Bright Future for Whites? A Young Sun Is Rising to Shine on the West

“The West is doomed!” “France is finished!” “Britain is over!” I’ve never understood expressions of despair and defeat like those. They’re obviously self-indulgent and harmful things to say, so how could people with any common sense and self-control utter them? Unless those people aren’t what they pretend to be, of course. No genuine friend of the West should announce that “The West is doomed!” Or announce the same of any part of the West, whether they happen to live there or not. But it’s exactly what enemies of the West will like to say, while pretending to be friends.

Fortuna favors the brave

Defeatism has been a capital offence in times of war with very good reason. Saying what your enemy wants you to say is very obviously stupid and self-defeating. I have never felt despair about the future of the West myself, but I would never have expressed such despair even if I’d felt it. Feelings are not infallible guides to the future. But expressing one’s feelings to others can certainly alter their behavior, whether for the better or the worse. What one says or does now alters the future. And so a subjective feeling of despair can lead to the objective reality of defeat. But if negativity can breed defeat, then positivity can breed victory. As Vox Day says: “[R]elentless positivity of mind, the determined avoidance of negativity, and the refusal to live in fear are vital for the Christian. … Remember, the ancients’ idea that Fortuna personally favored some individuals and disfavored others wasn’t an invention ex nihilo, it was an observation.”

The Gates of Dawn (1900), Herbert James Draper

Genetics must play some role in the positivity of individuals like Vox Day, but genetics is not destiny. Whatever our genes predispose us to be, they don’t dictate our thoughts or control our choices. We can choose to be more positive and we can choose not to surrender to despair. And we can certainly choose not to express our subjective feelings of despair to others. But positivity is helped by good news. And I think that there is more and more good news offering hope to true friends of the West. I didn’t expect to see some of it expressed by the professional curmudgeon and pessimist John Derbyshire, so this section of his “April Diary” at VDare was a pleasant surprise:

Chatting the other day with Jared Taylor, [I found that] he reinforced an impression I’ve been getting — a happy impression.

Thirty years ago, said Jared, when he had started up American Renaissance and invited people to come together to discuss race realism and white advocacy, the people who’d responded to his call were mostly an older crowd, with a good mix of pop-eyed weirdos and cranks. His followers nowadays, he said, were much younger and more normal.

Just so. I see the same thing. Last month, March, I was invited to attend a gathering in New York City to hear Chris Rufo talk about his recent book. The gathering was of a regular dissident-right club that I’d never been aware of.

It was a big crowd; friendly, cheerful, lively, smart, and… young. Sitting there among the happy noise in the socializing period before Rufo spoke, I tried to estimate the median age of attendees. If it was over thirty, it wasn’t by much.

P.J. O’Rourke’s Babe Rule came to mind, too. P.J. wrote in regard to a demonstration against homelessness he’d attended that no social or political movement in the U.S.A. is going anywhere much unless it has a good component of attractive young women, which the homelessness demo didn’t [Among The Compassion Fascists, by P.J. O’Rourke, American Spectator, December 1989].

If P.J. got that right, my hosts there on the Lower East Side in March definitely have a bright future.

I hear similar things from like-thinking friends all over. There’s a new, fresh, normie National Conservatism coming up — even, I have it on good authority, among card-carrying Young Republicans! All strength to them; and a belated thanks to my March hosts at the Rufo event. (“DERB’S APRIL DIARY: [11 ITEMS!] Eclipse In Cleveland, Eclipse On Mars?; Middle East Disavowal; VDARE Conference; The Young Ones; ETC!!!!,” VDare, 1st April 2024)

Like a flourishing rose-bush on top of a trash-heap, positivity from John Derbyshire has a special power. He isn’t an optimistic or positive person, so I’m very glad to see him succumbing to the bright side. I’m also very glad to see the truth about race relations beginning to dawn in the mainstream right. This is from American Renaissance and F. Roger Devlin’s excellent review of Jeremy Carl’s The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism is Tearing America Apart (2024):

