JTA on the French Election

JTA: “French voters reject far right — but elevate left-wing alliance with history of antisemitism allegations

In a surprise outcome, French voters rejected a far-right party with antisemitic roots — but elevated a left-wing alliance that has faced antisemitism allegations of its own.

The country’s most prominent far-left politician (Mélencon), meanwhile, vowed in his victory speech to push to recognize a Palestinian state. …

“We will have a prime minister from the New Popular Front,” Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the French far-left leader, posted on X on Sunday night. “We will be able to decide many things by decree. On the international level, we will have to agree to recognize the State of Palestine.” [Of course, this is interpreted by Jews as anti-Semitism. The left seems to be more of a problem for Jews in France than in the U.S. Imagine a serious  Democrat presidential candidate saying the U.S. should support a Palestinian state.]

The result is a setback for Le Pen’s party and a relief to the many Jews who consider it radioactive. The party’s founders include Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has been repeatedly convicted of hate speech and Holocaust denial, and Pierre Bousequet, who served in the Nazi Party’s Waffen-SS. Candidates in this election had also been accused of antisemitism.

But Sunday marked a triumph for Mélenchon, the leader of the far-left France Unbowed party, who has been accused of dog whistling, echoing antisemitic stereotypes and dismissing the threat of antisemitism. Even as the French government has reported a surge in attacks on Jews — including more than 360 incidents in the first three months of 2024, a 300% increase from 2023 — Mélenchon called antisemitism in France “residual” and also repeatedly criticized those demonstrating against antisemitism.

The vote, and result, put many French Jews in an uncomfortable position. Political scientist Jean-Yves Camus said before the vote that he felt “trapped” by the far left, especially as the more moderate Socialists entered into a coalition with Mélenchon’s party. (The leader of France’s center-right party had likewise made waves by endorsing National Rally.)

“We are quite angry and disappointed,” Camus told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “As Jews, we feel betrayed and we think it would have been much better if the Socialist party had not entered into this kind of alliance with the far left.”

Many French Jews say that rhetoric from the far left has opened a door to antisemitism. According to a poll from the American Jewish Committee in Europe, 92% of French Jews believe that France Unbowed has “contributed” to rising antisemitism.

Now, deadlock appears to be in France’s future and may domiate the remaining years of Macron’s term, which ends in 2027. Following the race, centrist Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, who has Jewish roots, said he planned to step down.

A shock for some French Jews came in the immediate aftermath of Oct. 7, when several far-left politicians refused to explicitly condemn Hamas’ attack on Israel. Le Pen, meanwhile, has sought to detoxify her party’s image, renouncing antisemitism, denouncing the Hamas attack and pushing a pro-Israel position. The party now emphasizes anti-immigration and Euro-sceptic stances.

CRIF, an umbrella organization of French Jews, has urged the community to reject both the far right and far left. But ahead of Sunday’s vote, faced with the rise of France Unbowed, some prominent Jewish voices called for the community to vote for Le Pen’s party instead. One striking expression of support for National Rally came from Serge Klarsfeld, a French Holocaust survivor famed for hunting down Nazi criminals and pressing for their prosecution.

“The National Rally supports Jews, supports the state of Israel,” Klarsfeld, 88, said in a nationally televised interview last month. “When there is an anti-Jewish party and a pro-Jewish party, I will vote for the pro-Jewish party.”

Alain Finkielkraut, a prominent French philosopher, also said in the magazine Le Point that he would “consider the nightmare of having to vote for the National Rally to block antisemitism.” Meanwhile, a group of French Jewish community leaders met with Le Pen on Monday.

But elements of National Rally’s antisemitic history resurfaced during the election. Ludivine Daoudi, a National Rally candidate in Normandy, was forced to withdraw from the second round of voting when a photo surfaced of her wearing a Nazi cap emblazoned with a swastika — after she won nearly 20% of votes in the first round. Other candidates circulated antisemitic and racist posts on social media.

