The (Corrupt) Multicultural Left Is Totally In Charge of the University

Typical day at the university. On the faculty email list for the entire College of Liberal Arts, an activist says we absolutely must petition the President for an LGBT Advisory Council (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgendered; I wasn’t sure what that last one meant, so here’s Wikipedia’s take for those unaccustomed to leftspeak). Campus liberals quickly indicate their public support by responding positively on the list, thereby earning their stripes with their colleagues and ensuring they will get tenure if they don’t have it and get to go to good parties if they do.  In addition to a great many individual faculty members, seven department chairs and two entire departments joined in the effort. No one was so bereft of all human feeling as to oppose such an initiative. So the President agreed to it and the Dean announced the decision on the list.

Victory!! What were the odds that something so deeply controversial in a contemporary university environment would be approved?

But wait! There are still monstrous injustices! A faculty member writes in congratulating everyone for the victory, but notes in all seriousness that “it cannot be right that there is no Chicano/Latino Advisory Council; nor no Africana/African-American Advisory Council;  nor no Asian-American Pacific Islander Advisory Council; nor no  ‘American Indian/First Peoples Advisory Council’, nor any others that  might seem necessary.”

So now the list is filled with people agreeing there is a  dire need to have more Advisory Councils for every possible group (excepting European Americans, of course).

University life is getting increasingly surreal. There’s this item from a recent event at UC-Santa Cruz:

A few hundreds students came to spell out “FREE EDUCATION” with their bodies – some naked – on the East Field of UC Santa Cruz campus Tuesday.

The peaceful demonstration was meant to bring awareness to growing budget cuts for the UC system. …

“I hope the demonstration will help people think outside of the box (and) come up with inclusive solutions that could address everyone’s needs,” said Christine King, who teaches transformative action at UCSC’s Kresge College and one of the people in the plane that flew over.

A course in transformative action? And of course, education should be free to students while taxpayers pick up the tab for high 6-figure salaries for the public liberals who man the administrative positions and for professors like Dr. King whose far left attitudes are diametrically opposed to the great majority of taxpayers.

Speaking of administrators,  Duke University is showing that this leftist bent has a vicious side that is nevertheless very profitable for professors who play their cards right:

What Duke University and Durham, along with the mainstream media, did to Reade Seligmann [one of the Duke La Crosse players accused of raping a prostitute] was utterly shameful. The way that Duke subsequently rewarded the worst offenders in this case, including promoting the most dishonestly vocal faculty members to being deans and high-level administrators, demonstrates that the leadership of that university is proud of what it did. It is proud of the fact that it managed to become the first university in U.S. legal history to be cited in a change of venue document that claimed the university created an atmosphere that endangered the rights to a fair trial by the three falsely-charged lacrosse players. (“The Obama Administration’s Vicious Attack on Reade Seligman”

So in addition to tenure and good parties, faculty jumping on the CSULB Advisory Council bandwagon may even get rewarded with big salary perks and power by becoming deans and other high-level administrators. Needless to say, I am shocked—shocked to find that public displays of selfless concern for the downtrodden turn out to be anything but selfless.

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