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Christoph Steding: The struggle of the Reich against the decadent West, Part 1

Christoph Steding (1903–1938) was born in the village of Waltringhausen in Lower Saxony to a peasant family that had been settled in the region for several centuries. Much like Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia — which lost political animation ever since the Thirty Years’ War was concluded with the Peace of Westphalia of 1648 — […]

Paul de Lagarde on Jews and Indo-Europeans, Part 2: Internationalism, Stock Exchanges, and the Media

Go to Part 1 That which speaks against the Jews, apart from the atavism and racial arrogance that by themselves force one to an unqualified rejection of the Jews, is first of all their internationalism. It is not true that the German, French, English, Russian Jews feel that they are members of the country in […]

Paul de Lagarde on Jews and Indo-Europeans, Part 1 of 3: German Opposition to Judaism and Its Relation to Christianity

Paul de Lagarde on Jews and Indo-Europeans; [extract from Ch. 13: “Juden und Indogermanen” (“Jews and Indo-Europeans”) of Mittheilungen (Cummunications), II (1887).] Translated by Alexander Jacob Paul de Lagarde (1827–1891) was a distinguished Orientalist and Biblical scholar who was appointed Professor of Oriental Languages at the University of Göttingen in 1869. He was a prolific author, […]

Introduction to Two Treatises on Jews and Freemasonry: Édouard Drumont and Nicolae Paulescu

Jewish Freemasonry: Two Treatises by Éduard Frumont & Nicholae Paulescu with an Introduction by Alexander Jacob Contents Introduction  — Alexander Jacob I. “The Freemasons” (Jewish France, Book VI, Chapter 1) — Édouard Drumont II. “Freemasonry,” from The Hospital, the Qur’an, the Talmud, the Kahal, and Freemasonry, Ch. V – Nicolae Paulescu Introduction Freemasonry and its goals have been […]