It is difficult to ascertain how Jews voted nationally, since France bans collecting data on the religion and ethnicity of its citizens. But some areas with large Jewish communities showcased the dilemma Jews faced in this election.

The Parisian suburb of Sarcelles, for example, has both a Jewish neighborhood that has traditionally voted right wing and an immigrant neighborhood that usually votes for the left. (Many of the residents, both Jewish and Muslim, are immigrants from North Africa). Sarcelles handed 27% of its votes to National Rally in the election’s first round — less than the party’s vote share nationwide, but nearly double its support in the district two years ago. In the second round, however, a far-left candidate, Romain Eskenazi, won the area with more than 60% of the vote.

Eskenazi, who himself has a Jewish father, chose to campaign in Sarcelles even though his centrist predecessor believed it would go for the right, according to a report in La Vie, a Franch newsmagazine. He was heckled at a synagogue and told by a Jewish voter, “You are associated with evil. I voted for you two years ago, but now I won’t be able to,” according to the report.

“What if you are in a constituency where there is no moderate candidate, and you have a choice between Mélenchon’s party and the National Rally?” said Camus, the political scientist, ahead of the vote. “What do you do? Do you stay at home? Just say, ‘It’s none of my business?’”


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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Many wonder why Jews, who are the greatest profiteers of capitalism, consumerism and materialism, were also the greatest representatives of the “intellectual” left, such as communists and (international) socialists. The point, of course, is their tendency to divide, i.e. to prevent “nationalism”, i.e. a third way, for white society, which is able to overcome and unite the ideological and material gap. It is interesting how the Jew Friedemann answered this question. He twists and conceals a lot, but also lets some things slip.


      • Rudolf
        Rudolf says:

        Sure, based on their Torah. However, they seem to realize that total exterminating white Goyim means being left alone with Asians and Negroes. In this respect, even in the animal kingdom, the parasite is intent on permanently weakening its host’s vitality, but still abusing it as long as possible to generate energy.

        Here the Jews still finds themselves in an unresolved dilemma. Some claim, however, that they has meanwhile decided to shift his sphere of influence to China in the long term and to leave the white goyim, above all the Americans, completely hollowed out from within, to their own decay.

        Once the cream has been skimmed off the top and the meadow grazed, the caravan moves on. An old merchant principle from the Orient. But America, alongside the EUSSR, has so far been their guarantee of survival and the shield that protects their criminal machinations from the revenge of the world community.

      • Rudolf
        Rudolf says:

        Jew Friedmann appeals to people to take responsibility for themselves. As always with these word acrobats, it all sounds so seductively right and coherent. But what if the majority of our society is incapable of self-responsibility? What if a 14-year-old girl prostitutes herself to finance her drug addiction?

        Then you can say that the parents are to blame. But what if these parents didn’t learn self-responsibility in the Friedmanian sense either, because in reality nobody is interested in it? We should draw our knowledge from the results, he says. What are the results of our so-called “society” everywhere?

        If we take this lost girl as an example, only a state would be in a position to help her effectively if it regarded her not only as a “failed individual” but also as a valuable part of the people, i.e. a superstructure of values superior to pure selfishness, ignorance and egoism. Then all the millions of abortions would be inexplicable.

        The theory of Jews such as Mises, Friedman or Rand is one of merciless egoism, secretly concealing their own Jewish community and “charity” because they exist and operate in a hostile foreign environment. But it is not transferable to a general public that has no moral code in the sense of a racial-cultural community.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      James Burnham was a brilliant Trotskyite before converting to Catholicism. He wasn’t Jewish.

      Jews write stories and ideologies, maybe even religions. But it’s just a strategy. Greeks could have challenged them at their game. WASPs were foolish; we looked down on ruling activities like culture and media. As a result, we were conquered and ruined. The classic liberalism of the WASPs was a Darwinian mistake that might result in our extinction. But we all felt jolly superior at the time.

