John Mearsheimer on Russia-Ukraine Peace Prospects: Russia May Be Forced to Launch a Preemptive Nuclear Attack

As noted here many times, both the West and Russia see this conflict as existential, and that opens the door to a nuclear war, especially, as Mearsheimer emphasizes, if one side takes out the early warning systems of the other side. Mearsheimer attacks the myth that Russia wants to conquer Western Europe; Russia wants about 40% of Ukraine, including Crimea, and a neutral Ukraine. Both sides could agree on a neutral Ukraine, but it won’t happen—it’s unacceptable to the West.  Meanwhile, Russia is clearly winning, and public opinion in Western Ukraine is turning against the war. “The least bad alternative now [for Ukraine] is to cut a deal.”

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  1. Soothsayer
    Soothsayer says:

    “Russia wants about 40% of Ukraine, including Crimea, and a neutral Ukraine.”

    Currently, Russia controls around 20% of Ukraine (including Crimea). The Ukrainians still want to fight, as is evidenced by numerous opinion polls. Why is it the West’s duty to make life easy for Russia? Our missiles have already landed in de jure Russian territory, our missiles have already killed high ranking Russian officers, our drones already provide targetting information for attacks on Crimea using American ballistic missiles. And yet no nukes have been flying, at least where I live.

    I’m old enough to remember when Mearsheimer claimed Russia would never invade Ukraine fully, now the goalposts have shifted to “Russia will never invade WESTERN Europe” (no mention of Eastern Europe or the Baltic states which Dmitri Medvedev repeatedly refers to as Russian colonies). Well too bad, the Russians will have to fight and die for that remaining 40%. I’m tired of having to feel sorry for these poor Russians who suck at warfare and walked into a meatgrinder on their own accord, and I wish the Western right-wing would stop too.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Why is it the West’s duty to make life easy for Russia?

      Why is it the West’s duty to make life easy for the Jews who rule Ukraine and are killing off Christian Ukrainians in the hundreds of thousands while Ukrainian Jews—the only Ukrainians that Zelensky allowed to leave Ukraine when Russia began defending itself against Jewish aggression—party in safety and luxury in Paris, London, and Israel?

      If you Jew-adjacent warmongers were told to go and do the fighting that you are eager to have others do, you would cry, “But it’s not our fight!” It never is, is it? Even Israel’s vaunted IDF is too cowardly to fight anyone except unarmed civilians.

      • Soothsayer
        Soothsayer says:

        It is the West’s duty to abide by the Budapest memorandom of protecting Ukrainian territorial sovereignty in exchange for the denuclearization of Ukraine which happened in the 1990s. This talking point of “Ukrainian Jews” won’t cut it here, ironically because the Jew Zelensky was the anti-war candidate and oversaw a reduction in Ukrainian combat readiness in the run up to the invasion in order to please Russia. The Ukrainians would fight regardless of who is in charge.

        Shouldn’t you be asking the same question towards Putin? Right-wingers tell me that he is a Gentile and is fighting the Jews, but not a lot of Russian Jews are dying the trenches and he is only accellerating the process of replacement migration from Central Asia in European Russia.

        So I ask once again, if Russia wants to slaughter its own blood in Ukraine, why should the West make life easy for it? So far nobody has given me a proper answer without hysterics about nuclear war or appeals towards saving the lives of Ukrainians (interestingly, by demanding they surrender, never for the Russians to surrender).

        And yes, I am a warmonger, I love seeing bleeding hearts of social media crying about the latest drone video of a Russian soldier who got what he deserved. Let the East burn.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          It is the West’s duty to abide by the Budapest memorandom …

          It was the West’s duty to abide by the Minsk accords. As Jewess Victoria Nudelman, aka Nuland, inconveniently admitted on a tape, she and her masters never had any intention of abiding by their sworn undertaking.

          So far nobody has given me a proper answer without hysterics …

          You are transparent. For you, “a proper answer without hysterics” simply means servile agreement with your baseless claims. That your mind is closed is a moral problem for you, not for people who see your bloodthirstiness and hear your prevarication. Your claims are those of the Jewish Establishment media, with nothing of any value added. I say again, if you think Zelensky and the other Jews who are exploiting and destroying Christian Ukraine are “victims,” pick up arms and fight for them. Your expectation that others should do so is obscene.

          … Zelensky was the anti-war candidate …

          He might just as well have said that he was going to walk on water, too, given what he has actually done. Talk is cheap, none more so than that of politicians. Biden claimed that he was going to protect Americans from the ravages of Trump. You believe him, too, I suppose.

          The bottom line is that you dissemble like a Jew. Your moral outrage is to genuine morality what your claims are to the evidence of others’ senses.

          • Soothsayer
            Soothsayer says:

            Whatever you say. I will just enjoy your types fear-mongering about nuclear war while American workers get nice jobs building weapons to liquidate more Russians with. These lost Russians will be replaced by the Gentile Putin regime with Central Asian migrants, which in my mind makes him even worse than Zelensky because at least Zelensky has the excuse of being a Jew.

