Musings on Trump and Why You Should Still Vote for Him

Donald Trump is a strange bird. I can’t think of any other recent political figure who has managed to drive half the country into some kind of derangement syndrome while the other half sees him as the savior of this once great republic. Most Americans either love him or hate him. Few people seem to possess the ability to stay neutral or think in a carefully nuanced way about the man.

When it comes to politics, Trump is a mixed bag. At times, his political beliefs parallel progressive thinking while at other times he seems to be thoroughly conservative or even in our camp. Some see him as reflecting the country’s center-right political views. This could be the case. Yet, I’m more inclined to view it as evidence of his ideological immaturity. Although Trump has good political instincts at times — such as when he thought the U.S. invasion of Iraq was wrong, when he challenged U.S. trade policies with China as something inherently unfair and detrimental to America, or when he asked during an immigration meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers why the U.S. was accepting immigrants from “shithole countries” — he seems to lack a solid framework of carefully weighed political opinions by which he can filter different viewpoints.

This was especially evident during Trump’s first administration in which he appointed a host of neocons to his cabinet (e.g., John Bolton, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo)—and then there’s the abominable appointment of Christopher Wray as head of the FBI. Although some defended Trump’s appointments because he needed seasoned and experienced persons to head strategic positions within his cabinet, it showed poor judgment on his part. Many of the persons whom Trump appointed didn’t like him and were at ideological odds with him. Unlike the neocons he hired, Trump wanted an end to the costly and unnecessary wars that prior presidential administrations supported.

It also became painfully evident that Trump made a horrible V.P. choice in Mike Pence. Not only was Pence an evangelical who expressed his unwavering support for Israel, he proved to be quite the neocon when he showed his support for Ukraine against Russia. Pence was no different than the many Americans who fell for the provocation-of-Russia scheme perpetrated by the American government since the 1990s.

In a 2023 interview while Pence was on the campaign trail for the presidency, Tucker Carlson questioned him on his concern over the Ukrainians not having enough tanks rather than being concerned about the deeper problems that Americans faced. Tucker described how every major city in the U.S. had become much worse in the past three years under the Biden administration, the rapid decline of our economy, including a sharp increase in the suicide rate and skyrocketing levels of crime. The answer Pence gave revealed just how out of touch he is with the American people: “That’s not my concern.” He doubled down on his answer when he repeated it a second time. Pence apologists have tried to downplay his response, but it was not merely a verbal blunder. It showed how dismissive and unconcerned he really was toward the plight of most Americans. No one in touch with the real-life concerns of the average person would dare talk in this manner.

There was also Trump’s “platinum plan” which he unveiled in 2020 to increase voter turnout among Blacks. Trump spoke of building up “peaceful” urban neighborhoods with the “highest standards” of policing, bringing fairness to the justice system, expanding school choice, increasing Black home ownership, and creating a “national clemency project to right wrongful prosecutions and to pardon individuals who have reformed their lives.”

It was nothing more than lofty but empty promises. Seriously, “peaceful” urban neighborhoods among Blacks? When have Blacks ever accepted the police in their communities regardless of whether they had the “highest standards” of policing or not? And didn’t prior efforts at increasing Black home ownership by the federal government fail dismally? Trump’s “platinum plan” amounted to nothing more than releasing convicted Black felons onto the streets of America. If the man seriously thought a significant number of Blacks were going to vote for him because of such pandering, it served as more proof of just how misguided Trump can be at times, although things seem to be looking up for Trump in that regard if recent polling is correct.

And then there was Trump’s pandering to America’s gay and LGBTQ communities. While speaking to the United Nations in 2019, Trump surprised everyone when he announced his administration’s global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality in more than 70 countries where it remains illegal: “My administration is working with other nations to stop criminalizing of homosexuality and we stand in solidarity with LGBTQ people who live in countries that punish, jail or execute individuals based upon sexual orientation.” With all the domestic problems facing Americans, did we really need a president going about trying to outlaw the prosecution of gays and Transgenders in the Middle East and throughout the world? If anything it showed Washington engaged, once again, in international meddling and seeking to impose its degenerate ‘values’ on foreign nations.

