The DE-files: von der Leyen the witch and the war-zone

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Germany is in turmoil. With knife stabbings in the streets and trans surgeries between the sheets — the worst excesses of the Weimar Republic seem to have been eclipsed by an even angrier and more alien cultural cynicism. Social carnage, economic emaciation and festering war escalation have now been joined by environmental disaster in the form of summer floods. Life in the Bundesrepublik these days seems to be playing out with the absurdity of a Kafka novel and the tragedy of a Brothers Grimm tale.

The smallest of political events last month in the town of Mannheim was unable to pass peacefully, as illegal immigrant Sulaiman Ataee flew into a rampage against activist Michael Stürzenberger. After ten years of living in Germany, the Afghan father-of-two realized that he was the one who had run out of patience with domestic sensibilities. He stabbed six people in total, but those who think that this is a clear-cut case need to pay attention to the authorities to learn how actually both sides are to blame in the metapolitical sense. The Chairman of the Police Union told one state broadcaster: “When two extremists meet, it becomes dangerous.” Amid perfunctory consolations, Chancellor Scholz also managed to sneak in some sly relativization, bringing up the old case of left-wing politician Walter Lübcke (whose murder had no witnesses). Other politicians put their thinking caps on and called for more “knife free zones.” Ultimately, the moral of the story seems to be that you shouldn’t bring a gun to a knife fight in Germany, as evidenced by the death of the 29-year-old policeman in Mannheim.

The only people who have identitarian values and are willing to assemble in large numbers these days are, in fact, Islamists. It’s been somewhat of an Arab Spring in the city of Hamburg, with thousands marching in April and May for the burgeoning movement Muslim Interaktiv. They openly call for Germany to become a caliphate under Sharia Law and encourage Muslims to disobey the government they refer to as “a dictatorship of values.” The government, in confused response, classified the rally as a right-wing event on state broadcaster ZDF.

The fate of real right-wingers, however, is litigated very differently. Last year, an 87-year-old woman was sent to prison for posting anti-immigrant messages on social media. A 95-year-old woman is currently on trial for World War II contrarianism, even after having previously served time in prison. Last month, an AfD politician was fined €6,000 because of a tweet in which she questioned whether the mayor of Hamburg had a “welcoming culture for gang rape?” The tweet was supplemented with official sex crime statistics, though this did not spare her from a criminal record.

According to Martin Sellner, members of German identitarian movements are the only ones to suffer deplatforming, doxing and police intimidation. Not only is there biased application of statutes in the penal code, but any speech laws that are on the books in the first place are going to have, in modern parlance, a disparate impact on Whites. As for violent crime, which is not the specialty of Whites, sentencing has become a laughing stock. Less than 1% of rapes in Germany result in a conviction, and even in the case of gang-rape suspended sentences can be awarded. It’s almost as if German jurisprudence is attempting to bring alive the internet meme Immanuel Kant but Genghis Khan.

The most recent round of state lawfare to be mobilized against authentic Germans comes in the wake of the Ausländer Raus scandal. Cases are still pending on whether the lyrics [Germany for the Germans, Foreigners out] constitute incitement to hatred, but with the parliamentary president calling for up to five years prison, the censors may win. Good portions of the legal code that impacts individual liberty have come from recent legal improvisation rather than the post-war apparatus. Legislation has passed that will fine individuals up to €10,000 for exposing a trans person’s birth identity. As of last year, the state has begun seizing unoccupied second properties in order to accommodate newly arrived refugees. This doesn’t sound like the sort of freedom that David Hasselhoff was singing about when the Berlin Wall came down.

One could certainly picture Hasselhoff as a Baywatch lifeguard off the Mediterranean, since rescuing invaders is all that the coastguards of the EU break into a sweat for. Lampedusa has become a de facto Ellis Island, with the paperwork optional. These days pretty much any stretch of Euro coastline can be a teeming shore, and the refuse has never been more wretched. Migrants have uploaded footage of themselves traversing the Mediterranean, grinning in caps lock while they turn their identity documents into confetti. They have reason to celebrate: German authorities are dislodging Ukrainian refugees in order to prioritize Syrians, Turks and Afghans.

Another iconic image from the peak of the migrant crisis was captured by aerial footage in Slovenia, when roving migrants resembled a phalanx of locusts sweeping through fertile fields on their way northward. And the statistics show that they’re coming to eat much more than Germany’s lunch. Years after their arrival, more than 95% were not working. Since then, plenty of economically incestuous sinecures have been created by the state, but recent data still show that almost two thirds of all welfare recipients in Germany have a migrant background.

