Christopher Donovan: "We Pay $4,000 a Month to Live Here"

I lived in New York City for seven years.  It was quite a time:  I grinded through the hellfires of law school, watched as Plane No. 2 hit the World Trade Center, and came to racial and ethnic consciousness.
I do not miss living there.  It had its excitement, its restaurants and museums, its bright lights and maximum adventure.  But ultimately, it was not a place to call home.  I could have been hit and killed by a bus and it would not have been even a brief item in the newspaper.
As an “undifferentiated White”, or white man without clear Irish, Italian or other ethnic source, I certainly did not have an ethnic family to embrace.  I paid a handsome sum for rent for the privilege of living in an atmosphere of vague to explicit racial hatred toward straight White non-Jews with traditional yearnings.
I was never comfortable with the juxtaposition of extreme wealth and extreme poverty.  As a practical matter, if civil unrest got out of hand, New York’s wealthy would be sitting ducks for armies of poor Blacks and Hispanics:  unarmed, exposed, forced to use the same streets if not the same elevators.  Everyone’s on the same power and support grids.  How long could one survive in the Trump Tower with complete anarchy down below?  You didn’t have to go farther than an outer borough — even Staten Island — or above 125th Street — to feel unsafe as a white person.  And that was with Rudy Giuliani as mayor. 
In midtown and downtown, smartly-dressed White (and Jewish) law firm partners making seven figures would glide along fine carpeted hallways high above the honking, yelling and grit down below, munching on $15 sandwiches and $4 coffees while small-time drug deals unfolded below.  Tom Wolfe‘s written about this somewhere — was it Bonfire of the Vanities?  The whole affair just seem unnatural, untenable, unhealthy.
A recent story gives a clue. Residents of this buidling downtown pay $4,000 a month in rent — only to have drug-related execution-style killings right inside the building.  That’s your reward for billing 2200 hundred hours a year?  By what standard is that a good life?  By what standard is that a good society?
This differential is too much to sustain, which is why the middle class is leaving.
Some statistics show that the steady half-century of white flight from New York has slowed, and their numbers have even gone up slightly.
I don’t know what to make of that — the beginnings of a White ghetto in Manhattan?  If there’s a racially conscious White ingathering in Manhattan, by all means, join it if you will.
But I doubt it.  My advice to young Whites wrapping up their big city adventure is to aim for White community and the acquisition of real property where it will be safe in the event of meltdown.
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