation. Although most of humanity potentially rejects the hegemony of the West and its value systems, no one besides us is ready to enter into direct confrontation with it yet.

This gives Russia a unique opportunity to lead the global conservative turn. The time has come to openly declare that Russia is fighting against Western civilisation’s claim to the universality of its values and stands entirely and wholly for tradition, both its own (Russian and Orthodox) and all others. For they too face inevitable destruction if globalism triumphs and Western hegemony persists.

All civilisations of the world are conservative; this constitutes their identity. And they are becoming increasingly aware of this. Only the postmodern West has decided to radically break with its classical Christian roots and has begun to build a culture of degeneration, perversion, pathology, and the technical replacement of humans with post-human organisms (from AI to cyborgs, chimaeras, and genetically engineered products). Even within the West, a significant part of society rejects this path and increasingly and vehemently opposes the course of the ruling postmodern liberal elites towards the final abolition of the cultural-historical identity of Western societies themselves.

In Putin’s new presidential term, it would be quite logical to proclaim the protection of tradition — in Russia and worldwide, including the West — as his main ideological mission. Vladimir Putin is already seen by humanity as a great leader playing this role, heroically resisting Western hegemony. Now is the time to declare Russia’s global mission, consisting of protecting civilisations and their traditional values. Enough of playing along with the West and using its strategies, terms, protocols, and criteria. Civilisational sovereignty consists of each nation having the full right to accept and reject any external directives and to develop in its own unique way, regardless of someone else’s dissatisfaction.

Recently, on 7 May, the British newspaper The Mirror declared ten words from President Putin’s inauguration speech a ‘chilling threat to the West’. These words were: ‘The destiny of Russia will be determined by ourselves only.’ Any hint of sovereignty is perceived by the West as a declaration of war. Russia has embraced this and is ready to support all those who will stand as decisively for their sovereignty as it does.

Of course, each civilisation has its own traditional values. But today, all of them are under attack from one aggressive, intolerant, deceitful, and perverse civilisation, which wages a ruthless war against any tradition — against tradition as such. In such a situation, Putin’s Russia can openly declare itself the bearer of the opposite mission — to become the defender of tradition and normality, continuity and identity.

In the 20th century, Russia’s influence in the world was primarily based on the leftist movement. But today, it has gradually faded away — either absorbed by liberalism or exhausted itself (with rare exceptions, often allied with anti-colonial conservative trends). Now it is time to bet on conservatives and supporters of civilisational identities. And so, a new slogan is born: Traditionalists of all countries, unite!

We should not be shy, ashamed, or conceal this. The more confidently we embark on this path, the faster and more reliably our influence in the world will grow. Having chosen an orientation towards multipolarity, we must be consistent in this.

Everyone already considers Putin a key figure in the conservative revival. It is time to proclaim this openly. Criticism from the West is inevitable in any case, but now the decisive factors in relations with it are entirely different. And our allies — actual and potential — will support Russia with new vigour. They will clearly understand our far-reaching goals and objectives. They will trust us and, without any doubt or hesitation, begin to build a fair and balanced world together with us in the interests of greater humanity.

(translated by Constantin von Hoffmeister)

