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Feelings and Thoughts on Charlottesville

Like everyone—in the world, really—I was riveted by the events in Charlottesville.   What came up for me: My first reaction was elation and gratitude.  How about this!  White people—organized, and doing it publicly—standing up for their heritage and race, standing up for people like me, standing up for me.  When has this ever happened before?  […]

From a Chat to Metapolitics: A Journey in Thought, Part Two

Part 1 It seems to me that a cultural message of the following sort (the reader is invited to read it over and improve on it) needs to be communicated to white people, particularly the young: You are white and that matters incredibly. You can be very, very proud of who you are. You owe […]

From a Chat to Metapolitics: A Journey in Thought, Part One

In mid-August of 2016, I was included in a group of five people sitting around a table chatting at the University of Vermont, which is in the city of Burlington, Vermont’s largest, 42,000 people.  Four of us were a current or retired faculty member at the university and the other was a new dean who […]

Blacks As Emotional Abusers of Whites: The Exploration of a Possibility

There is an aggressive, unreasonable, even neurotic, quality in the outlook and behavior of blacks toward whites currently that wasn’t present — at least not nearly to this extent — in prior decades.  The term that captures this quality or thrust for me: it is abusive of white people.  I think it may be helpful to […]

The Real Ernest Hemingway?

On June 20th, 2016, in an post entitled “The Real Ernest Hemingway,” The Occidental Observer reprinted the first few paragraphs of a writing that had appeared in the February, 1979 issue of Instauration, a white interests magazine, along with a link to the complete source.1   In introductory remarks, the TOO post characterized the Instauration material […]

The Orlando Shootings: Talk, Reality, and the New York Times

To put this writing in its context, it needs to be kept in mind that a thing is whatever it is, and it’s not any other thing.  In Orlando, Florida in the early morning hours of June 12th, 2016, 49 people were killed and 53 injured in Pulse, a gay nightclub, by, it appears at […]