First Amendment Blues: David Cole’s Dubious Doubts about Denial

The subconscious speaks in symbols. Freud wasn’t the first to point that out. And we can see it in ourselves anyway. I saw it again when I first started reading articles by the Jew David Cole and the Russian Anatoly Karlin. I got two messages about them from different levels of my brain. My conscious told me: “They’re interesting and intelligent writers.” My subconscious told me: “They’re trying to pick your pocket!”

Do-Wrong Ron

In other words, my subconscious used the symbol of a pickpocket to tell me that Cole and Karlin were crooks who couldn’t be trusted. I think my subconscious was right. I also think I’m right to attribute Cole’s crookedness to his Jewishness. But I was maybe wrong to decide the same of Karlin. Yes, my subconscious said “Pickpocket!” about him too, but apparently he has little Jewish ancestry. But so what? Someone from Russia doesn’t need Jewish ancestry to be a crook, although the greed-crazed Jewish looting of post-communist Russia proves that it definitely helps. Like all Orthodox nations, Russia scores badly in indexes for corruption. This means that emigration by gentile Russians isn’t good for the West.

But it isn’t anywhere near as bad as Jewish emigration has been. Gentile Russians take advantage of high-trust Westerners, but they don’t wage war on the West in the way that Jews have done. David Cole is himself a good example of why Jews have been bad for the West. He condemns the Jewish presence in the West out of his own mouth, as I’ll try to show later. For now, let’s look at his recent complaints about the attitudes of Elon Musk and Ron Unz to free speech. It’s wrong and illogical, says Cole, that Musk and Unz have allowed their platforms to be flooded with Holocaust denial even though they don’t allow puppy-torture porn the same freedom. Why is this wrong and illogical? Well, Cole argues that Holocaust denial and repulsive pornography are both perfectly legal in America under the First Amendment. So why do Musk and Unz allow one and not the other?

Freedom for Logos, not for lust

I think the answer is obvious. I also think that the Supreme Court was wrong to affirm the legality of videos showing the torture and killing of puppies. Indeed, I think that American courts are wrong to allow any kind of pornography at all under the First Amendment. Here’s the argument. Crudely speaking, you could say that First Amendment is about freedom for words, not for wankers. More precisely, it’s about freedom for Logos, not for lust. In ancient Greek, the word logos literally meant “word,” but also carried the senses of “speech, discourse, reason, rationality, reasoned argument.” That’s why we get the word “logic” from logos. But pornography isn’t about logos: it’s about lust. Pornography isn’t “speech” in the sense intended by the White gentile framers of the First Amendment. It doesn’t appeal to our reason, it appeals to our genitals. And so there’s no contradiction in arguing that Holocaust denial should be legal and pornography shouldn’t. Holocaust denial is often based on logos, pornography isn’t. That’s why Cole is wrong when he says this: “Elon’s coddled buddy Gage (this is the guy baseball legend Curt Schilling retweeted) declared, ‘slay the Jews.’ Does ‘slay the Jews’ have more ‘value’ than ‘slay the puppies’?”

Puppy-torture videos don’t say “Slay the puppies.” Instead, they show puppies being slain in graphic and repulsive detail. They aren’t logos in the way that Holocaust denial is. Yes, Holocaust denial might be bad logos, written by retards for retards. But even if that’s true, Holocaust denial is still logos and still entitled to a hearing. David Cole argues that it’s written by retards for retards, of course. Believe it or not, I can see his point. I’m not a Holocaust denier myself. No, I’m a Holocaust agnostic. I don’t accept the official, ADL-certified story of the Sacred Six Million, but I’m not convinced by Ron Unz’s arguments that it never happened at all. I don’t say that Holocaust denial is right or wrong — I’m agnostic. That said, I’m not agnostic about Holocaustianity, the official cult of the Holocaust. I oppose Holocaustianity and the way it’s used to justify Jewish control of Western politics and to advance a Jewish agenda of minority worship and Third-World migration. I also think Holocaustianity helps Holocaust denial, because the Holocaust-cult reveals the exceptional dishonesty and selfishness of Jews. It’s because Jews are so dishonest and selfish that it becomes plausible to argue that they invented the Holocaust to serve their own ends.

The weaknesses of WASPs

Holocaustianity also reveals the exceptional skill of Jews at manipulation and propaganda. The individual Jew David Cole reveals those things too. Here he is talking about his time as a casting-director in Hollywood and the way it taught him to exploit the “weaknesses” of goyim:

From 1986 to 1992, when I “transitioned” to the exciting new field of Holocaust revisionism because I just knew it would never impact my life in a negative way (maybe I’m not in any position to criticize the intelligence of bimbos), I’d become exceptionally good at reading people. Again, that was the artistry of casting. Twenty minutes in a room with a stranger, taking mental notes about their every move. Asking the right questions to understand their psychology… and their weaknesses. (“Casting My Eyes,” TakiMag, 28th May 2024)

Cole then describes how, on a flight to New York, he sat next to a woman who “was so WASPy, so proper, so Mayflower-descendant nonethnic, she made Ann Coulter look like Nell Carter.” Cole read her shiksa psychology and set to work exploiting her “weakness”:

She had that old Anglo sense of decency, fair play, and Christian sentimentality. It’s the weakness that (as I’ve pointed out before, and as Steve Sailer recently did as well) led “foundational white Americans” to get all weepy and protective of nonwhites long before the 20th-century flood of Eastern European Jewish immigrants.