Trump has strongly supported Israel in the past and still does today. In a speech he delivered in Florida in 2019, Trump declared that “the Jewish state has never had a better friend in the White House than your president, Donald J. Trump.” He had already proven it in December of 2016, when he formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and stated that the American embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This only managed to stir up more hatred between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

Like several American presidents before him, Trump made sure to visit the Wailing Wall showing his homage and commitment to the Jewish people. Even though most Jews despise Trump, he continues to fawn over them and seek their approval at every step of the way. In fact, presumably because of the elite status of Jews in the U.S., a recent survey conducted by the American Jewish Committee “found 61% of voters would likely choose to vote President Biden into office again over 23% who would pick Trump” (“Most Jewish Americans Support President Biden Over Trump, Study Finds,” Scripps News Staff, 6/10/2024).

Although Trump had not initially said much about the current Israeli-Hamas war, he’s recently been more vocal about it and has revealed his support for Israel. NBC News reported that “Former President Donald Trump declared Tuesday that Israel must “finish the problem” in its war against Hamas, his most definitive position on the conflict since the terror group killed 1,200 Israelis and took more than 200 hostages on Oct. 7. “You’ve got to finish the problem,” Trump said on Fox News on Tuesday when asked about the war. “You had a horrible invasion that took place that would have never happened if I was president.” When asked on the program whether he supported a cease-fire in Gaza, Trump demurred, avoiding an explicit position on Israel’s military effort that has now also left more than 30,000 people dead in Gaza, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. The likely 2024 Republican nominee has not provided his own position on U.S. or Israel’s strategy throughout the five months of the war” (“Trump Breaks Silence on Israel’s Military Campaign in Gaza: Finish the Problem,” by Vaughn Hillyard and Allan Smith, 3/5/2024).

Seems to me that Trump learned nothing about the Jews and Israel’s warmongering ways during his first administration. This is confirmed by Karoline Leavitt, Trump’s national press secretary, who declared that “When President Trump is back in the Oval Office, Israel will once again be protected, Iran will go back to being broke, terrorists will be hunted down, and the bloodshed will end.” Is this an indication of Trump saying things he never intends to fulfill, or evidence that Trump’s second term will be marked by more U.S. military aggression? The more Trump supports Israel, the greater the chance that he will be manipulated by Benjamin Netanyahu to fight more proxy wars on behalf of Israel.

Another of Trump’s poor decisions was his bombing of a Syrian air base in 2017, prompted in part by the pleas of his daughter Ivanka. According to NBC News,

The president launched 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian government air base he alleged was involved in a chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians last week. Trump’s 33-year-old son, Eric, told The Daily Telegraph on Monday that the strike was influenced in part by Ivanka, who he said was “heartbroken and outraged” by the chemical attack (“Eric Trump Says Syria Strike was Swayed by ‘Heartbroken’ Ivanka,” by Alexander Smith, 4/11/2017).

And in 2020, Trump ordered a precision strike against a top Iranian commander, Qasem Soleimani, killing him at the Baghdad airport. A total of ten persons were killed in the drone attack: “Five Iraqi nationals and four other Iranian nationals were killed alongside Soleimani, including the deputy chairman of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and commander of the Iran-backed Kata’ib Hezbollah militia, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis” (see Wikipedia’s entry of the ‘Assassination of Qasem Soleimani’). The assassination of such a widely loved and respected Iranian figure only served to escalate tensions between the U.S. and Iran. It proved to be one more occasion where the U.S. government inflicted death and destruction on a foreign nation which it had no legitimate right to attack. If the U.S. had stayed out of the Middle East and ceased its efforts to impose “democracy” and “Western values” on Islamic nations, most of that region would not have experienced the turmoil that it now does.

Trump failed to build a “big, beautiful wall” as he promised in 2015, and he reiterated this promise several times later during his campaign. And no, Mexico never paid for it as he also promised. While it’s true that portions of the wall were erected, most of it was never completed. Much of the wall-building was simply repairing structures that were in dilapidated condition rather than creating hundreds of miles of a large unassailable border wall that would prevent invaders from entering onto American soil. Scott Nicol, co-chairman of the Sierra Club’s Borderland team, stated that “Trump’s claims that he is ‘almost finished’ [with the Border wall] is ‘absolutely not true, particularly in South Texas,’ where large areas of the border land are privately owned. In South Texas, Nicol said, ‘the need to acquire property on which to build the border wall has stymied construction’ as landowners have tied up the government in the courts” (“Fact Check: Did President Trump Build the ‘Big, Beautiful’ Border Wall as He Promised?” by Lauren Giella, 1/12/2021).