Jeremy Carl is a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, served as deputy assistant secretary of the interior under President Trump, and has been associated with the Hoover Institution. His other books have dealt with energy policy. In a chapter on religion, he describes himself as “an actively engaged Christian of Jewish descent.” That a writer with solid connections to “respectable conservatism” is publishing a book with “anti-white racism” in the subtitle is a sign of changing times. Moreover, the author does not try to tell us that the problem with hostility towards whites is merely “divisive” or supposedly incompatible with Martin Luther King’s “dream.” He states forthrightly that it leads to injustices against whites, and that whites must fight back.

As Mr. Carl writes, white Americans today “suffer from downward economic mobility, declining fertility, rising drug addiction and depression, and narrowing opportunities, all piled onto a false presumption of privilege.” Any vestigial advantages they may still derive from belonging to America’s historical majority are “informal and evanescent cultural legacies,” whereas “the discrimination they experience is . . . increasingly legal and formal.” […]

The endgame of the current system is “the expropriation of land, property, and other wealth from whites” and the institution of “a permanent regime of anti-white employment and legal discrimination.” As of now, he writes, “appeals to expropriation are usually indirect,” but over time they “will become more direct and in need of less justification as the political power of white Americans continues to decline.”

It is whites’ failure to organize in defense of our own interests that had made the anti-white regime possible. As Mr. Carl writes, “non-whites have organized and made powerful demands, while whites have focused on broad, gauzy appeals to . . . universal rights” that have proven “almost completely ineffective.” It is time for us to make strong demands.

As noted, we have looked here at only a few of the twelve realms of anti-white discrimination Mr. Carl discusses. The reader should get the book itself for the full story. I am unaware of any mainstream book on race published since American Renaissance was founded 34 years ago that pulls so few punches. (“The Respectable Right Discovers Anti-White Hostility,” F. Roger Devlin, American Renaissance, 10th May, 2024)

The publication of The Unprotected Class is a very positive sign. As Jeremy Clark himself says: “The environment is vastly freer than it was just a few years ago. To speak of anti-white racism is no longer universally taboo.” The left have been waging war on Whites and Western civilization for decades, but the “respectable right,” as Devlin calls them, have refused to even recognize the war, let alone take up arms to fight back. Now the respectable right are recognizing the war and the fight-back has started. As I described in “High Hope and Damnable Despair,” there are never any good reasons to despair. But there are always good reasons to feel hope. John Derbyshire and F. Roger Devlin have just supplied more of them.

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  1. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    And speaking of Derby……yesterday at Unz:
    Swept Away By Eva Vlaardingerbroek—And Samuel Huntington, by John Derbyshire – The Unz Review
    “The totalitarian institution of the European Union needs to come down.

    Let me be clear, I don’t believe in reforms. When the foundation of your institution is rotten, and that is the case in Brussels, you can rebuild the house on top of it all you want, but it’s still going to crumble.

    So the only answer is the Tower of Babel needs to be destroyed. (Applause.)

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are the daughters and sons of the greatest nations on Earth. (Applause.) And we need to ask ourselves, what has happened to us? Where do we come from? And more importantly, where are we going?

    Our elites have declared a war on us, and now it is time for us to put on the full armor of God, fight back, and win.”

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      It can still be an opportunity. However, we saw with Ukraine and Eastern Europe that even the most radical nationalists can be manipulated into serving other causes. And we see a willingness by intelligence agencies to collect data and assassinate or blackmail those who get in their way. So, life is very dangerous for a smart, educated, capable nationalist, and it’s very easy for a stupid cow who is walking to the slaughter or leading others to be slaughtered.

  2. Hairy Iranian Dude
    Hairy Iranian Dude says:

    I beg to differ.

