Alain de Benoist on the West

Alain de  Benoist’s current TOO article (“The ‘West’ Should Be Forgotten“) contains this remarkable paragraph:

Between the destitution of its past and the fear of its future, it believes in nothing else other than abstract moralism and disembodied principles that would save her from thriving in its being — even if the price is its metamorphosis. Forgetting that history is tragic, assuming that its can reject any consideration of power, searching for consensus at any cost, floating weightless, as if in a form of  lethargy, not only does it consent to its own disappearance, but it interprets its disappearance as a proof of its moral superiority. One can obviously think of the “last man” that Nietzsche talked about.

Yes, the West has become the proposition culture, identified solely by its moral abstractions–abstractions that seen by the natives as more important than life itself (see, e.g., here). Abstractions that may be used to justify pretty much any war our elites decide to promote, but which leave the natives defenseless against invasions by the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the price for holding onto these abstractions is far more than metamorphosis but, as he says, disappearance–death by any other name.

The only solution is to redefine the West not in terms of abstractions but in terms of its traditional people–people with interests in maintaining control of specific lands. It is this step that seems impossible for the vast majority of contemporary Western intellectuals, even those associated with the right.

The ultimate irony is that without altruistic Whites seduced by moral abstractions to see their own suicide as a moral imperative, the glorious multicultural utopia that is scheduled to succeed the West is likely to revert to a Darwinian struggle for survival among the remnants, with principled morality in short supply. But, unless things change dramatically and soon, the descendants of these high-minded White folks won’t be around to witness that denouement.

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