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The Nobel Peace Prize: Dissenters from Western Political Correctness Need Not Apply

Last year’s choice for the Nobel Peace prize was a farce of unbelievable proportions. Barack Obama was a newcomer whose name few people had even heard just a few years before. He had no track record whatsoever and had never achieved anything in his life aside from being lucky enough to be the first Black […]

Some recent news stories from up north

The MV Sun Sea with 492 people on board. This has been a crazy few weeks for Canada, where a number of ridiculous events worth discussing took place. Earlier this month, a ship with close to 500 Tamils on board entered Canadian waters to demand refugee status. This is yet another boat people story reminiscent […]

CNN uses the Census to Spin Anti-White Propaganda

A national census should be nothing more than a statistical exercise, arousing no more emotion than renewing one’s driver’s license. However, given the fact that the US has become a cauldron of competing ethnic interests where anti-White hostility is the norm for the mainstream media, it has aroused all sorts of controversies, especially among liberals with […]