Kicking and Screaming

I was the target of a recent hit piece on the Council of Conservative Citizens in Essence Magazine entitled “A Look Inside Hateful Right-Wing Fringe Groups“. I’ve already ridiculed their transparent double-standards in my article, “The Essence of Hypocrisy“, but the final sentence of the article caught my eye. It deserves a closer examination…

That boundary [voting for Barack Obama] has been crossed; we can never go back. Even kicking and screaming, America must move forward.

People crave a narrative. They not only prefer a narrative, they need one. Just as surely as they see a face on the moon and the Virgin Mary on their grilled cheese sandwiches, they manage to “find” a simple storybook narrative behind the complex and chaotic chronicles of history. Every identity group has its own historiography, one that frequently inflates its own importance. That’s just human nature.

Jews fancy themselves to be a special “chosen people”. Our founding fathers fancied themselves to be beacons of enlightenment to the world. The Chinese fancy theirs to be the “Middle Kingdom”. There’s nothing innately fallacious about perceiving the world through the lens of a historiography. Human history contains too many events and currents for any one person to comprehend it in its entirety, so our biased and simplistic narratives will have to do.

But what if it’s not our biased and simplistic narrative?

One of the most insidious methods our opponents have used to conquer us is the hijacking of our historiographies. All of them. The Masonic Enlightenment tradition that so heavily influenced our nation’s founding has been warped from one of our overcoming ignorance and oppression to one of the aliens among us overcoming our ignorance and oppression. The Christian traditions have been hijacked by various strains of Christian Zionism and Pharisaic interpretations of our sacred texts.

Gini Sikes, the author of the hit piece, has ingested a sort of inversion of Manifest Destiny in which the displacement and replacement of the White American people, her own extended family, is a moral imperative, one we must move forward toward. Just as the replacement of the American Indians was a necessary part of our own historiography, our replacement is a necessary part of this new historiography. To resist our replacement is to stand in the way of the exciting new Cosmic American future that awaits.

According to Tim Wise, “that’s the future whether they [Whites] like it or not.”


At its root, this is the argument Tim Wise makes in his notorious anti-White race-baiting screed, “An Open Letter to the White Right“. The “progressive” agenda is for progress. Progress is obviously a multicultural and multiracial America in which our people are socially and politically disempowered. That’s the future. That’s the math. Traditional Americans are the bad guys in the movie and will not survive. Q.E.D.

The Self-Hating WhiteUnfortunately, this historiography has become dominant among our own elites. Our “conservatives” accept and even celebrate a vision of the future in which their own constituents will be replaced. In something straight out of Jonestown, White Americans are filing behind leaders who are leading them into oblivion. Even when they resist, they see themselves as standing in the way of progress, of “standing athwart history, yelling ‘Stop!'”

I can’t help but wonder how these leftist ideologues will react when the sleeping tiger of ethnic nationalism reawakens among the White American people. At some point, probably in their lifetimes, the Gods of the Marketplace will falter and reality will reassert herself. How will these traitors and scoundrels among us cope with their “tide of history” appearing to turn back? Probably kicking and screaming.

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