    The trend throughout the West, for three-quarters of a century, has been one of degeneration, humiliation, and defeat. No ray of sunshine poking out in one corner or another should be taken as some sort of boon portent. That’s naive optimism; a drowning man grasping at straws.

    And to accuse those who are voices of sobriety and common sense, those who see the writing on the wall, and who do not and cannot deny the signs, as being enemies is a bit too much. Would it make you feel better if I nixed “Iranian” from my pseudo name and replaced it with a more run of the mill sobriquet, albeit a false one, such as “Nordic”? Because every time I’m honest with my background, all the usual cliches sprout forth and obfuscate and detract from my message.

    Incidentally, I’ve read all your monothematic essays here, and they, if anything, fuel the fire of despair. Actually, as far as the West is concerned “despair” and “reality” should be synonymous. *I* should be the one stating, “I’ve never understood expressions of naive hope and ludicrous wishful thinking.”

    • HasbaraSauce
      HasbaraSauce says:

      Hairy Iranian Dude begs to differ! Whooda thunkit?

      >> And to accuse those who are voices of sobriety and common sense, those who see the writing on the wall… <>

      They don’t see the writing on the wall: they see their own emotions and cowardice, then try to infect others with their gammatude.

      >> Because every time I’m honest with my background, all the usual cliches sprout forth and obfuscate and detract from my message. <<

      Yes, Iranians are well known for being "honest". Particularly hairy ones.

      • Hairy Iranian Dude
        Hairy Iranian Dude says:

        So when you see a good looking blonde with a mulatto child, you’re a “glass is half full” type of guy, who interprets the situation thusly; hey, it’s only one mulatto kid not two. Checkmate on your “emotions and cowardice”, you hairy Iranian defeatist!

        • HasbaraSauce
          HasbaraSauce says:

          Obviously, when I see things like that I don’t like it, but it’s hardly terminal.

          And I’m not calling you a defeatist, unless you’re a friend of the West and would prefer not to see us fall. If you are a friend, it’s a shame that you’re saying what Jews like to hear.

          P.S. On your use of “writing on the wall”. As you know, the original writing on the wall was placed there by God and accurately interpreted by a divinely inspired prophet. There’s no comparison with what defeatists do when they predict doom. Except in the inverted sense that Satan is at work.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      You’re probably a good person, but you’re likely also smart enough to know that good deeds get punished. You get punished for your honesty.

      Regardless, the author of the original article is correct that it is positive to see a final turning towards white advocacy. We would have seen it in the 90s but for the Internet revolution saving the economy. The Internet led to many positives, but it’s probably bad that it didn’t come sooner or later.

  3. BoraHorzaGobuchul
    BoraHorzaGobuchul says:

    A ray of hope in NYC! From Chris Rufo! Jesus wept.

    As much as I like Derbyshire his interests are more aligned with Rufo than myself.

    Their kids are not white.

    It’s over. My kids know it’s over. We just do our best to survive the decline, myself hiding like a rat in the walls of anti-white corporate America.

    Shoulda been a plumber or electrician or something.

    • HasbaraSauce
      HasbaraSauce says:

      >> It’s over. My kids know it’s over. We just do our best to survive the decline, myself hiding like a rat in the walls of anti-white corporate America. <<

      Well, if the infallible intellectual and moral giant BoraHorzaGobuchulstein thinks it's over, what more need be said?

      • Weaver
        Weaver says:

        “It” can be over, but what is the meaning of “it?”

        You two could be saying different things. So long as two whites exist, one “it” isn’t over. And whites could even be recreated in a lab exactly as we were if necessary. “It” could perhaps never be entirely over.

  4. Anna Cordelia
    Anna Cordelia says:

    The timing of this piece appearing was very interesting.

    Just yesterday, I was reading an article about all the European cities that had been firebombed during WWII, particularly by the UK’s RAF and the USAF.

