Transsexual Activists are Highly Intelligent Narcissists. No Wonder They’ve Managed to Achieve So Much

In just two decades, transsexuals have gone from being perceived as manifestly deluded and mentally ill, to being able to force members of many Western societies to participate in their delusions. As the Irish comedy writer Graham Linenhan has set out in his memoir Tough Crowd: How I Made and Lost a Career in Comedy, people in the UK have lost their jobs or almost been thrown out of university for stating that you can’t change your sex.

Linehan himself has been driven out of the mainstream comedy industry in the UK due to his forthright criticism of the trans movement, teenagers have been sterilised and mutilated, women prisoners sexually assaulted by fellow female inmates with penises, toilets are increasingly unisex, biological men can participate in female sport and even use their changing rooms and anyone who dissents is subject to the wrath of the trans mob and its Woke supporters. Hardly any of his colleagues were brave enough to defend Linehan as he was attacked and many of them joined in with the mob of deluded bullies. How have we reached this level of insanity, where a deluded person can state they have changed sex and this must be accepted?

The answer, in part, is that the gender non-conforming have the precise traits which predict achieving power: They are high in Narcissism and they combine this, as my new study has found, with being highly intelligent. Narcissism is characterised by a sense of entitlement, self-importance, superiority, manipulativeness, callousness and envy. It strongly crosses over with the other “Dark Triad” of Psychopathology (low altruism, high dominance) and Machiavellianism (a desire for power).

To varying to degrees, these are reflections of Neuroticism: feeling negative feelings strongly. When people are plagued by negative feelings the world will seem out of control, so they will want power; high in hatred and anger, they will be psychopathic, and they may deal with low self-worth be creating a false self, where they tell themselves they are superior. In other words, they will create a delusion, which will be all the more convincing if others accept it. Puncture this delusion and you risk “Narcissistic Rage” as the method of containing the negative feelings unleashed by this attack on their false self; the agent of destruction is thus a threat to their ability to cope [see, Breeding the Human Herd: Eugenics, Dysgenics and the Future of the Species, By Edward Dutton, 2023].

Many studies have found that those who attain extremely high status – what we might call geniuses – tend to combine extremely high intelligence with Dark Triad traits. The high intelligence allows them to solve problems and outwit their opponents while the Dark Triad traits make them highly competitive, unscrupulous, brimming with confidence, devious and power-hungry. It is people like this who are able to rise to the very top [see Sent Before Their Time: Genius, Charisma and Being Born Prematurely, By Edward Dutton, 2022].

So what do we find with transsexuals? Transsexuals are especially elevated in Narcissistic Personality Disorder. One study found that 80 per cent of transwomen had a personality disorder, with 57 per cent of those having Narcissistic Personality Disorder [The frequency of personality disorders in patients with gender identity disorder, By A. Meybodi et al., Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 2014]. It may be that Narcissistic males, not caring about the subversion and disgust which transsexuality induces, are more prepared to go ahead with surgery and are less able to keep their paraphilia – their fetish – under control. It has been argued that many display evidence of Narcissistic Rage when others refuse to accept that they are female [Shame and Narcissistic Rage in Autogynephilic Transsexualism, Archives of Sexual Behavior, 2008].

To be clear, most male transsexuals are autogynephilous transsexuals (a minority are homosexual transsexuals, see themselves as female well before adolescence and are highly feminised). They suffer from a fetish, which develops in adolescence, whereby they are sexually aroused by the idea of themselves as a female, something with which they also become obsessed. The development of this and other fetishes is associated with autism. This is because, compared to controls, autistics are highly masculinised and hyper-sexual and feel sensations very strongly, meaning they easily create sexual associations. They are also obsessive, interested in objects over people and they are low in cognitive empathy. They are high in anxiety both due to their hyper-stimulation and problems they encounter due to their lack of social skills. This elevated Neuroticism, as we have seen, can easily lead to the development of Dark Triad traits [see Gender Dysphoria and Transgender Identity Is Associated with Physiological and Psychological Masculinization: A Theoretical Integration of Findings, Supported by Systematic Reviews, By Edward Dutton and Guy Madison, Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 2021]. Accordingly, we can see how this mix leads to transgenderism and they tend to be sexually interested in women even after they have “transitioned.”

