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Arguing with anti-White Bear

Tim Wise learned a few years ago that he has nothing to gain and everything to lose from a fair and open debate about racial issues. Fortunately for him, modern technology has empowered him to create imaginary straw men to win debates against. This is a great catharsis for him, as his opponents walk right into all of his traps, resort to name-calling, and even fart.

Behold: Arguing With Xenophobe Bear: Volume Two of the “Bears and Bigots” Series.

Some thoughts…
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Kicking and Screaming

I was the target of a recent hit piece on the Council of Conservative Citizens in Essence Magazine entitled “A Look Inside Hateful Right-Wing Fringe Groups“. I’ve already ridiculed their transparent double-standards in my article, “The Essence of Hypocrisy“, but the final sentence of the article caught my eye. It deserves a closer examination…

That boundary [voting for Barack Obama] has been crossed; we can never go back. Even kicking and screaming, America must move forward.

People crave a narrative. They not only prefer a narrative, they need one. Just as surely as they see a face on the moon and the Virgin Mary on their grilled cheese sandwiches, they manage to “find” a simple storybook narrative behind the complex and chaotic chronicles of history. Every identity group has its own historiography, one that frequently inflates its own importance. That’s just human nature. Read more