    Normally I would have felt completely despondent about the fact I’ve never been to Europe, have never experienced all that beautiful architecture (in particular the cathedrals) in person… but yesterday, I had this wonderful realization that all of that beautiful architecture is just an externalized expression of who we are as White people.

    And I’m still here, still standing. Of course it’s a tragedy about the destruction wrought and the lives lost in WWII – I’m not trying to minimize that. But if they were trying to extinguish what is running through our veins… well, they haven’t succeeded.

    If anything, learning about the travails of White people during the 20th century has saved me from taking what my ancestors passed down to me for granted. And for that I am forever grateful.

  5. Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom says:

    Try as they might, the meat puppets are not going to survive. Either White Men or brown hordes will kill them off. Cuckservatives are just cowards is all. The future will be very White. The mark of doom is melanin. This marker of stupidity and aggression is the extinction of the old order. The fake jew, the brown retards and the deviants are a giant suicide cult. They will kill themselves off given the chance. It is just a matter of time. Uncle Sham can’t pay his interest on his debts anymore. Soon the gravy train will crash. The day the EBT runs out is getting closer. None of these imbeciles will survive. Resist and you will get life. A thousand years of peace and progress. The Millennium will not be kind to the deviants and the brown hordes. The meat puppets are programmed to destroy. They can’t survive in any conceivable scenario. World War III will be the catalyst for change. Whether you live or die will be whether you resist or cooperate. Those that follow the Book will be rewarded. The other ways are death. The fake jew is a tool. It will take out the evil of the world. They are the false path. Those that cooperate with them will die and be damned. This is the final test for mankind. Learn from the enemy. Ethnocentrism is strength. Different people are enemies. Favoring your own kind is good.
    What is good for White people.
    Anything else is bad and stupid.
    This is a teachable moment for you. Don’t support the enemy. Support yourself and your race. Learn the lesson of what you see and know that it is true. Every creature must have their own living space. Other creatures are enemies and invasive species. The races of humanity are different species with different outcomes. Individuals are not healthy in a world of tribes. Learn that and stay true to the Book. The Big Lie is that you can all get along. There can be no other way. Mankind was separated for the prevention of globalism. You must make your own decisions. The Truth is that this is a test of character. Deviancy, savagery and mongrels need not apply for life in the New World Order. The Millennium is for those that do the right thing and not cooperate with the Satanism of the global suicide cult. Do the right thing and you will get life. Don’t do the right thing and die and be damned. This is a test for you to pass or fail. Don’t expect that life will be given by mere survival. There are those that died previously but will come back for doing the right thing. It’s a question of whether you believe or not. Those that don’t believe are already losers.

    • GirlinTexas
      GirlinTexas says:

      Strangely, I agree with Langdon, Bora Horza, HasbaraSauce, and you.

      What a mess we are in the western world. Some of our seemingly strong western leaders in America, Trump; De Santis, fly off to Israel to be photographed at that damn Wall. Jordan Peterson, who makes a public stand against controlled speech, who then begins to tell young (western/white) men to – grow up! Make yourself better, improve yourself by honoring and controlling your inner-monster (aka the warrior who fights rather than capitulate) – flies off to Israel to cry over the need for Judeo-Christian values. European “leaders” like Meloni do nothing to advocate for European people after campaigning against immigration….allegations are flung against nearly every White Nationalist, as either a crypto-Jew or a stooge for Jewry, and that same allegation is often made against Adolf Hitler. It’s no wonder Whites seem mostly hung in neutral.

      So, we must be honest about what we see happening within our societies, and we must understand that the influx of non-Europeans into Europa, which more than anything else has undermined our academic standards in order to give everyone a seat at the table (let’s honor indigenous ways of knowing! Math is White Supremacy! 1,2, many….good enough for hunting and gathering, so…) is our undoing, as, in general, we know NOTHING of our true history, nor can we recognize the replaying of current events as they happened before in Europe in the early 20th century, therefore we are sitting ducks. We can’t proclaim the glory of Europa within a classroom full of La Raza, African, South Asian, Middle Eastern students, as they don’t want to hear it, and they care not. Western education capitulates; Noel Ignatiev, thy Will be done.

