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La Judaïté importe-t-elle ?

English version: “Does Jewishness Matter?” Article d’origine publié le 10 avril 2015 Il y a quelque temps, une mini tempête médiatique a éclaté à l’UCLA [Université de Californie – Los Angeles] au cours de la procédure de confirmation d’une étudiante juive à un poste au Comité Juridique du conseil des étudiants. L’étudiante s’est vu poser une […]


Does Jewishness matter?

A while ago, there was a minor media firestorm about a situation at UCLA that erupted when a Jewish student was being confirmed for a position on the student council’s Judicial Board. The student was asked a series of questions about whether her Jewish commitments would affect her performance on the Board. This, of course, violates a […]


The strange history of David Cole

Review of Republican Party Animal: The “Bad Boy of Holocaust History”Blows the Lid Off Hollywood’s Secret Right-Wing Underground by David Cole Has there ever been a stranger life trajectory than that of Holocaust revisionist David Cole?  At 21 he found television notoriety as a Jew who questioned important parts of the Holocaust narrative. But death threats forced […]


Why Are Some Democracies More Equal Than Others?

Almost any time neoconservatism is discussed, whether in a positive or negative light, it is treated as a kind of hegemonic monolith that has not changed since the last generation of its adherents began gaining prestige in the 1970s — or even since it began taking form decades earlier. Obviously this is a mistake, but […]