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The Cofnas Problem, Part 1 of 3

Shortly after Nathan Cofnas published his first article on Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique in 2018,[1] I spent a few weeks sketching out a quite extensive ‘skeleton’ for a rebuttal I intended to flesh out and publish at The Occidental Observer. The speed and extent of replies from MacDonald,[2] and, later, Ed Dutton, eventually made […]


More Deceit and Double-Think from Mark Steyn and Company

Do parallel universes exist where history has taken an entirely different course? It’s been a big unanswered question in physics and philosophy for a long time, but I’ve started to wonder whether the Canadian neo-conservative Mark Steyn holds the key. His writing appears in this universe, but he himself appears to be living some or […]


Capitolo 6 di Insurrezioni culturali: EBREI, NERI, E RAZZA

Questo saggio offre una panoramica della storia delle relazioni tra ebrei e neri nel ventesimo secolo. I dati a disposizione dimostrano molto chiaramente che le organizzazioni ebraiche, come pure un numero elevato di individui ebrei, hanno contribuito enormemente al successo del movimento teso a rafforzare il potere dei neri e modificare la gerarchia razziale degli […]