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Diversity in Outremont

Here in Outremont, a borough of Montreal, things are heating up for yet another episode of “Purim” during which our thousands of Hassidic Jews have a bang-up party with adults getting totally smashed and very noisy, while the kids are supposed to go around to visit friends and relatives, all costumed in bizarre outfits, to […]

Ben Hecht’s Perfidy

In conversation the other day someone pointed out that “…Israelis, not Jews, avoid losing their people…” This was after I had mentioned a book by Ben Hecht, Perfidy, that recounted the last days of the Hungarian Jews, during 1944, and their alleged betrayal by a fellow Jew, one Rudolph Kastner.  [The following is based on […]

Book Review: Might Is Right or the Survival of the Fittest, by Ragnar Redbeard

Originally published in 1886; 2005 edition edited by Darrell W. Conder; available from Occidental Press. Reviewed by Anthony Hilton September 29, 2009 Note: In biology, “adaptive” means (very precisely) promoting the survival and reproduction of an organism’s genes. “Natural selection” is the logical and empirical process whereby forces of nature affect the survival and reproduction […]

The Order of Canada to an Abortionist?

Dr. Henry Morgentaler has been named to the Order of Canada for his efforts in promoting and legalizing abortion.  The event provoked controversy. Not a surprise. But it got me thinking about it more seriously in two respects. First, how do I feel about it? And, second, what are the implications for our people? My […]

“Hate” laws

Jeremy Waldron, in the latest NYRB, has reviewed what looks to be a valuable book by Anthony Lewis, Freedom for the thought that we hate: A biography of the First Amendment. However, Waldron ends his review with a rather insidious plea concerning the legal restriction of public pronouncements about other races and ethnies. Here’s what […]