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Review of Kerry Bolton’s “Revolution from Above”

Revolution from Above by Kerry Bolton Arktos Media 2011, 258 pages, $27 Available from Arktos Media and Amazon Why is it that the ”Left” in its various guises — Communists, anti-fascists, feminists, advocates of multiculturalism and other enemies of traditional European civilization — have, as a rule, considerable resources at their disposal? Why are such […]

The Spanish Civil War: A Successful Nationalist Revolution, Part 2

The Civil War began on 18 July 1936. The Moroccan uprising had been betrayed at the last minute. The rebels therefore missed the element of surprise upon which they had been relying. The government-controlled radio reported that the rebellion was confined to Morocco and would soon be crushed. In reality, several important cities — Seville, […]

The Spanish Civil War: A Successful Nationalist Revolution, Part 1

It has been 75 years since the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. Few conflicts in history have been as widely misunderstood, or misrepresented. The standard narrative has long been that of a military coup against a democratic government and the noble Spanish people, supported by foreign idealists, heroically fighting evil “fascists.” This is a […]