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  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    Russians still daydreaming about the old train robber Stalin?…We never trusted dugin. He is the apologist for what from a distance sounds legitimate..but erudite folk remember the KGB * infiltrated ..subverted Russian Orthodox churchocentricity ” …notice the
    rampant..shellacked , undergirding tone in
    Dugin s smack of the KGB. or now FSB . The FSB is very much in control over there in the Kremlin. Dugin is a poorly cloaked communist one way rhapsodizing ..fantasizing..extrapolating regressive nonsense about the quintessential revival of the spirit of the Russian monarchy..but now it’s ..vlad…Putin the Jew
    fronting the still largely comunistic post monarchy…”” Putin s really a pro western neoliberal masquerading as a trumpite nationalist..Sure some of Dugin s base points in this article, are correct but Russia isn’t at all a successful leading example of Christianity,prosperity or much real freedom to this day ,in actual fact. We should all hope Russia ,which non incedentally is 50 percent
    or more Islamiic , can live up to most of the pablum from dugin. We tend to doubt that the Jew Putin will successfully oppose both chabad…and .the WeF Blackstone Jew cyborgs and..if Russia does finally open up more..successfully resist all the satanic perversions of Jewish Neoliberalism. Russian orthodoxy has a disquieting alliance with”the state”, they call it..a marriage of church and state…,*We say..God forbid!. We find the Jew Putin s constant rhetoric about Nazi s! enervating…Perhaps Dugin has a Messiah complex rerolled via Putin s Russia…..will Dugin s words fall flat?.. are they..wind s and fury signifying dissolute nothing?..wait and see what tomorrow brings…

    • Valkoinen Kuolema
      Valkoinen Kuolema says:

      Well the Russian Orthodox Church as constituted today was founded as a NKVD/KGB spy ring/propaganda machine by Stalin during his ‘Great Patriotic War’. But the truth is the Orthodox Church didn’t even need to be subverted. Even by the low standards set by Catholic and Protestant churches, Eastern Orthodoxy is worse than useless.

      Not only did the Russian Orthodox Church not resist Communism (like e.g. Catholic Church in Poland), but it’s such an inherently corrupt institution that even as Bolsheviks were killing their believers and dynamiting their churches, in 1927 Moscow Patriarch Sergius officially pledged unconditional loyalty to Josef Stalin and the Bolshevik regime (citing Saul’s Letter to the Romans 13, which orders obedience to any and all governments that exist as divinely instituted). Stalin did not reciprocate until 1943 when he needed the ROC to serve his aforementioned war purposes.

      Today Tucker Carlson and other buffoons cry over the fact that Ukraine, several decades too late, is finally taking some actions against this especially evil Moscow Patriarchate branch of Orthodoxy, a hostile alien institution which exists to subvert its host nation to serve foreign political interests of the Moscow Kremlin.

  2. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    An inspiring article.

    Traditionalists of all countries, unite!

    is a stirring cry and an admirable exhortation.

    I wonder, though, whether Traditionalists will unite in rhetorical support of football player Harrison Butker if, as seems likely, he is fired by the Kansas City Chiefs and banned from pro football by the NFL for expressing intransigently pro-Christian, pro-Tradition, anti-Woke sentiments in his recent commencement address at Benedictine College in Kansas. Alexander Dugin would applaud him, I am sure, but I suspect that half or more of the authors and commenters at this website would probably side, openly or tacitly, with the (((Establishment))).

  3. Jank
    Jank says:

    What? You didn’t post my last comment because of the profanity?? OK boss, I’ll tone it down a wee bit…just to please your sensibilities.
    Haven’t we heard this kind of thing outta the ruskies before? “Workers of the world unite” Remember how that turned out?
    As far as this latest cultural psyop goes, very bullet point of Decree 809 hits the bullseye, except for that little pesky statement “Religion against nihilism, materialism, and relativism”
    Now, you know damn well where this goes, given the holy war rasputin and his gaggle of psychotic mass murders are engaged in now. Besides, most of the spics invading the country now espouse trad catholic ideology. Religion is a long running, king-imposed, jew psyops weapon. Period. Supporting this assertion is a short vid from trumpfs spiritual advisor paula white…

  4. Valkoinen Kuolema
    Valkoinen Kuolema says:

    Why is this site still called OCCIDENTAL (i.e. WESTERN) Observer while constantly promoting an avowedly anti-Western antiwhite Eurasianist oriental empire? Dugin is no less an enemy of the West than any garden variety cultural Marxist at your local university. The evil empire Dugin represents is thankfully crumbling due to Putin’s hubris and stupidity–although hundreds of thousands of both Russians and Ukrainians are dead thanks to the moronic ideas spewed from the mouths of those clowns who both believe they are a lot smarter than they really are.