Crime is soaring across the board — in particular violent crime — but it’s not just the magnitude that’s giving the schwarze Chroniken a whole new complexion. Reports that the train system has become a life-threatening battlefield have led to more security guards being deployed. The same thing happened at public swimming pools for a different reason. In 2023, Germany suffered more than a thousand gang-rapes. Based on the data for Berlin, 54% were perpetrated by non-citizens, while the others were what heritage Germans refer to as passport Germans. Last month, a Congolese man previously lauded as an integration success story was arrested for investigating Freud’s Oedipus complex on his mother. Last week, the Berliner Zeitung reported that a migrant broke into an elderly woman’s apartment, sexually assaulted her, was released by police, then raped a young woman the next day.

Angela Merkel

The person most responsible for this molestation of German society needs no introduction. Angela Merkel cuts a low profile these days, however in November her memoirs will come out under the title Freedom — which is either a sick inside joke or a confused foray into moral relativism. She’s cost tax-payers €55,000 on hair and makeup alone since leaving office, which is a bit rich coming from the queen of austerity. Few would begrudge her this if she’d at least not betrayed the German people, let alone her Christian and Democratic political appellations. Only in the world of a quantum physicist can the state that admitted the failure of multiculturalism coexist with the state that has an open-door immigration policy. On the other hand, a spectral analysis of the body politic suggests that large swathes of the mainstream might actually share Merkel’s politics of penance.

Recall that a lot of the German public embraced the Willkommenskultur directive as a matter of civil duty. Merkel famously won reelection post-migrant crisis because her main rival, social-democrat Martin Schulz (who has the appearance of a James Bond henchman but the voice of Kermit the Frog) virtually agreed with Merkel on everything. Schulz overcame a youth in which he was suicidal, eventually becoming a role-model to his countrymen in politics. His ideology reflects this theme of death and palingenesis. He was the first to promote the abolishment of sovereign EU states in order to make way for a United States of Europe. This is the nice version of the morbid declaration he once made to a Knesset member: “For me, the new Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.”

Ursula von der Leyen

The current star of the German political class is Ursula von der Leyen. She was expected to be the heir to Merkel on the domestic scene but instead went to Brussels and became the EU Commission president. She’s a much better presented megalomaniac, but still an unabashed elitist. Von der Leyen is a doctor and mother-of-seven, which has made her popular among boomer conservatives and others who only judge books by covers and nothing else. It must have been a youthful aspiration of hers to angle for the von Trapp family esthetic, but in politics she’s resembled more the Disney villain Ursula the Sea Witch. More than a few scandals have had her tentacled imprints — she’s currently under investigation for wheeling and dealing with Pfizer over covid vaccines. In 2016, it was revealed that her doctoral thesis contained plagiarism and bogus referencing, but that she would not be stripped of her doctorate. She was appointed Minister of Defense under Merkel without having any military background and ended her portfolio embroiled in a suspected armaments embezzlement scheme. To the bemusement of colleagues in Brussels, she does not even hide the fact that her legislative vendetta against wolves as a protected species is because one of her ponies was attacked at one of her estates.

The biggest accusation against von der Leyen is that she is working for the Americans. Indeed, almost all of her positions align with the State Department’s. Strongly pro-war, pro-NATO and steadfast with Israel at the height of the Gaza onslaught. She also supports the United States of Europe model and an EU army. She even came out for gay marriage, which is a rarity among the CDU. In other words, she’s a neo-con, but that’s something that could have been predicted from her pedigree. She was born an Albrecht, the very same lineage that former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright married into. Meanwhile, her Stanford professor husband and children all live in the United States — not exactly an ideal hostage situation given the continued escalation for direct EU confrontation with Russia.

The SPD Is Back in Power

The German political class has undergone quite a radical shift this century. From 1998 to 2005 Germany had a pro-Russia chancellor in Gerhard Schröder. He secured the construction of Nord Stream 1, kept the nuclear power plants operating and was somewhat of a man’s man. He earned the nickname Audi Man on account of being married four times. He recently married a young Korean, but the Olympic Rings moniker seems not to have caught on. Even though he was from the center-left SPD, it’s hard to imagine that Schröder would have ever opened the flood gates to millions, or shut down the nuclear power plants — thus he was more right-wing than the CDU politicians of today.