All of this demonstrates, again, that Trump is a mixed bag of both good and bad. At times, he’s very perceptive politically and has a way of making his adversaries look foolish. He often speaks and acts in ways that appeal to the average man and woman. It’s easy to view Trump as ‘one of us’ because of it. On the other hand, as noted, Trump has made a series of poor decisions, particularly during his first term when he chose hard core neocons for his cabinet, including persons who made it known that they did not agree with Trump’s agenda. He has also created government programs that were detrimental to the moral health and safety of Americans (e.g., support of the gay and LGBTQ agenda, interfering in how foreign nations treated gays and transgenders in their own countries, and the ‘platinum plan’ that would encourage the release of large numbers of Black felons into the very communities they victimized).

Whether he will make the same kind of mistakes if given a second term remains to be seen. Trump, it seems to me, has learned from some of his prior political mistakes, but not all of them. He’s still in bed with Israel and this alliance is bound to cause only more grief and misery for him as well as the entire country. If Trump tries to ‘play nice’ with the Democrats, it will only backfire on him. One cannot ‘play nice’ with those who are insane, amoral and determined to destroy you at all costs.

Why, then, should we vote for Trump in 2024?

The first reason is because there’s no other alternative if we intend on preserving our constitutional republic in ways that comport with what our Founders wanted. It has become obvious that if the Biden administration were given four more years, any hope for America for what it once was will likely be forever gone. Whether Joe Biden remains in office or is replaced by another progressive empty suit (many forecasts California Governor, Gavin Newsome, to be the likely choice), the Left’s trajectory to ‘fundamentally transform’ America into the most debased and repugnant entity one could imagine remains steadfast. The Left is unrelenting in its efforts. Whether they gain a second term in the Oval Office by another fraudulent election or by persuading enough low-information Americans to vote for them, they have no intention of just accepting the political process and whatever may be the result of it.

Some have proposed the independent candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as a worthy alternative to either Trump or Biden. Kennedy does indeed have some admirable qualities and he proved how perceptive he could be during the Covid pandemic, especially in exposing what a fraud Anthony Fauci is. Some of his political policies seem fairly reasonable from what I can gather. He is obviously an intelligent man. Unfortunately, Kennedy has been thoroughly duped and manipulated by Jews and the Israeli government. There is little hope that he won’t be conned into funding more American proxy wars on behalf of Israel if elected to the Oval Office.

I view the man as generally, honorable, but weak in this sense. He wants to be ‘nice’ and liked. We don’t currently need ‘nice’ because the American republic is fighting for its very life.

Secondly, Joe Biden’s dementia is so bad that even a growing number of Democrats are calling for his replacement. That the Democrats have kept such a driveling buffoon in the highest office in the land for almost four years shows how little they care for the American people collectively.  Or how little the president matters if he is surrounded by ideologues who are actually making the policies. No sane government does such a thing unless, of course, it’s infested with bad actors bent on personal gain at the expense of the people they claim to serve. And doesn’t that aptly describe our current congress from both parties?

Thirdly, despite his faults, Trump has a way of driving the Left beyond insane. In all my years, I’ve never seen anything like it. Persons who are considered respectable, educated and dignified turn into the most imbecilic people imaginable at the mere mention of Trump’s name. Democrats have become so publicly unhinged over Trump that a sort of mass derangement syndrome has taken root in America that’s virtually impossible to deny. This serves as one more reason to vote for Trump because it reveals the nature of America’s Left — namely, that it’s comprised largely of people who have little self-control and even less basic human decency. The vilest public acts and screeches spewed by Leftists against Trump and his followers show what kind of people we are up against. Whatever the Left may want to transform America into, it will surely reflect at its core these degenerate folks.

Fourthly, Trump is good for the economy, or at least better than any other current candidate. The economy faired significantly better under Trump’s first term than the economy the Biden administration has produced over the past four years. There are good reasons to believe that the overall economy will greatly improve with Trump at the helm in a second term.

Trump, generally, has good business sense, and if he surrounds himself with knowledgeable and wise advisors, the American people stand a better chance of improving their lives. There is no chance of this occurring if Joe Biden is given four more years (or whoever they replace him with).

Fifthly, there can be little doubt that the relentless prosecution of Donald Trump via lawfare for the past several years is nothing more than the Democrats attempting to penalize him for beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Beginning with claims that he had colluded with the government of Russia prior to the 2016 election in an influence campaign designed to harm Hillary Clinton’s efforts and to undermine the public’s faith in the U.S. democratic election process. Trump was also alleged to have ordered cyber-attacks on both parties, and that his campaign officials and associates had numerous secretive contacts with Russian officials and agents (see the Wikipedia entry).