      • Tim
        Tim says:

        I noticed another bizarre thing that nobody else thinks about: Nowadays, anyone who doesn’t want to be labeled a Nazi calls themselves a “national conservative”, although they are just as unlikely to escape persecution with this label. Conservative sounds dusty, old-fashioned, from the day before yesterday. It has no appeal factor that attracts and wins over young people.

        One of the many tragedies of all the madness that surrounds us is that we have to allow ourselves to be defamed as anti-progressive, reactionary, backward-looking and so on. The “Nazis”, for example, were anything but anti-modern. But they claimed the right to use modernity for their cause. They saw themselves as revolutionaries, while at the same time keeping to their roots. However, I doubt that they were a mere “Modeerscheinung” (fad).

  2. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    I also found it interesting how Geographer Passage confirms my theory that Jews exist from resistance to themselves, which only welds them closer together. He cites a single example in human history where Jews did not suffer persecution through the typical course of their impact, but were completely absorbed by the host people: China.

    However, Passarge does not seem to take two things into account at the time: Jews and East Asians already differed considerably in appearance, so Jews there had difficulty infiltrating society “unnoticed” as they did in white societies after “emancipation”.

    I support the realization that Jews should be largely ignored when they try to draw attention to themselves and claim to be the navel of the world. However, their destructive work in our societies is so advanced that to ignore it would be tantamount to looking the other way. Here is Passarge’s quote:

    “In the section on the ’emotional cycle’, it was pointed out that there is one exception in which the catastrophe did not occur. This exception took place in China. Little is known about the history of the Jews in China. They immigrated in the Middle Ages, or even in ancient times. In Marco Polo’s time they were so respected there that Rublai Khan treated them gently, just like the Christians. Then they fell into oblivion and were only rediscovered in the second half of the last century by a few families in the large city of Kaifong. Nowadays, they too have disappeared. The Jewish families were culturally and anthropologically Sinicized. The once flourishing Judaism has thus completely disappeared in China in the course of around 500 years. Nothing is known about the persecution of Jews in China. The case is important!

    In China, on the one hand, there is an extremely primitive ancestor cult, which forms the basis of the religious life of the masses, and the moral philosophy of Confucius for the educated. In China, people were always religiously tolerant, and Judaism, which tried to close itself off, found no area of friction with the completely different ancestor cult and certainly not with the moral philosophy. Judaism could not tolerate this disregard, this non-persecution. Persecution – bloody persecution – is the basis for the development and existence of the ghetto, without which the Jewish religious people cannot survive. Ghetto, education, character building, methods of struggle, the Talmudic religion with its hatred of everything foreign – everything, everything is a reaction to pressure and bloody persecution. The correctness of this view is proven by developments in China. The eternal Jew can be redeemed if he is left to himself, if he is ignored. Bad treatment and persecution are the fluids that keep him alive. Much is to be gained by this realization, and it can have great practical significance if its teachings are followed.”


  3. Conrad Hess
    Conrad Hess says:

    Seems to me every predominately White country could benefit with a few decades of “National” Socialism as a dose of
    fundamental “restoration” rather than transformation is in order.

  4. Tim
    Tim says:

    “’Our plan for dismantling racism and advancing equity, diversity and inclusion was created with an intentional and appropriate need for flexibility,’ Dr. Mary Klotman said, the dean of Duke’s School of Medicine.” https://nypost.com/2024/07/09/us-news/expecting-people-to-be-on-time-is-part-of-white-supremacy-culture-duke-medical-school/

    Who does she mean by “us”, her Jewish “husband” (whether the marriage has validity if it was brought about by a “Unitarian Universalist” is questionable) Paul? The latter’s father Phyllis had already set the course by founding “Black Camera: An international scholarly film journal, it constitutes a new platform for the study and documentation of the black cinematic experience in the world.”


    This is definitely not (((cohencidence))), but once again just a pure coincidence.


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