            Also, you are the ones who are claiming Ukrainians are victims, sometimes war is just inevitable as was the case throughout human history. The Ukrainians want to fight, the US gives them weapons (not enough in my opinion), and the same people who were selling the snake oil of a strong, White, Christian Russia are forced to engage in theatrics about nuclea war because the whole world sees how bad the Russian army is and how many Islamic terror attacks happen in Russia.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            … you are the ones who are claiming Ukrainians are victims …

            Claiming? Ukrainian Christians are indeed victims of the Jews who rule them. They are being killed because you and other conformist loudmouth cowards who think war is cool cheer till your throat is sore every time that that blowhard Zelensky backs away from one of the peace deals that Putin has thrice offered and Zelensky has thrice agreed to—that is, before he buckled at the knees to the Brits or Blinken and reneged.

            You have no comprehension, do you, of what is happening in the world beyond what you gullibly swallow via the Establishment Narrative, every syllable of which you learn by rote? You then demand that everyone who has the misfortune to cross your path conform to the Narrative as totally and gutlessly as you do. Now, with your chest-pounding announcement that nuclear war doesn’t frighten you in the least (so where exactly are you hiding out, tough guy?), you effectively admit that you have nothing between your ears to think with—and bloody proud of it you are, too!

            For heaven’s sake, pay your Granny the back rent you owe her, change your underwear, and go out and get a job.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          Russia encourages a high birthrate. It’s significant. Russia isn’t really “the East.” It’s part of Europe.

          Supporters of Hitler would seem to have a debate with Russia over history. But regardless…

  2. WCH
    WCH says:

    Putin’s lack of serious military response to continued direct attacks by US supplied weapons and other support is puzzling. He is at war with the Jews yet he keeps talking about Nazis. If Russia has the hitech conventional weapons it brags about why haven’t they used them? The Jews may own Putin too.

    • J.M.
      J.M. says:

      I don’t think the Jews own him but at this point it seems pointless (and stale) to appease Jews. Irritating too.

  3. Chad
    Chad says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah…….the formerly (majority) White built, sOvErIgN Republic of America, overrun by Illegal Alien Shitholers and Turd Worlders, tyranny and High Crimes abound.
    White “men”…….fickle, feckless, craven Cuckservative circle-jerkers.

  4. Henrik
    Henrik says:

    Just another “tiny” step closer to the brink of disaster?

    I see, “Zionists” are to blame (Jews are therefore not the problem at all). Because Zionists and Nazis ultimately stem from the same evil spirit. This inconceivably ingenious conclusion can only be reached by consistently ignoring all other findings.

    “I ask you: Do you want total brainwashing? Do you want it, if necessary, more total and radical than we can even imagine today?

    The Awakened claim that the white race has lost faith in our constant lying propaganda.

    I ask you: Is your trust in our innocence, sanctity, sincerity and nobility greater, more believing and unshakable today than ever before?

    Is your willingness to follow us in all our ways and to do whatever it takes to bring the information war to a victorious end absolute and unreserved?”

    “Don’t trash my holocaust”

    Scoll down

    To watch all episodes (if you are at all willing to do so), you have to click on the colored numbers below the video.

    The “filmmaker/producer” of course, a Jew

    System “historian” Richard Evans in the episode “Evil on Trial” (min. 8.20):

    “He [Hitler] wanted to become a world-famous artist. But he wasn’t actually very good. If you look at some of his paintings, they are mostly townscapes, and he was rejected because he couldn’t do people. It’s quite significant, in a way. He cound’nt paint people.”

    Of course, if Evans were a serious scientist (and not a bribed propaganda mouthpiece who is constantly spouting lies and half-truths), he would have to know that Hitler could very well paint and draw people, character portraits and faces, even already as a child.

    From a certain point onwards, he no longer did so; his sketches were in fact later more city and landscape portraits, especially of an “architectural” nature.

    But why does Evans deliberately and intentionally conceal this fact from the public? The answer is quite simple: he wants to paint and draw an exclusively negative picture of Hitler. One could say that Evans is incapable or unwilling to create a human image of Hitler.,-Architect—Designer-version-2.0:3

    NATO war center against Russia in Wiesbaden: A new US headquarters is now to be set up near the US Army airport in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim to coordinate the war in Ukraine.

    It is no exaggeration or polemic to describe the Federal Republic of Germany as a vassal and the most important base of the USA in Europe. This is proven once again by the decision of the Washington-dominated NATO to relocate the future headquarters for its de facto war against Russia on Ukrainian soil to the Hessian state capital of Wiesbaden. Neither the Hessian state government, made up of the CDU and SPD, nor the federal government has so far uttered a single critical word against this decision. This will not be the case in the future either.

    This NATO measure is not only extremely dangerous for Wiesbaden and the entire densely populated Rhine-Main region, but for the whole of Germany. Because in the event of an escalation of the conflict between NATO and Russia, which is becoming increasingly likely, the headquarters is naturally a preferred target for Russian retaliatory strikes. However, this threat is not an issue in German politics, the system media or the population, nor should it be. However, the danger is by no means averted by remaining silent.