Although the Mueller Report found no concrete evidence for such assertions, it wasn’t long before a series of criminal cases against Trump began to pile up as one false claim after another was alleged against Trump by prosecutors, especially after he was out of office. Along with fraudulent procedural delays, gag orders, uncorroborated claims based on the flimsiest of evidence, including the wildest speculations among media pundits, the former president found himself spending an inordinate amount of time in the courtroom — all of it according to plan. It was meant to exhaust Trump, demoralize his followers, and to nullify any possibility that he might be elected again.

In the end, Trump was found guilty by a New York jury of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records and disguising hush money reimbursement as mere legal expenses. Each count was tied to a different business record that Trump changed to conceal his crimes.

If the convictions were designed to deflate the public’s endorsement of Trump, they surely failed. Not only did donations for Trump’s presidential campaign reach skyrocketing levels overnight, but public endorsement and support for him increased dramatically — even among a growing number of Blacks! Anyone with two brain cells knew that whatever Trump was enduring at the hands of prosecutors was purely political in nature. It was not about the ‘rule of law.’ It was not about holding our elected officials to account the same as any other American. No, it was about trying to ruin a man who dared to challenge, mock and oppose America’s ruling political elite. Many people recognized that whatever Trump did, it was relatively minor and no different than what many other public figures and important people have done – yet were never prosecuted for it!   

Despite Trump’s personal faults, his presidency managed to expose much of the filth and rot of Washington. He got American’s asking the deeper questions about their government. His presidency destroyed the traditional Republican Party and created an entire generation MAGA supporters who discerned the lies of endless wars, unchecked immigration, and decades of wasteful government spending. For this, we must always remain thankful that Donald Trump arrived at a time in our country’s history to help Americans realize just how badly our corrupt government had departed from the vision of our Founders.

Why then should Americans view favorably the Biden administration’s efforts to endlessly prosecute Trump? Isn’t this the same administration and Congress that gave 107 billion of taxpayer dollars to fight an unnecessary and unwinnable war in Ukraine, including an additional 95 billion to Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine at a time when the deficit has skyrocketed to over $33 trillion dollars? Americans suffering from unemployment, rising inflation, poverty, and homelessness have real issues to be concerned over — and Trump isn’t one of them!

Sixthly, a vote for Joe Biden will surely perpetuate the Washington swamp and the loss of our freedoms will be expedited in ways we’ve never seen before. They will make sure of this. If Biden wins a second term, the Democrats will make certain to seal off any possibility of another Trump-like candidate arriving on the political scene to challenge the existing order.

At least with Trump, there’s the possibility and perhaps even the likelihood that the country can be salvaged (however dim it appears now). But it simply will not occur under a Biden presidency or whatever person chosen to replace him.

Lastly, there exists the mindset of many Americans who are deeply frustrated at the declining state of the nation and the widespread corruption of our elected officials. The entire system appears rigged, and they question whether we should even bother to vote. What benefit is there in casting one’s ballot when the process isn’t fully trustworthy and when those overseeing it can be bribed or have an agenda that guarantees the outcome they want? These questions are not easy to answer, and I don’t profess to have definitive solutions to how it can be resolved.

Suffice it to say that if millions of conservative voters refused to vote, it would not negatively affect Democrats in the least. It would, in fact, give them everything they want and more. Democrats would view it as a national ‘mandate’ that proved their ideas to be the right ones. This is precisely how it would be reported in the mainstream news too. It would embolden Democrats in their social and political efforts in ways we haven’t seen before. They would inevitably pass legislation requiring that all ‘dissidents,’ ‘racists,’ ‘anti-Semites,’ and MAGA folks be ushered into government camps. You think the Democrats wouldn’t do it if they knew they would face little political resistance or consequences? Think again.

And how would refusing to vote affect our Second Amendment rights? Democrats would make certain to pass laws that would completely eradicate such foundational rights. It would turn every right-leaning gun owner into an enemy of the state. Gun confiscation, then, would not only be a possibility but an undeniable reality. Our people would fall prey to marauding groups of Black criminals, especially among those who are unable to escape our major cities.