But we must add to this their high intelligence. A recent study by me and Emil Kirkegaard, drawing on the large OK Cupid dataset, found that intelligence is associated with being non-binary as well as with unusual forms of sexuality, such as pansexuality [Intelligence is associated with being non-binary and unusual sexuality: Rare sexual orientation, gender non-conformism and intelligence in a large dating sample, By Edward Dutton and Emil Kirkegaard, Psychreg, 2024]. One possible explanation for this is that intelligence is associated with Openness, being open to unusual possibilities, this openness helping you to solve problems. The less intelligent may dismiss thoughts of gender non-conformity as ludicrous but the more intelligent may be more likely to entertain them.

Also, intelligence is associated with social conformity. Intelligent people are better at norm-mapping, forcing themselves, via effortful control, to adopt the dominant world view in order to attain the related social benefits. They will then attain status by competitively signalling their conformity to this world view. In our world of “grievance hierarchy,” being gender non-conforming allows you to attain a degree of status, so we can see why the relatively more intelligent would be attracted to it.

But taking all of this together, we can understand why transsexuality has managed to become so influential, even apart from the fact that Woke activists promote it. Autogynephilous transsexuals are more intelligent and higher in Dark Triad traits – more ruthless and power hungry – than normal people. The response of trans activists when you say this is to claim that the research “risks serious harm to already marginalised groups,” a point made about my own study by transwoman researcher Reubs Walsh [“Masculine” Describes Gender Expressions, Not Neurobiologies: Response to Dutton and Madison (2020),” By Reubs Walsh, Sex Research and Social Policy, 2021]. But this only proves my point. It is a fallacious appeal to consequences and is, therefore, manipulative. It also involves victim-signalling, something associated with Narcissism and especially so-called vulnerable Narcissism, in which such people manipulate others by stressing the degree to which they  are victims and need help [Signaling virtuous victimhood as indicators of Dark Triad personalities, By E. Ok et al., Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2021].    

Transgender activists have a delusion which they demand others partake in, with rage being the consequence if they fail to. This is textbook Narcissistic abuse; textbook bullying. And when it is combined with high intelligence, we can begin to understand why they have been so successful in cancelling critics such as Graham Linehan.

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  1. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    That our government wants us to support and be ok with crazy should not surprise.

    That parents of the dead kids at Covenant are not howling, demanding and taking heads if necessary to out all of this crap the tolerance of which resulted in their children being dead is an indictment on our society that frankly makes me question whether we’re worthy of continued survival as a species.

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    The truth is that transsexualism is a lie. There has never been one transsexual – ever. One has either XX or XY chromosomes, and no amount of name altering, clothing, government or medical decree, or mutilation can change that.

  3. Alan
    Alan says:

    No one should ignore the inexorable rise of the “transsexual Shooter “ a legally verified if repressed legal fact..not an unverified bias leading allegation. While this commentary article on TOO. is also an elegant probe into the psychotic..not just..dysphoric reality of transgenderism,transexuality..neo hermaphroditism,we firmly remind and alert new readers and young folk that all of this is vomited…retched out. of the 2 Talmuds…and kabala…**.lillith…..baphometic rabbi screed for non jews.etc…..*dont worry
    .were never going to stop insisting so called politician -thought leaders admit..recognize..and deal with this transgender judeao bolshevist monster mash..a garden variety jewish frankinsteeen graveyard for
    those who either innocently don’t yet know .all transgender hive minded transexualist Lunacy is known both in the pre Abraham’ic mystery religions… ,all thru parts of the old testament and also very.much known ,practiced then also by jews… in pre 3rd Reich Berlin…
    ..iseali -american antifa. scum fits hand and glove with this judeao bolshevist satanic filth. .*Scream about the jewish lunacies from the rooftops..’because. ..transgender psychosis..transsexuals shooters..dont have to be here to stay”.it was can be eliminated with rxtreme prejudice.
    ..all across America and the planet..heterosexual decent folk are rebelling ..fighting against this jew imposed psychosis matter how much the jew overlords of massmedia repress the facts.. See saturnalia..lillith..kabala rabbinical endorsement of hermaphroditism…Adam cadmon..schmuely boteach…trumprat and dr.oz…… many erudite fine articles from TOO..but young people also must not be allowed to be ignorant of the no longer hidden Jewish hand behind transgenderusm..transexuality..child castration intellectual discourse..analysis..can in any way absolve or tolerate the psychotic jew mindset behind all this..jewish cyborgism…the inexorable rising of the transsexuals shooter (s). Still..great analysis mr.Dutton.