      But, we must also not despair. It is true that once defeat is accepted as a foregone conclusion, the battle is already lost.

      “The most precious possession you have in this world is your own people. And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight, and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith.” – Adolf Hitler

  6. asdfasdf
    asdfasdf says:

    What a terrible article. Why are you kissing the ass of Vox Day? He is an arrogant and demonstrable moron. Vox Day is a complete idiot that fell for and defended the obvious Q-anon limited hangout for years and years, even when it became obvious “Q” was an intelligence operation or a larp. Even still, Vox continued to promote it! What big brained moron would fall for such an obvious lie! Not to mention Vox lost a debate on evolution to JF Gariepy – which is really an accomplishment, because JF is a lunatic sociopath with an IQ that barely reaches 130. But Vox knew so little about biology, that JF ran circles around him. Vox had no Idea about the existence of SNPs – single nucleotide polymorphisms (basic first year biology). In an evolution debate! Vox is a midwit boomer idiot grifter larping above his ability. He’s an untrustworthy and contemptible moron.

    • Rollo
      Rollo says:

      Thankyou! VD is a tubby trustfund kid. I’m amazed that this guy has such a following.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      I wasn’t taught about SNPs, but I understand them after looking them up. Darwin’s eye is a good defence: A partially evolved eye wouldn’t have been survivable. The eye is too complicated to have evolved via small mutations.

      I don’t know that IQ is the issue. Biology in the classroom just changes with time. I don’t follow Vox or know much about him.

      • What's up Skip
        What's up Skip says:

        I am not an evolution fundamentalist but in the kingdom of the blind the one who can tell light from dark has the edge. One simple photoreceptor may be refined to be able to distinguish intensity of illumination. Put a few side by side and moving objects ( prey or predator) might be detectable. Now this is very handy (in the kingdom of the blind) even if you can’t tell Harvey Weinstein from Margot Robbie (they’ll smell different).

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          That’s a very well written reply, Ty.

          The argument though is that a lesser eye would have been more useful than a partially developed complex eye. The complex eye isn’t more useful until more developed.

          It’s a similar type argument to the infinite monkey theorem, but it argues the opposite.

          • What’s up Skip
            What’s up Skip says:

            I don’t see how we can be certain of that although I don’t know enough about the comparative anatomy of eyes in arthropods and vertebrates to say it’s definitely wrong. Primate eyes have cones centrally which allow colour vision and are concentrated in the macula which permits high definition vision at least in apes and humans. As in mammalian predators’, which lack colour, the eyes are frontal and allow stereoscopic vision. Herbivores have laterally placed eyes with near 360 degree field of view for detecting motion in monochrome but poor visual acuity. Similar organisms and organs but with incremental modifications which improve utility, appropriate to the ecological niche.

  7. F. Roger Devlin
    F. Roger Devlin says:

    Derb’s citation of “P.J. O’Rourke’s Babe Rule” reminded me of an old anecdote Henry Kissinger liked to relate. In the last weeks of Nixon’s 1968 Presidential Campaign he started noticing that a lot of good looking women were suddenly showing up at campaign events, much more than previously. He wondered why this was happening, and what it meant. After awhile, a lightbulb went off in his head and he realized it meant . . . that they were about to win,
    The direction of causality must be understood, however: impending success causes good-looking women to show up; good-looking women showing up does not cause success.

    • What's up Skip
      What's up Skip says:

      Good-looking women at your event, if they are not agents, is a major morale boost and recruitment driver. Think the Illiad. Although I suspect it might signal the point at which unscrupulous freeloaders become a problem. Of course there are numerous women, some homely, some blessed with great physical beauty who have contributed to this cause when it seemed to be losing, if not lost.