Non-voting amounts to non-resistance in the public sphere, an admission of sorts that the Democrats have better ideas and better solutions to our nation’s problems. Moreover, it’s defeatist in nature, and it will surely give our enemies all that they ever dreamed of having. Those who mock voting as futile with expressions such as “vote harder” rarely if ever provide any practical alternatives. They are largely whiners and complainers offering little more than verbal tantrums. One wonders whose side they are on. Throwing up our hands and giving up is precisely what our enemies would want.

There’s also another important point that should be considered. Although voting has not always delivered all that conservatives have wanted, by the same token neither has it done so for Democrats. On both a federal and local level, conservatives have often been victorious. Leftist heads have more than once exploded and smoked into a collective tizzy because Americans voted contrary to their insane ideas.

As the Biden administration has sought to take away more and more of our rights as Americans, it has provoked a widespread resistance among conservatives. It has caused many more of our people to get involved in the political process and to fight what is obviously government tyranny. This is not the time to give up and hide in some backwoods cabin.

Voting, if anything, allots us time. It provides us time to unite, to organize, and to take important strategic steps to defeat democrats. It also provides a certain amount of gridlock in congress that slows and prevents democrats from passing all that they want.

Voting, then, is merely one tool among many in our arsenal to fight against those who have proven to be ‘enemies within.’ Responsibly exercising our voting rights prevents or at least slows down government tyranny and the Left’s progressive plans for all of us. It provides us with time and, if used wisely and strategically, may afford us opportunities to thwart the efforts of our opponents. History has a way of surprising us, and we ought to be careful not to go full-blown black pilled when there are still avenues available to us in which to resist our possible demise.


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  1. Robert Richardson
    Robert Richardson says:

    Helpful article. Although I am dismayed by Trumps support for Israel, the article reminds me of reasons to vote for him.

  2. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    This article presents a strong case for why we should vote for Trump. Despite his faults, he is still better than any alternative. There are no good choices.

    The Democrats have declared war on the White race, both in America and everywhere else. They really hate Russia, because it’s anti-communist. The decrepid (((Biden))) regime must go.

    • Pennsylvania Chuck
      Pennsylvania Chuck says:

      I believe it’s much more than that for reason hating Russsia. They hate everyone and they got a special hate for Russia.
      Imagine knowing most of Christianity believes you are the chosen ones of God and just how sick mentally that would make you. Those jews just aren’t cursed for murdering Christ, they truly are mentally criminally insane. And how sad it is the number of Christians who believe it and don’t ever think that they “the jews” are an enemy of God. Most will surly spew some hate or insult towards Islam but not against Judaism. It’s crazy Christians would be so ignorant to believe their enemy is their greatest ally.
      I know Christians who act like they’re friends with celebrities in knowing a jew. And they’re so fascinated with Jewish cottons and they can tell you detail about them like they know a secret and you don’t. It’s really, really sickening.

  3. Pennsylvania Chuck
    Pennsylvania Chuck says:

    Will I vote for Trump in 2024? Probably. Yeah he has faults but he helped wake me up. One thing I loved about him is he never apologized. Never. And that got my attention. He stood strong. And yes he loves and idolize the jews but I did too until about 2017 or so. So if there was hope for me I’m hoping Trump wakes up and sees they “the jews” are truly as the Bible says opposed to all peoples and they’re just like their father Satan.
    Speak up. Use your voice. Just like John the Baptist, speak truth. There is no other choice. If the truth wasn’t powerful then there’d be no censorship.

  4. jimbob
    jimbob says:

    The article just gives me reason not to ‘vote’ for him.
    1- remember watching them steal it live on TV?
    2- don’t we need to hasten the demise of ZOG so we can start over with them and their crap, for lack of a better word, being about as popular as herpes? wont dems make collap$e happen faster?

    it looks to me like trumps job will be to save israel from them and (((america))) from us

  5. WCH
    WCH says:

    The choice between two Zionest clowns demonstrates the extremely sad state the US is in. The author said Trump was good for the economy, that is Not true. Trump crushed the economy with the covid lock down. If the US citizens will put up with these two corrupt choices then the country is already in the dumpster.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      Here is what I wrote in response to similar claims on another website. I hope this helps in some way to answer your claims, although I know it’s very hard for people to think differently when it comes to these issues. My reply also deals with the differences between Kennedy and Trump:

      “While it’s true that both Trump and Kennedy are supportive of Israel – and this is undoubtedly a problem – Trump has better business sense and experience than Kennedy. This will fare better for the country than anything Kennedy might propose because he doesn’t have any real long-term business experience or acumen.