  4. Gerbils
    Gerbils says:

    I’m guessing banning “circumcision” would reduce this problem significantly. In fact that would solve other problems too.

  5. Bill
    Bill says:

    Sex hormones lower ones iq…especially when taken to feminize ones body. At least you have something in common! Lol 😆 I’m going to let you guess what that is !

  6. Anon
    Anon says:

    Openness to Experience is a misnomer and it is probably on purpose. It is probably a psy-op to defame “conservative” people.

    Check out the Openness to Experience wiki entry, and search some articles (JBP makes his articles on personality available) to get familiarized.

    The psy-op is this: the intuitive meaning of “Openness…” is basically the opposite of “stubborn” (stubborn ~ conservative). The meaning of “Openness” would then be, sort of like, being loosey-goosey and being wiilling to change opinions without much fuss or stress.

    But if you look at the adjectives used to describe openness (see wiki) or some example personality questionnaires (see a JBP paper where he exposes his questionnaires), you will see that the literal delineation of oppenness is something….not exactly like what you think. From the wiki: “Lexical measures use individual adjectives that reflect openness to experience traits, such as creative, intellectual, artistic, philosophical, deep.” As for the questionnaires, I can’t paste them, but the questionnaires ask you if you learn quickly, pick up ideas quickly, like nature, like music, like to think about things deeply, etc.

    Notice that it is perfectly possible for a “stubborn” person to do many or all of these things. It is perfectly possible for “stubborn” people to learn things quickly. They might not agree, but they can understand. In Japanese anime, which is produced by a culture that is less wedded to liberal supremacy, it is common for there to be characters who are severe, strict, stubborn, etc., and yet talented and intelligent. You will notice that many people in our world who are talented are not “open” in the traditionally-understood sense.

    Are Jews open? They have stubbornly resisted shedding their tribalism and fake religion, even hundreds of years after realizing that it is fake. They surely are the most supreme race, with regards to stubbornness! But it does not stop them from being smart! A similar situation is unfolding with Asian peoples – highly competent, not all-that “open” in the sense of white people.

    I personally would not be surprised if being loosey-goosey is actually correlated with being stupid.

  7. Santoculto
    Santoculto says:

    This proves once again that IQ is a very superficial measure of intelligence.

    The vast majority of these people are clearly irrational.

    It doesn’t matter the ”size” of your IQ if your ability to understand reality is impaired…

    Finally, a text that talks about trans/wokeism activism and at no point mentions the main force behind its success is strange to say the least.

  8. Santoculto
    Santoculto says:

    ”Also, intelligence is associated with social conformity. Intelligent people are better at norm-mapping, forcing themselves, via effortful control, to adopt the dominant world view in order to attain the related social benefits. They will then attain status by competitively signalling their conformity to this world view. In our world of “grievance hierarchy,” being gender non-conforming allows you to attain a degree of status, so we can see why the relatively more intelligent would be attracted to it.”

    But Active social conformity it’s only adopted by those who already have underlying specific factors, such as a compatible personality, or, as in this case, sexual deviations.

  9. Bevan
    Bevan says:

    Some tempering of the effusive assigning high intelligence here and there is highly desired!
    Too much of: jews are highly intelligent, transwhatever are highly intelligent, etc.

    First, idolizing the IQ test is a sign of the weak intellect the proponents posses.
    Second, gifting the high-intelligence status to these two groups – and whichever others – amounts to a hilarious, but tragic, declaration of the superiority the jews and transwhatever have over whites (and other non-jews) and straight/heterosexual humans.

    If one is not jew or trans, one is stupid??
    Is this why jews and trans succeed, or is it because the degradation of innate abilities of humans has been effected by the life changes infiltrated by the cabal – making them unable to see in front of their eyes, infantilizing them?
    This, and other opinions of the kind, is a paean to the scum!
    “Good” job!

    • Ferris
      Ferris says:

      This sounds like grasping at straws and coping. Many studies show jews and transsexuals are more intelligent across many key domains. This is sufficient to explain both groups’ success.

      Linking something that argues jews have caused widespread pornography addiction and now people can’t compete with them because they’re too distracted by porn sounds like an unintelligent person’s rationalization. (And, what, jews are also somehow immune to being distracted by or addicted to porn?)

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