    Putin’s neo-Soviet Union apparently has barely even bothered to update its Marxist propaganda lines, ‘Workers of all countries, unite’!

    Dugin calls Jewish Kabbalah “the greatest achievement of the human spirit.“ Chabadnik Putin also proudly wears his red string Kabbalah bracelet when he meets his Chabad Rabbi masters (likewise Tucker Carlson, who wears matching Kabbalah bracelets with Putin). Is that the ‘tradition’ the Occident wants to preserve? ‘Russia’ has been an antiwhite empire ruled by Jews in unbroken succession since 1917.

    Dugin, asked about black Marxist thug Mugabe’s robberies and murderous acts against Whites in ex-Rhodesia/Zimbabwe:
    «I am for the Blacks.White civilization–its cultural values, the inhuman model of the world built by it–did not justify itself. Everything goes to the beginning of White Pogroms on a planetary scale. Russia is saved only by the fact that we are not pure White. Robbery, transnational corporations, oppression of all other races, MTV, blue and pink–these are fruits of White civilization, which must be eliminated. Therefore I am for red, yellow, green, black–just not for white.»
    —Alexander Dugin, leader of the Eurasia party

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      I root for Russia in this war because of the absolute moral bankruptcy of the West. If Ukraine loses, it will be LGBTQ+ and massive multi-ethnic immigration. Jews certainly exist in Russia, but what is the evidence they have real power? We can all admire them for their ethnocentric commitment to their own people and culture.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Seconded with enthusiasm and with admiration for Kevin’s principled perseverance in the face of widespread ignorance, shortsightedness, resistance, and vulgarity.

        Like the name of a corporation that has suffered a hostile takeover, “the West,” as that term is used nowadays, has no more than a notional relation to its former self. The West’s (((current owners))) are consumed with hatred for both the religious and philosophical principles and the various White ethnicities that created and sustained the true historical West.

        Today’s owners aren’t, shall we say, simply offering a new or additional “product line”—perversity; degeneracy; intellectual, moral, and economic slavery. Rather, they are working to uproot what were long recognized as the West’s authentic priorities and principles. Moreover, they are rewriting its very history, their Orwellian goal being to eliminate forever the possibility of anyone’s remembering that there was ever a time when Jewish rule and its attendant corruption faced opposition, whether from within or without.

      • Denethor
        Denethor says:

        Russia already has ‘massive multi-ethnic immigration’ itself. A few recent Russian links on this and related issues (translated into English through Google translate):


        Afro-Russians and Indo-Russians

        Domestic business is preparing for the massive import of labor migrants from Africa and Southeast Asian countries to the Russian Federation.

        State Duma deputy and head of the “Fair Russia – Patriots – For Truth” faction Sergei Mironov said that Mariupol, which came under Russian control, was filled with migrants from Central Asian countries.

        As Sergei Mironov noted , foreign workers are establishing their own rules in the city, and the same situation is observed in other settlements that have come under Russian control. The deputy added that it is difficult to think of a better gift for “Ukronazi propaganda.”

        Moscow’s Orthodox Community Takes Huge L as Muslim Mega-Mosque Begins Construction on Sacred Christian Site!

        Countries such as Poland and Hungary are also doing a lot of labor migration from foreign parts of the world as well in recent years.

        As for Jews with power in Russia, I’d begin with Yury Kovalchuk (son of Miriam née Abramovna Viro and listed as a Russian Jew on Wiki), one the biggest media owners in Russia and often called Putin’s personal banker:

        WSJ: The Russian Billionaire Selling Putin’s War to the Public

        Yuri Kovalchuk, with vast holdings in banking and media, is helping his longtime friend tighten the Kremlin’s grip on the internet

        Forbes: Meet The Man Who Whispers In Putin’s Ear

        With all that said, I have any no particular sympathies for Ukraine either. This war is a tragedy and I hope it ends as soon as possible. Far too many European men in their best years, on both sides, have already been lost to this slaughter.

