John Mearsheimer: “The Truth about Israel”

Gaza war: Israel is the big loser; Americans also lose; Iran as winner.

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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Normally, humans have a natural instinct for knowing when they have gone too far, and not only to make legitimate concerns public through provocation, but to shame other people through vulgar primitivism. These creatures have no social concerns whatsoever, but are clearly addicted to attention. Perverse as they are, they even expect to be loved in return.

    “Ernie’s” brain was incapable of distinguishing between these two variations for the rest of his life; he mistook his subterranean exhibitionism for “social criticism” and was accordingly, as if by divine intention, overrun by a truck.

    “Ernie” is the short form of Ernest, which in turn is a variation of the German Ernst. Ernest Hemmingway bragged about having shot over 100 Germans during the war. In the eyes of the post-war generation, he was of course not seen as a primitive, sadistic, perverted and mentally ill mass murderer, but as a “liberator” and hero.

  2. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    I have a very liberal opinion on this: Nothing can be “obstructive” in any way if it contributes to a better understanding of the world. If we want to grasp the world in its entirety, we must also consider “unwelcome” sources. Every one of us is ready at any time to confront the repulsiveness and laws of the world. We shy away from neither the light nor the shade.

    Only the Jews stubbornly and persistently refuse us access to our alleged “blind spots”, and this must naturally arouse and provoke suspicion and mistrust. Their principle is not at all to enrich the world through enlightenment – but on the contrary to leave it in stupidity and derangement, indeed to keep it trapped in it. They really think they can fool us forever?

    In fact, this is where undreamt-of malignant forces can be seen that want to hinder and even kill any enlightenment, inner development, cultural-spiritual and social progress with the “Holocaust” club. Unlike the Jews, we were prepared to admit our part in world events. What else are they asking of us? They don’t want to “liberate” us, they want to enslave us.

  3. Tony W
    Tony W says:

    Mearsheimer analysis is very good in almost all respects. However, when he discusses the possible outcomes to the current war, he discounts the possibility of the Palestinians being ethnically cleansed from Gaza. He says Egypt, Jordan and the rest of the Arab world have already made it clear that they would not take them in. Very curiously, he doesn’t mention that the West is the destination Israelis’ really have in mind for their neighbors. It is not as though Israeli, American and European politicians have not been floating the idea over the last nine months. The knowledgeable and estimable Mearsheimer surely knows this. We can only speculate on the reasons for the omission.

  4. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Ultimately, others, namely those who want to repress, dominate and eliminate, even eradicate us, create immovable facts, while we choose, indeed prefer, the cowardly substitute action of intellectual pondering, analyzing, questioning and deliberative reasoning.

    No rooster crows about it, it doesn’t win a flower pot and no dog can be lured out from behind the stove. This is so prototypical of our “liberal” oh-so-“democratic” Western society, which is made up entirely of degenerate weaklings. We are a ridiculous clique of mere chatterboxes hiding behind anonymous nicknames, nothing more.

    Nature can do nothing with us. We shy away from the battle with the open visor and the conflict of life and death in general, which is being forced upon us more and more openly. Resistance must be a tangible physical experience. You have to sweat in the process and be pleasantly exhausted afterwards. It’s like having an orgasm.

    The West’s main problem is an addiction to harmony, a desire to please, ingratiation and conflict aversion. In my opinion, this insane madness clearly stems from inoculated Christianity, which ultimately and in the long term only serves and plays into the hands of the Jews. But time is running out faster and faster.

    All the weaknesses of character that each and every one of us has contributed to throughout our lives, that we accumulated to a single mountain of cowardice, which made the unbearable status quo possible in the first place, will one day have to be paid for by our only view descendants, who have very little left at their disposal, at a high price in blood.

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