      Trump knows well the corruption of the Deep State and its vindictive nature in a way that Kennedy does not. To the current order in Washington, Kennedy is an annoyance. He has not agitated them enough yet as Trump has. He has not driven them to the depths of insanity as Trump has. The democrats do not see Kennedy as an existential threat to their existence as they do Trump because Kennedy is still viewed as largely part of them.

      Kennedy has not united half the country as has Trump. He simply doesn’t have the polling numbers to defeat the democrats. A vote for Kennedy will only help to perpetuate the current state of affairs in Washington. Granted, this is possible under a Trump presidency too because one man alone can’t transform the corruption of Washington, but any reform that might occur is more likely under a Trump administration than a Kennedy administration.

      As for any alleged cognitive dissonance between this article and my previous one, I can only say that they have different purposes or goals.

      In my prior article (“Don’t Be a Patriot”), I was expressing my distaste for patriotism for a government that was largely unworthy of our support, particularly in its mission to spread “democracy” and degenerate western ‘values’ throughout the planet. My article was also a call to not join the military nor to align with its warmongering agenda.

      The prior article, then, was NOT a call to abandon all efforts at resisting the Democrat Deep State, including responsible voting.

      In this article, I try to provide a rationale in voting for Trump which offers us some practical benefits as opposed to just giving up and allowing the democrats to get all that they politically want and to do to us all they have wanted to do since 2015.

      Even if one solely interested in deeply agitating the Left and causing their heads to explode, what better way could there be than in voting for Trump?

      Voting for Trump, then, should be viewed as simply one way among many to resist and to frustrate the plans of the democrats. It’s not that Trump will usher in some Utopia, but only that he stands a greater chance than others to bring about some normalcy, some stability, and some economic recovery to the country – and perhaps we might even be able to avoid a nuclear war? None of this will occur under a Biden or Kennedy presidency.”

      • WCH
        WCH says:

        And I said Trump distroyed the economy with covid lock down. We will never know what Kennedy would have done… Covid was an IQ test that Trump failed. Trump still claims the experimental shot saved lives. He is Fool. At least Kennedy understands vaccines need to be questioned…

  6. Tom in LA
    Tom in LA says:

    A little sidenote to why Trump could be sympathetic to Jews and gays. Anyone remember Roy Marcus Cohn? He was the legal counsel for senator Joseph McCarthy, yes that one who investigated communist infiltration of our government in the 1950s. Later in life Cohn was an attorney in New York, and one of his clients was Donald Trump. Not only that, in a way he was a mentor and friend. Cohn was known as a sharp aggressive lawyer and that rubbed off on Trump. Cohn was both Jewish and gay, not openly. He died of AIDS in 1986, and supposedly the last man he talked to was Trump.

    Give Trump his due. People forget, he got us off the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) and left the US out of the one-sided Paris Climate Accord. Unemployment was low, middle class income increased, and new jobs were created. The US became the #1 producer of oil and natural gas. The first time that a president spoke up for the American people against Chinese trade practices, and initiated tariff sanctions. Three Supreme Court judged were appointed. We had no foreign military entanglements. Ok, Trump was not able to build the Wall, but he had the remain Mexico policy, which did slow migration considerably.
    Most of all, he realigned the Republican party with Main Street, and saved us from the do-nothing Republican old guard. Furthermore, he exposed the bureaucratic deep state and the deluded Left. The best president in my lifetime, no doubt.

  7. Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom says:

    Donnie the Zionist is the only hope for ZOG. Let them stop him from being potus again. It will show just how stupid ZOG is and cripple their psy ops. Without a goy figurehead to get White Men to cooperate, ZOG will go belly up in months. They lost in Ukraine. They fucked up in Gaza. Let them screw themselves into the ground here. There is only one solution to the judenvermin problem. Voting is a trick. These fake elections and polls are meant to stop you from destroying the cancer. You outnumber the enemy by 30 to 1. Let ZOG kill itself. Support the worst candidate for potus. No more goy tricks for the meat puppets to hide behind.

    • RockaBoatus
      RockaBoatus says:

      “Voting is a trick” – Which elections are you referring to? The presidential elections or just local county and state elections? All of them or just some of them? When elections didn’t favor democrats, was that “rigged” too? Was it ‘tricked’ when Trump won in 2016? I don’t recall any right-wing conservatives complaining about election fraud when Trump was elected in 2016. Were all conservative electoral victories ‘tricked’ as well?