I knew I could exploit that weakness, and I did. “I’m a Holocaust revisionist Jew oppressed by the forces of censorship and intolerance! I’m just interested in free speech! Fairness! Asking QWESTCHINS! By gosh, shouldn’t we explore the uncomfortable truths?” (“Casting My Eyes”)

The woman had turned out to be the headmistress of a fancy girls’ school. Cole says: “by the time we landed, I had an offer to lecture her history classes.” He presents this manipulated shiksa as proof of something he’d said earlier: “In my revisionist years, I always knew how to present my Holocaust work to a stranger. Give me twenty minutes, I’d know the manipulative angle to employ. It was predatory, and I’m not proud of it.”

Blondes and borders

He’s right. It was predatory. And although David Cole might not be proud of such predation on goyim today, there are many other Jews who are still proudly preying. But not in the service of “Holocaust revisionism,” rather in the service of Jewish power. As Cole himself goes on to say:

But let’s “circle back” (does Psaki still say that?) to that blonde airplane WASP. Yes, I sold her on Holocaust revisionism. But I just as easily could’ve sold her on open borders or prison abolition for black criminals. My message wasn’t what mattered; her weakness was. The ADL and NAACP understand that; they understand whites better than the so-called “white advocates.” While Elon and the Twitter Nazis try to make whites more Nazi, the “other side” realizes that the true power lies in harnessing white sentimentality. You can only bring these WASPs around by appealing to “kindness, decency, and fairness.” (“Casting My Eyes”)

Cole has again shown why Jews should not be permitted power in White societies. Indeed, he’s again shown why Jews should not be permitted any presence at all in White societies. Note how he says that he could just as easily have manipulated the shiksa into embracing “open borders.” Earlier, he’d argued that “foundational white Americans” had got “all weepy and protective of nonwhites long before the 20th-century flood of Eastern European Jewish immigrants.” Well, does that mean White Americans had opened the borders of America to all-comers “long before” Jews acquired power and influence in America? No, it doesn’t. In fact, “foundational white Americans” deliberately blocked immigration by those “nonwhites” of whom, according to Cole, they had gotten “all weepy and protective.” And contra Steve Sailer’s and Curtis Yarvin’s claims about “Protestantism,” it was Catholic frontmen working for Jews who persuaded WASPs to open America’s borders in 1965  (see also Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition, Ch. 6 on how WASPs rally around immigration restriction). It won’t change the racial balance of America, promised the Catholic frontmen as the Jews laughed long and hard behind the scenes.

Industrial exploitation of shiksas

If you want to understand the psychology of those Jews, David Cole is an excellent guide. Again and again, his articles supply proof of why Jews are bad for White societies. Cole isn’t “proud” of his “predatory” exploitation of White “weakness” any more, but many thousands of other Jews have preyed, do prey, and will continue to prey. And despite Cole’s diatribes against Ron Unz, I’ve never been told “Pickpocket!” by my subconscious when I’m reading one of Unz’s articles. I’ve also never seen Unz confess anything that confirmed a negative stereotype about Jews. But Cole is always confirming “toxic tropes.” Here he is doing it again:

… I have the extroverted verbal gab-gift jibber-jabber that Ashkenazis are known for. I can convince people I’m smart, which is different from actually being smart. And that extroversional verbose veneer of quick-wittedness reaches across occupational fields. I could write a horror movie, produce it, and persuade the shiksa bimbo actress to blow me. (“Crushing Puppies, Crushing on Nazis!,” TakiMag, 14th May 2024)

Plenty of sleazy gentile men have preyed on aspiring bimbo actresses. But it took Jews to make an industry out of it. Two industries, in fact. It’s behind the scenes in Hollywood and right out in the open in porn. That’s one reason among many that Jews have been very bad for the West and for America in particular. If you want closely argued and copiously referenced proof of that, read Kevin MacDonald. If you’re pressed for time, read David Cole.

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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Kevin MacDonald: “In America we had a tv show
    called Archie Bunker, “All In The family”. He was
    seen as stupid, morally defective, unedicated, he
    had bad grammar, didn’t know basic geography.”

    Now guess who the creator of this
    character was? That’s right, a Jew.

    There was actually a similar character on German
    tv with a delay of only a few years, which was stri-
    kingly similar to Bunker, and was suitable for defa-
    ming everything that “Ekel (creep) Alfred” said as
    crude, primitive, stupid, prejudiced, reactionary.

    Here, too, a Jew was responsible for the production.
    As always, this is probably just a (((cohencidence))).

  2. Patrick White
    Patrick White says:

    I find David Cole almost suffocating to read – it’s nothing but a sea of self-aggrandisement and puns.

    In contrast, this was a superbly well argued piece by Mr Langdon. As ever.

    • Forrest
      Forrest says:

      Some of us like self-aggrandizement and puns. I enjoy reading puns. Whining about how Jews are Bad is less fun for me.

  3. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Yeah, right. Jew Einstein already proved that allmighty “dark energy” called anti-Semitism is able to conjure up dark matter in form of black money from your account directly into his account. Einstein’s disciples even claim that the universe is held together solely by this mysterious force. But you must not be offended by this, because in return you will receive a lifelong feeling of guilt as a loyal compensation and a constant guardian and companion of your bad conscience. And that is also something very wonderful, innit? There you go! In this symbiotic way, everyone comes into their own and at their own expense, both the host and the symbiont.

  4. siberiancat
    siberiancat says:

    I don’t understand your problem with the Russians. We all know and recognize the Jewish corruption, but can you cite anything specific about Gentile Russian immigrants? I bet you’ll be pulling a blank.

    FYI: corruption in the USSR, in Russia proper, was fairly low. It went way up after the breakup of the Soviet Union but is trending low now.

    The interactions of a regular Russian citizen with the state have improved significantly.

  5. Forrest
    Forrest says:

    Einstein died long before dark matter was ever conjectured. General relativity has been proved several times. If you think it is wrong, you have a duty to prove it. Do something useful instead of whining.

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