Now the SPD are back in power as part of the three-party traffic-light coalition. It’s a fitting semiotic for those who think that the German government has no real sovereignty and requires permission for every action. We can expect future mnemonics to involve even more colors as the political center gives way and more fringe parties gain leverage. A third of campaign posters already feature rainbows and gay couples, as was evidenced by the recent EU elections. Germany is well and truly LGBTQ compliant; it passed a gender self-identification law that allows infants to transition. Universities enforce the same pronoun and trigger warning rules that one might find at Harvard or Princeton, while the voting age has been lowered to 16.

It’s arguable whether Germany still needs to be militarily occupied at this point; the culture is Americanized and the population diversified. The only pews being regularly filled are those at the football stadiums, where pricey exotic athletes fight for the meaningless colors of Bayern Munich or Bayer 04 Leverkusen. For those who are not interested in football, other cultural delights await, such as the vivacious fusion of classical music and African freestyle dance at the Berlin Konzerthaus.

Multiculturalism is certainly in vogue — after all, it is the original trans ideology of our era. Since the integration of millions of Poles, Yugoslavs and Greeks from Gastarbeiter to citizens was close enough, it’s thought that the net can be widened and the process expedited for Südländer further afield. Last year Germany gave citizenship to 200,000 people, comprising mostly Middle Easterners. This notwithstanding, another layer of actively anti-German sentiment has become an irresistible indulgence among trendy Germans.

In the 1990s one clever leftist coined the sarcastic expression bio-deutsch to disparage ethnic Germans, even though comparison to high-quality produce can’t really be a bad thing. Perhaps that is why some Germans use it as a light term of self-deprecation. It does seem with foreigner usage to be less of an insult and more like sour grapes. Everyone still remembers the incident in which Merkel confiscated a small German flag from a colleague at an election victory celebration. Merkel popularized the concept of Staatsräson (reason of state) in her 2008 address to the Knesset. In order to be anti-German in a sophisticated way, one needs to be German, and for this such individuals are certainly grateful. The impression is that they use this fossilized identity like a boutique heirloom in order to feed their negative pride.

The Holocaust Industry Is Alive and Well

The moral debt that Germans have been paying off since WWII has cost them more than the economic reparations. Officially, war reparations were paid off by 1988, although the category of Holocaust compensation continues to this day, with the cooperation of the German government. By the year 2000, the racketeering nature of compensation litigators was already well documented by prominent Jewish intellectual Norman Finkelstein, who compiled something of a swindler’s list that included cases of fraud and blackmail. But the more legitimate claimants keep getting more innovative as Germany deals with a subscription it just can’t seem to cancel.

In 2023, lawyers in New York successfully lobbied on behalf of Russian Jews who had not been in camps to get payments extended to 2027, even though the previous agreement was for a one-time payment. This year, survivors in Israel were given a raise to their payments because of the war with Hamas. It is often said Less is more — indeed there has never been fewer Holocaust survivors, yet Germany will shell out a record $1.4 billion this year in compensation. Some might be surprised to learn that even Allied countries pay Holocaust compensation. France and the United States signed a deal worth $60 million because in occupied France Jews had been transported on trains belonging to the national railway SNCF. For this sacrificial tithe the French were rewarded not with good karma but with ironic punishment: the trains of Paris were infested with bedbugs less than a year before the Olympics and required immediate fumigation.

Ukraine: German Economic Self-Destruction at the Behest of the United States

The Germans understandably don’t want to pay war reparations a third time, and so have been more cautious on Ukraine while the UK, Poland and France convert their righteousness into belligerence. Macron in particular has been aggressive on Russia in order to compensate for his reputation as a leader of little impact. The voters, however, have now rubbished this paper-mâché Napoleon, as they will also eventually do to Rishi Sunak and the muscle-shirted Zelensky (given the chance). Putin is the only leader who is respected in Europe, or at least taken seriously. As they say on the pro-Russia channels: Putin has red lines, Zelensky has White lines.

Still, it’s the German economy that’s been devastated the most, with rampant inflation and high energy prices prompting two thirds of companies to move at least some of their operations abroad. America is offering tax credits to these companies, and is now conveniently a major supplier of expensive LNG to Germany. As economist Philippe Béchade wrote: “Europe is not shooting itself in the foot … it would rather shoot itself in the head, for the almost exclusive benefit of the United States.”

