Regional Complexities Of the Israel/Hamas War

I’m no fan of Terry Gross of NPR but this interview with Gregg Carlstrom on the complexities of the Middle East is well worth listening to—conflicts among the Arab states and a lot on Iran and the Gaza war.

Regional Complexities Of The Israel/Hamas War : Fresh Air : NPR

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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    A deeply moving commemoration of an all too sad, even tragic event that took place 79 years ago: One of the thousands of American bomber planes, before it could dutifully carry out its mission to bring love, peace and understanding, was knocked out of the sky by a vicious shot and crashed.

    The fact that the courageous hero pilots were not allowed to drop their devastating bomb load on hundreds of innocent German women and children like all other comrades will never be forgiven in a joint German-American commemoration of this cowardly, mean and deceitful Nazi air defense!

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