      • Pinochet's ghost
        Pinochet's ghost says:

        but what is the evidence they have real power?

        Russia is communist and communism comes from the Jews (Marx) let’s not forget which country was the first to create the myth of the holocaust and then pass denial laws

          • Joe J
            Joe J says:

            Your being disingenuous Dr MacDonald. The truth there is no smoking gun and the case to be made against this cult is circumstantial, linking a vast array of bits and pieces that add up to a conviction. Substantial circumstantial evidence still leads to convictions.

    • What’s up Skip
      What’s up Skip says:

      For Putin the war against Europa is a boon politically and the longer it goes on the fewer nationalistic Ukrainians he’ll have to deal with when he wins. For the cosmopolitans and big Jews it’s a business opportunity and an eviction of current tenants ahead of a possible Israeli evacuation. For Ukrainians and the White race it’s a tragedy. We are mental slaves who can’t even help ourselves let alone the people of Ukraine. Clearly we ought to force a negotiated partition but “we” won’t do that.

  5. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    “Of course, each civilisation has its own traditional values. But today, all of them are under attack from one aggressive, intolerant, deceitful, and perverse civilisation, which wages a ruthless war against any tradition — against tradition as such.”

    “Which wages a ruthless war against any tradition”, –

    except their own!

  6. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    They have finally arrived, the eagerly awaited specialists. Dr. Nälson Kandela takes a little “breather” after the long journey.

    Wernher from Brown: first aperican moon landing imminent. Typical overengineering. Actually, he just wanted to build a mixer. For particularly large ostrich eggs. The man has certainly achieved more than many Western so-called “politicians”.

    Is that a Wabblekopter or Hoppomator? The pilot was damn lucky, because if the thing had taken off even a little bit, he would have been dizzy due to the lack of a tail rotor. Fortunately, he had also cheated with the swashplate. So instead of tumbling, he started to hop. Another case of good luck and no sense at all. Can immigrate as a skilled worker!

  7. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    My movie tip today: “First Encounter”. The sounds of the first generation of digital synthesizers invited me. Allegedly a “highly controversial” director. He allegedly cheated the poor natives out of their fair share. But you know how it goes with them: If you offer them your little finger for comfort, they immediately grab your entire hand and drag you down with them into the Orcus/Abyss. Papua was once divided between the Germans, British and Dutch. Today it is one of the most crime-ridden areas in the world.

    • Rudolf
      Rudolf says:

      It seems to be a fake set up for economic reasons, like almost everything these days.

      By the way: have you noticed how much money (allegedly, if this isn’t already fake information by themselves) the two long-hour chatterboxes from Warstrike make every time? They have turned this into a business model (after their total bankruptcy with the NJP) like Jewish money collectors. Are there really such horrendous morons out there who throw over a thousand dollars at them every three days?

    • Rudolf
      Rudolf says:

      It is said that cars are “toys for big boys”. But of course a car symbolizes much more in a consumerist society like ours, which is committed solely to appearance and showmanship, in addition to autonomy and mobility, above all status. We adorn ourselves with other people’s feathers (a product of clever developers) in order to appear larger, more powerful, more conspicuous, more significant and supposedly stand out from the rest of the crowd. The car is a penis extension and ego prosthesis.

      The problem here is that attention is diverted from the ego to an external fetish, to which one transfers or surrenders one’s own identity, a pseudo-identity that is supposed to compensate for the lack of one’s own personality through powerful exhaust varooming. Of course, this only impresses people who are also equally content-free, superficial, materialistic and nihilistically oriented. At some point, this scam no longer works, at the latest when the fetish you’ve kept has to be sold off due to debt and what remains is the poor devil you only knew because of his car.

  8. Pinochet's ghost
    Pinochet's ghost says:

    Yeah, no. Dugin and putin are vile commies being handled by the same globalist masters as washington. If you read 1984 you would understand they are trying to make you think that there are still opposing sides in this fight

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