      Please understand that I’m not denying that election fraud is a real concern, but you need to be more specific and nuanced in your statements instead of just making over-generalized claims that ‘voting is tricked’ or ‘rigged.’ It’s defeatist in nature, and in practical terms it hands over to the democrats everything they want. It helps to demoralize conservative voters which is precisely what the Left wants.

      In my opinion, the defeatist notion that ‘voting is useless’ is a form of virtue signaling. It gives a sense of superiority to those who spew it as if they’re so much smarter than everyone else because they figured out the futility of voting. Plus, such defeatists rarely or never offer any alternatives to not voting. They never bother to describe how exactly such non-voting will prevent the Left from using electoral victories against us. Do they really think the Left will not silence and even imprison large numbers of us?

      And how will non-voting impact future generations of Whites? How will it not affect our children and grandchildren? What will we say to them that we fought the Left by simply giving up and allowing them to take it all?

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      Corporate Law is a trick. A fiction. A DARPA trick. Enemies foreign and domestic.
      God what we will lose if we fail to preserve the internet EVEN WIKIPEDIA.
      Its trial by ordeal for someone with my temperment.. No good substitute for morality.
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      A legal fiction is a construct used in the law where a thing is taken to be true, which is not in fact true, in order to achieve an outcome. Legal fictions can by employed by the courts[1] or found in legislation.
      Legal fictions are different from legal presumptions which assume a certain state of facts until the opposite is proved, such as the presumption of legitimacy.
      The term legal fiction is sometimes used in a pejorative way. Jeremy Bentham was a famous historical critic of legal fictions.[2][3] Proponents of legal fictions, particularly of their use historically, identify legal fictions as “scaffolding around a building under construction”.[4]
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      The fiction about Doe being left homeless by Roe, used often in property law, however, has been abolished in every common law jurisdiction.[citation needed]

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      The common law had a procedure whereby title to land could be put in direct issue, called the “writ of right”. The defendant could insist on trial by “wager of battle”, that is trial by combat, a judicially sanctioned duel. To avoid the plaintiff staking life and limb, a tale was told in the pleadings about how one John Doe leased land from the plaintiff but was ousted by Richard Roe, who claimed a contrary lease from the defendant. Such events would lead to the “mixed action in ejectment”, a procedure to determine title via trial by jury. This is the origin of the names John Doe and Richard Roe for anonymous parties. The fiction of Doe, Roe, and the leases was not challenged by the parties unless they wished to stake their life on a trial by combat. Wager of battle fell into disuse by the end of the thirteenth century though it was not abolished in England until 1819…

  8. Sir_H
    Sir_H says:


    In a democracy.


    A vote for the mob.

    “Bread and Circuses.”

    Bread to make you fat.

    “Circuses” to make you dumb.

    A vote for any.

    Is a vote for all.

    How silly.


  9. WU
    WU says:

    ” the strike was influenced in part by Ivanka, who he said was “heartbroken and outraged” ”

    Wow, Ivanka sure is a humanitarian. I assume she is also heartbroken and outraged by Israel’s crimes against humanity in Gaza. I assume she will influence Trump to bomb Israeli air bases.

  10. WU
    WU says:

    In 2015-2016 Trump had the best possible immigration platform – the one Jeff Sessions wrote for him in August 2015.

    Now Trump has the worst possible immigration platform – staple a green card to every diploma (as long as the student isn’t pro-Palestine).

    This amounts to open borders + a massive subsidy to liberal academia (our worst enemy), but with immigrants carefully vetted to make sure they all support the Israel lobby.

    A vote for Trump is a vote for plutocracy, degeneracy, and imperialism – Babel, Sodom and Armegeddon.

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      We’ve forgotten what cartoon characters knew in 1960s America
      Environmentalism, environmentalists aren’t enemy they are us.
      Democracy/The World might as well be a homeowners association.
      And THAT’S stupid.
      Eschew development or burn, dehydrate, blow away.with the carcinogens, dysgendered.
      Celebrate philosophers.
      Defend the internet (lower-case “I” like the lower-case “I” in telephone).

  11. Sir_H
    Sir_H says:

    The “Left” is not the enemy.

    The “Right” is not our friend.

    A vote for either popinjay.

    Is merely a vote for “Them”.

    Trump our great white hope?



    Sir H normally approves your prose.

    Your pen you must not still.

    But today he must depose your words.

    That fail to instill.

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