Interestingly, the two most impactful men in America share German ancestry. Donald Trump’s direct German heritage is fairly well known, but Elon Musk’s is less so as it’s Pennsylvanian Dutch. This group of traditionalists, whose members typically prefer to drive in a horse and cart, are therefore also responsible for the Cybertruck — the comic-book monstrosity that wants to poke your eye out from peripheral view. It will not pass European regulations any time soon, but the regular Tesla models pumping out of Berlin’s giga-factory are a bestseller in Europe.

Jews in the New Germany

Germany currently has a bustling start-up scene and futuristic technologies sector that is likely to grow since these are not so energy intensive. But not all of these outfits are something to be proud of. One company developed anti-rape pants that feature an alarm and padlock. Another creepy development is the synthetic foods industry. One of the biggest alt-agro ventures is the Berlin-based Infarm, which produces leafy greens in warehouses using artificial lighting and soil-free substrates. The founders are all Israelis.

In April, footage appeared on social media from a German supermarket that allegedly showed bug-meat being secretly trialed on the population in a range of non-descript products. While it is unverified, the country that is home to Klaus Schwab probably doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. Across Europe, 3D-printed steaks are being served in restaurants thanks to Aleph Farms and Redefine Meat, both based in Israel. Putty meat from reconstituted plant matter isn’t even the worst of the loin-shaving: TIME magazine reports that another Israeli outfit is producing synthetic caviar from modified pond scum. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade — we now seem to be doing the opposite at the behest of misanthropic industrialists.

One more eco-hacking entrepreneur deserves special mention. Aaron Tartakovsky of Epic Cleantec in San Francisco wants to turn waste water into beverages (as though there weren’t enough agricultural and industrial applications). But rather than producing arak or sachlav, he told CNN that his company was using shower water to synthesize a Kölsch-style ale — a beer originating in Germany. Moreover, in an interview with JWeekly, he left the following modesty turd in the awareness punchbowl: “All the work I do to ever so slightly move the world in the right direction is infused by my Jewish values, to make the world not just a more Jewish place but a more human place.” The Tartakovsky family is very involved in Jewish activism, right up to AIPAC and Holocaust-related projects with the American Jewish Committee.

Back in Germany, Jewish organizations are no more moderate now than they were forty years ago. This might be because of a changing tide in attitudes to Israel. But rather than focus on the demographic background of those hostile to Jews, experts on antisemitism are still laser-focused on the bio-deutsch. The AfD explicitly supports Israel, but because of its anti-Muslim and anti-migrant positions it has been deemed ultimately a threat to Jews. When the AfD achieved some success at the ballot box last year, Christoph Heubner of the Auschwitz Committee wielded a Talmudic definition of democracy, stating: “A majority of voters have obviously said goodbye to democracy.” Josef Schuster of the Central Council of Jews added: “This is a watershed that this country’s democratic political forces cannot simply accept.” Meanwhile, it was the administration of the ruling SPD that dropped a bombshell following the ICC ruling by hinting that it would indeed arrest Benjamin Netanyahu if he travelled in Germany.

The good relationship between Germany and Israel, which of course predates 1947, has evolved over the decades, even if as a lopsided affair. The cash cow and the holy cow; but it is not a relationship that is about be put out to pasture just yet. Interpreting the elements of anti-Israel protest as signs of an awakening Teuton spirit is wishful thinking at best, since what’s really joined the fray is a rival philo-Semitism and victimhood client in the Palestinians. As prosperous and liberal as Germany has been, it’s been stuck in Hotel Canossa for the last 80 years. It can check out any time it likes, but it can never leave. Either Germany snaps out of its boiling-frog paralysis, or all that will be left of this ancient realm is the Black Forest and Edelweiss — a future that injustice defiles.


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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    With this virtually tragicomical contribution, informed Mr. Zaja’s research has outlined what a laughable unsalvageable “construct” the state simulation is that is illegitimately still allowed to call itself Germany. He deserves credit.

  2. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    I love the title of this article, the reference to Narnia. Other references are also appreciated.

    Growing plants under artificial light using aeroponics or something similar isn’t entirely bad. A primary concern is the centralised control of food. “Distributism” (decentralised small farms owned by many) is a good response, better than going full Luddite, which also has positives.

    Gentiles, for whatever reason, tend not to accumulate capital. I assume government spending is a big part of Jewish enrichment in this article.

  3. Arnold
    Arnold says:

    Today I stood on the square in Oldenburg’s horse market where Hitler gave a speech twice in the years before he came to power. The sun was shining, it was quiet. 93 years have passed since then. After the war, the former barracks became a library, and today there are student halls of residence next to it.

