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Faith and Logic: dueling masters over the years

Once upon a time in the distant and not so distant past there was a privileged caste of scholarly notables and monastic scribes who oversaw, in written form, the power of knowledge and proper thinking and thrived apart from the less prescient masses below–those who muddled along in thought-free mediocrity, or so those above believed.  In […]

Equal Abilities and Results for All: The new world of woke-inspired reality and international relations

I am not “woke,” but I have been “awakened” to a new norm and concept of everyday life which denies biological diversity and the unequal results of competition.  In today’s culture, from early childhood there can be no “losers”: all those who compete must earn a “trophy” of sorts to be placed on a shelf […]

Wach auf!  Wach auf!  Arise!  Arise!

The swollen waves of dislodged souls Are rushing to our shores; Like flood waters tainted with despair They crest our tall fences at the border And empty willy-nilly onto foreign soil. Abetting voices lift in unison and trumpet to the downtrodden many: Run toward freedom, slaves of poverty no more, Flee your hostile enclaves from […]