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Bill Kristol prefers Hillary to Trump: What happened to all those conservative principles?

It’s always been obvious that Hillary as president is just fine with the neocons. After all, she voted for the Iraq war and was instrumental in the disaster in Libya. She supported sending arms to Syrian rebels and likened Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, to Hitler. She wholeheartedly backs Israel, and has her own set of rabidly […]


Comment pourrait se produire la Percée: La Candidature de Donald Trump

Original article: How it could happen: The Candidacy of Donald Trump Article d’origine publié le 10 juillet 2015 Chacun de nous se creuse chaque jour les méninges pour trouver le moyen de percer les défenses d’un système politique qui ne nous laisse aucune chance. Comment faire pour qu’arrive enfin ce qu’on attend tous: qu’un mouvement politique […]


How it could happen: The candidacy of Donald Trump

We all rack our brains every day trying how to break through in a system that is completely stacked against us. How could it happen—a political movement that would ignite the imaginations of White America, depose the corrupt donor class in the Republican Party, and begin to really take the country back? Right now, doing so is […]


La Judaïté importe-t-elle ?

English version: “Does Jewishness Matter?” Article d’origine publié le 10 avril 2015 Il y a quelque temps, une mini tempête médiatique a éclaté à l’UCLA [Université de Californie – Los Angeles] au cours de la procédure de confirmation d’une étudiante juive à un poste au Comité Juridique du conseil des étudiants. L’étudiante s’est vu poser une […]


Does Jewishness matter?

A while ago, there was a minor media firestorm about a situation at UCLA that erupted when a Jewish student was being confirmed for a position on the student council’s Judicial Board. The student was asked a series of questions about whether her Jewish commitments would affect her performance on the Board. This, of course, violates a […]


The strange history of David Cole

Review of Republican Party Animal: The “Bad Boy of Holocaust History”Blows the Lid Off Hollywood’s Secret Right-Wing Underground by David Cole Has there ever been a stranger life trajectory than that of Holocaust revisionist David Cole?  At 21 he found television notoriety as a Jew who questioned important parts of the Holocaust narrative. But death threats forced […]