What’s been going on in Texas since the end of the NPI conference, Richard Spencer’s much-commented-on speech, and “Hail-gate,” is hard to believe. An absolute media meltdown by the Dallas Morning News, followed by Texas Aggies fleeing to the world’s largest “safe-space,” 100,000 seat Kyle Field (A&M’s giant football stadium), when it was announced that Richard would be speaking to a couple hundred people elsewhere on campus.

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Immediately before the conference, articles started appearing in the Dallas Morning News about the rich-kid, preppie, White-nationalist from St. Mark’s (Dallas’ most prestigious private boys school and Richard’s alma mater) who was now one of the chief leaders of that dangerous, hateful new group — the Alt-right — earnestly denounced by Hillary as an egregious threat to the Republic in a widely publicized speech during the campaign.

After the NPI conference, all hell broke loose. Angry mothers of current St. Mark’s students wrote letters to the DMN editor, bewailing that the same “wonderfully diverse” school their darlings attended could inexplicably produce such a monster, and begging the paper not to associate Richard’s name with St. Mark’s, lest it queer their sons’ chances of being accepted at Big Ticket U. The St. Mark’s headmaster publicly disavowed Richard, the first time the school has ever done this to one of its graduates. Feeling especially in need of atonement, the St. Mark’s class of 1997 launched a campaign to support refugees in order to repudiate Spencer, raising around $40,000.

Other anti-Alt-right articles have been appearing daily. Yesterday there was a long complaint, “I won’t let neo-nazis dictate what little fashion sense I have,” where some manlet reporter whined about Richard and his buddies making the “fashy haircut” (long on top, very short on the sides) a symbol of “white-supremacy,” but he would bravely go ahead and retain his own fashy haircut, because it looks nice. Also yesterday there was a general rant against White racism by DMN’s “culture critic.” Both articles included pictures of Richard in various poses, in various outfits. They all hate him, but they all admit he’s photogenic.

Photo accompanying manlet reporter's article on Alt Right fashion

Photo accompanying manlet reporter’s article on Alt Right fashion