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A Marx of Your Own: Sam Francis’s References to Marx

In response to my recent profiling of Jacobin magazine, plenty of folks have chastised me for being entirely too harsh on the Marxists who populate the site, and too dismissive of their heterodox opinions. James O’Meara expressed his concurrence with one Jacobin essay I quoted from, “Burn the Constitution.” Another commenter suggested their views on […]

Introducing Jacobin Magazine

Given how often Conservatism Inc. labels even the most milquetoast Democrats “socialists” and/or “communists,” it can be easy to forget about the continued existence of genuinely Marxist intellectuals and activists — the kind that hate Democrats for being sellouts, neoliberals, and imperialists. As bad as the Cultural Marxists of the mainstream left are, they still […]

Why I Write

Deep within the glorious maze of lost time that the archives of Counter Currents represents, I recently found the tag, “Why We Write.”  The essays under this umbrella, some of which originally appeared in The Occidental Quarterly, are a treat in no small part because they show a personal and human side to many authors who normally […]