  8. Count Lippe
    Count Lippe says:

    Jesus said a house divided against itself cannot stand and America’s white majority is certainly divided. If the U.S. is blessed with courageous leaders like those of Russia and Hungary then we’ve got a fighting chance.

  9. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    Yes, I like reading positive commentary. The Polish National Anthem comes to mind during these trying times. It was composed during the partition which Austria, Prussia and Russia imposed on the Polish people, a partition which wiped the nation off the map of Europe. “Poland is not yet lost as long as we live.”

  10. anon23
    anon23 says:

    It seems to me that no one is as pessimistic as I am. I see all of us Gentiles, as the result of dysgenics, being nothing more than individual dysfunctional and relatively Retarded economic units, wandering around blindly and without any ability to understand anything of consequence, or to even care about wanting to be able to understand things of consequence. I live in USA, and all the people around me are content with what they see as their purpose to life, which is to just enjoy recreational activites. European-Americans seem to be divided into two groups – the relatively less Retarded ones with IQs of 120 or higher who see life as an individually based Darwinian Struggle where each person struggles for individual wealth acquisition. They study hard in school to outperform their fellow European classmates so they can ensure a place in a prestigious university. They are all into furthering their careers. It’s all about individual success – Individual Selection. Then you have the remaining Europeans with IQs under 120, and they are, as I understand it, like the character Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Peter Griffin is a Genetic Sociopath who constantly steals and engages in public vandalism, and only displays Altruism for his wife and offspring. And he is Christian in the show, but a Christianity that is completely re-written to follow an Individually Selected evolutionary model. Just like contemporarily Christianity among Europeans, Peter Griffin practices a Christianity where all he is required to do to get into Heaven is simply accept Jesus Christ as his G-d, and as long as he does this, he is permitted to be highly sociopathic on Earth – he can steal, vandalize, go to strip clubs and watch pornography, lie, be lazy, assault people, not be concerned about the well-being of his race or countrymen as a whole, etc. Thus, Peter Griffin represents most Europeans in the real world.

    And Europeans are 100% genetically incapable of not only perceiving what the Ashkenazim are doing, but even incapable of taking any consequential actions against all the detrimental policies being carried out by the Ashkenazim and their Gentile elite allies. Lots of detrimental things going on right now:

    – World economy is being greatly impeded in order to reduce Gentile economic consumption because it is leading to global warming which is making the nation of Israel too hot since Israel is already near the equator.

    – Millions of non-Europeans entering the West every year

    – Constant wars to further Ashkenazi ethnic interests

    -Etc. No need for me to make a huge list here, since everyone here probably knows all about the detrimental policies just by reading Occidental Observer, Unz Review, American Renaissance, and Mankind Quaterly. And every ethnic European is either oblivous, or passive, or too genetically Retarded and/or Sociopathic to know what to do about it. 100% pure genetic dysfunctionalitiy. It’s over.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      Reading philosopher theologian Dutton on dysgenics does not depress me.

      Family Guy’s “Peter Griffin practices a Christianity where all he is required to do to get into Heaven is simply accept Jesus Christ as his G-d, and as long as he does this, he is permitted to be highly sociopathic on Earth – he can steal, vandalize, go to strip clubs and watch pornography, lie, be lazy, assault people, not be concerned about the well-being of his race or countrymen as a whole, etc.” That’s the version of Christianity, accepting God, Lord meaning lawmaker, law giver demonstrated by doing what’s right as pretty much all faiths require of their people. Minding one’s people’s, family’s business can mean staying out of other’s or, in cases where they’re being exploited by other’s getting involved, smeared, damaged which is encouraging. Taking flak indicates being over the target.

      What you describe is what Judeo-Christianity appears to me to ridicule– Zionist evangelical protestant and other religion not looking to behavior toward one’s people being merely form rather than substance. Those appear to me to be the lost.

      Currently, I’m rereading Siddartha by Herman Hesse. I recommend it.

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