    For the US government, a war headquarters in faraway Germany is of course ideal. After all, Biden and his backers know full well that Russia would never fire missiles against targets on American soil first. Just as in the many years of the “Cold War” from 1950 to 1990, Germany is destined to be the first battlefield of a nuclear-led conflict between the USA and the Soviet Union/Russia. The extent to which awareness of this deadly danger has dwindled in Germany could take terrible revenge.

    Naturally, all “friendly” European neighbors, from the bellicose Poles to Macron’s nuclear power France, are happy not to have this NATO headquarters in their own country. For Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his ailing SPD, who simulate war skepticism for the public, the decision in favor of Wiesbaden is revealing: because every national interest speaks against tolerating the headquarters for a war in the middle of Germany, which only brings disadvantages and existential dangers. The entire government is once again breaking its oath of office.

    According to the official historical narrative, it is undisputed today that the attack on the German radio station in Gleiwitz (Upper Silesia) on August 31, 1939 was only a fake. This was intended to explain the invasion of Poland to the population one day later, on September 1, 1939. Similar fears are currently circulating on the internet that a faked attack could trigger the war.

    What would the military reaction be if a “dirty bomb” were dropped on Berlin? First of all, the entire population would be thrown into chaos. And politicians would be tempted to react rashly. Would this not provide an excusable reason to attack a suspected attacker themselves and pull out all the stops, whatever the cost, even if it meant their own lives?

    A “dirty bomb” is not an atomic bomb like the one in Hiroshima. It is a bomb that combines conventional explosives with radioactive material. The aim is not to create a huge nuclear explosion, but to spread the radioactive material over a large area. The explosion itself has a limited destructive power. Buildings are damaged within a radius of a few hundred meters, similar to a “normal” bomb. But the real danger comes afterwards. The radioactive material is thrown into the air and dispersed in the surrounding area.

    Depending on the wind and weather, the radioactive cloud can spread over several kilometers. People living or working in this area could be exposed to radioactive radiation and inhale particles. This can have immediate health consequences such as nausea, vomiting and skin burns. In the long term, there is an increased risk of cancer.

    A “dirty bomb” can make an area uninhabitable for a long time. This depends on the type of radioactive material used. Some substances remain dangerous for years or even decades. Fields in the vicinity of a dirty bomb explosion can become contaminated. Plants and animals absorb the radioactive material. This means that crops can no longer be grown and harvested as they would be harmful to health. The affected land cannot be used for years.

    • Henrik
      Henrik says:

      What message does the Russian Jew
      Michel Chossudovsky have to spread?

      Recently, a lavishly produced propaganda film, “Oppenheimer”, once again stirred up the threat of a nuclear inferno. But what if these alleged “weapons of mass destruction” are in fact mere propagandistic exaggerations designed to intimidate the world’s population and play them off against each other?

      Is it ultimately not about finding the truth, but exclusively about world domination? Isn’t the infamous “climate curve” of the Jew Michael E. Mann also such an exaggeration intended to scare and panic humanity, on which the entire scam that is ruining and deindustrializing our societies is ultimately based?

      Could it even be that the “Jewish survival strategy” is primarily based on “intimidation through exaggeration” (David vs. Goliath), also with regard to the possibly greatly exaggerated depiction of a certain allegedly “singular” historical event? I am only asking the question that seems to me to be given, justified and justified.

      Allegedly, for example, the “Iron Dome” over Israel is not supposed to have the colossal defensive functions that Israel has propagated for years. Could it even be that, on closer inspection, not only Holocaustianism/Shoahism, but also other Jewish inventions such as communism and monotheism are ultimately based on this principle of intimidation through permanent exaggeration?

      “Punish one, educate a hundred,” said communist Mao. Today, thanks to digital mass media, you could even say: “Punish one, educate (at least) millions.” Who owns Hollywood and all the biggest media companies? Who owns the Washington Post, the New York Times, CBS, ABC and NBC? Who owns Google and YouTube (and soon TikTok?)? Who owns Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street? Who owns SPLC, ADL and AIPAC?

      The ADL forced Adidas to part ways with Kanye West despite billions in losses for the company. Who jails 100-year-old “Holocaust deniers” as a “cautionary example”? Who introduced the “duty of tolerance in the EU” which simultaneously means censorship of millions for “hate crimes” (a non-EU “Russian-Jewish” oligarch named Moshe Kantor and his Israeli lawyer Yoram Dinstein). No no, I’m not even going to start with Soros & Co.

      Just a few years ago, it was reported in many places that the Chinese now had a great penchant for studying Jewish “religious” books, such as the Torah, Talmud, Mishnah, etc. They even now clearly prefer them to the Christian Bible (which was initially favored after the opening to the “world market”). They would even now clearly prefer these to the Christian Bible (which was initially favored after the opening to the “world market”). But not out of any interest in the “history of suffering” of the Jews (Ahasuerus, the wandering “eternal” Jew).

      No, for purely practical reasons: The Chinese are the uncatchable world champions in copying, i.e. stealing products, pirating brands and industrial espionage. In their late pseudo-capitalist awakening, they are also striving to copy their “economic and commercial” success from the Jews. In truth, that’s all there is to it. But in the meantime, this is said to have developed into “anti-Semitism”, read links in the link collector.

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