Israel’s fallback position on organ harvesting

Following up on Alison Weir’s article “Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft: From Palestine to Moldava,” Israel now admits that they harvested organs of Palestinians and others without permission from the families. But they say it happened during the 1990s and that the practice has been discontinued. It’s worth mentioning that Donald Bostrom’s chilling account refers precisely to the 1990s. Bostrom’s article has been translated into English and is posted as a TOO article. The article includes a very graphic photo of a Palestinian whose gaping chest wound had been stitched up —  obviously consistent with organ harvesting. This Palestinian was a stone thrower who had been murdered by the Israeli army, his body then taken away for “autopsy.”

Yet when Bostrom’s article came out it was described as the worst sort of anti-Semitism in the Israeli press and by Jewish activist organizations throughout the  world. If the practice has indeed stopped, I suppose it is only because of the glare of this negative publicity.

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