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This Thanksgiving, Joy-Ann Reid Has Much To Be Thankful For

[This column is adapted from one that originally ran Thanksgiving Week 2021.] Why such a sourpuss, Joy-Ann? On the whole, life and MSNBC are treating you pretty well. And yet, over the last 10 years, you have complained pretty much nonstop about how badly you, and “people who look like [you],” are treated in America. […]

Central Park Rape: The Secret Files

In an article about the election of Yusef Salaam, of the “Central Park Five,” to the New York City Council last week, The New York Times’ Jeffery C. Mays indignantly cited the full-page ad Donald Trump had taken out at the time, which never mentioned the Central Park rape but decried crime in the city and called […]

Revealed! Nikki Haley’s Husband and His Djibouti Call

Will Republicans ever rebel against the execrable primary debates foisted on us every four years? Vetting presidential candidates is one of our most important civic duties, but the Republican National Committee offshores the job to journalists who pretend to be neutral — the better to slay Republicans on behalf of the Democrats — and inject […]

Nightmare on Martha’s Vineyard

Based on MSNBC’s recent special, “Martha’s Vineyard v. DeSantis,” even award-winning documentarians cannot produce a propaganda film about Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “political stunt” of sending illegals to this wealthy liberal redoubt without the residents coming across as clueless, entitled douchebags. The documentary is the celluloid equivalent of stepping on a rake and having the rake hit […]

Staple a Green Card to Their ‘Kill the Jews’ Signs

In last week’s column, we noted the popularity of Hamas terrorists with BLM representatives. This week, we’ll consider the other main contingent of Hamas Boosters: foreigners, who, for reasons I can’t understand, are in my country. In the past few weeks, Muslims and Arabs have poured into the streets in nearly every U.S. city to celebrate the slaughter of Israelis, while […]

Jews and Blacks: Their Landlord AND Their Friend

     I’m hoping liberals’ instinct for taking the side of barbarism against civilization has taken a hit after seeing so many stories of the BLM movement bellowing their love for Palestinian terrorists paragliding into Israel to butcher, rape and kidnap thousands of Israeli civilians, including infants and elderly dementia patients. It’s hard not to notice […]

It Wasn’t a Mistake. It Was Social Justice

I was innocently reading my New York Times last week when I was startled by this ghastly headline: “Judge Let Abusive Parents Keep Daughter. Days Later, She Was Dead.” As we shall see, this wasn’t a mistake; it was the logical consequence of a demented ideology that demands “reuniting” helpless children with their psychotic parents. See if you […]