    A strange, peculiar idea: the man who is regarded as the most evil monster in the world and who, according to official diction, started the most devastating war in world history. The man whose name is still known in the remotest corners of the world today.

    I walked around the site to observe it from various perspectives. Nothing reminds of it, not a single sign. So this must have been where his thunderous voice rang out. At one moment, as I was standing there, I saw a young Oriental man on the opposite side of the road at the crossroads, wearing a black T-shirt with the brand “Boss” printed on it.

    It is not without sarcastic irony that this was the company that tailored and manufactured the uniforms of the National Socialists. Something must have developed considerably to our disadvantage since then.—Britain-Should-NOT-have-Gone-to-War-with-Germany:2

  4. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    Hello, I am German und I live in Frankfurt am Main. As far as I can tell, the observations of Tom Zaja are true in an objective sense.
    But there is an other side in German life and future, and that is our inner feeling, our love and hope. For Germans almost everything is forbidden, and look: we sing the song “L’amour toujours” (döp döp dödö döp) and the state authority goes crazy because of anger. We Germans do not need to say anything special, if we only stand straight and say: “Guten Tag, schönes Wetter heute” that is enough to make the left ones go crazy. The situation is so false, full of lies and crazyness—>there is no need for us to discuss, everything is obvious in its crazyness. The left ones need all their public power to maintain their fantasies alive for some time to come—>but they are loosing ground and they feel it.
    We Germans are proud, we love our life, and if one German meets another normal German, we exchange some key words and everything is clear between us.
    By the way, in our own language the word for us is “Deutscher” or “Kartoffel”. Kartoffel in a similar sense as Krauts in the English langugage.

  5. RegretLeft
    RegretLeft says:

    Just a minor footnote – entirely tangential to your article. Pre-1947, the German National Socialist government – which never had the slightest official ties or even contacts with Eretz Israel (relations were handled by German commercial third parties) – did in fact look favorably on Jewish immigration and Jewish political ambitions, the latter mostly to enrage the Arab population and cause difficulties for British rule. In addition, as one senior official (Himmler) admitted, “We’ll know where they (i.e. Jews) are when we want to get at them”.

    • James J O'Meara
      James J O'Meara says:

      “In addition, as one senior official (Himmler) admitted, “We’ll know where they (i.e. Jews) are when we want to get at them”.”

      This reminds me of a joke, supposedly told by Vietnam vets, when they would meet up with SVN refugees in bars. Pretending to filled with nostalgia and drunken good will, they would say “You know, what we should have done was, round up all you good ones, and put you on a big ship out in the sea, and then nuke the rest of ’em.” Their interlocutor would laugh and smile, nodding his head in agreement. At that point the vet would add “And then, we’d sink the boat.”

  6. Amadeus Mossad
    Amadeus Mossad says:

    If Bill Clinton was the first black president, then Paris 2024 will be the first African Olympics. In all seriousness, what with the Euro soccer followed by the Olympics, there shouldn’t be any war escalation this summer. These symbolic sporting events might have a use after all… bringing peoples together, or in this case keeping Russia and West apart.

  7. Medium Rare
    Medium Rare says:

    I’m not big on “predictive programming” but in the Little Mermaid, Ursula takes away the voice of Ariel (a Faustian bargain). Alas von der Lyin’ is the most pro-censorship commissioner ever, wanting to control the internet. The Germans call her Zensursula = eng. Censursula

  8. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    “We Are The Brown Soldiers”
    “Black-Brown Is The Hazelnut”

    “That black Americans are criminals
    is surely just a dumb racist prejudice.”

    “Otto the Outer-Frisian” visits his gay brother Benno
    (now a detective named Big Ben) in Florida. The latter
    complains that his homeland has rejected him “simply
    because I placed too much value on my appearance”.

    “Mother, I dreamt I was in America and three gangs-
    ters were holding a knife to my throat.” “No, my son,
    this is a dream. You’re still in America and three gangs-
    ters are holding a knife to your throat.” Together with
    Steffi Graf, he forms the tennis duo of the super noses.

  9. Henrik
    Henrik says:

    Caption by T-Online: “Enthusiasm prevails in the stadiums nationwide.” (Message: “Germany is not what you think it is, but only what is written on the fan scarf. Germany is un-German, colorful and diverse, and beyond that just a word without any national reference.”)

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