Anders Breivik as a Nordicist

It’s been noted, particularly on the racialist, paleoconservative right, that Anders Breivik’s ideas closely resemble the ideas usually associated with the neoconservatives: Strong support for Israel and opposition to Islam. For example, in his book, Breivik cites Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, and he includes several excellent articles from the Gates of Vienna site. My article, based on his web comments, may have contributed to this perception.

However, unlike the great majority of neoconservatives who are focused mainly on supporting  Israel and for whom any other conservative attitude is a position of convenience, Breivik comes across as someone who is mainly motivated to preserve Europeans and their culture. (For example, neocons are typically very soft on immigration (see here, p. 26 and passim, including Muslim immigration; Breivik includes an article  by “Fjordman” that questions neocon Daniel Pipes‘ idea of promoting moderate Islam.)

And, despite condemning cultural Marxism as the main villain, in the end Breivik realizes that it’s a biological battle. In his book, Breivik comments several times on the eventual extinction of the  Nordics if something isn’t done. Breivik’s view is that a poisonous, maladaptive culture may result in evolutionary death just as surely as a genocidal military invasion. His ideas imply what I take to be correct, that evolutionary conflict is now mainly taking place in the arena of culture—the view of The Culture of Critique. Because cultural Marxism has resulted in natural selection against the Nordics, Breivik views it as a racist ideology of hatred toward Nordics: “Multiculturalism IS as evil and racist as Nazism and as brutal as Stalinism.” This strongly suggests that his web comments where he condemns ethnocentrism are strategic and don’t go to the heart of his thinking.

The following quotations reveal Breivik as a proud Nordicist—someone who is strongly motivated to preserve the Nordic physical type (of which he is an exemplar). “Be proud of your ethnic group – be proud of belonging to the Nordic tribe.” Breivik seems well acquainted with the idea of ethnic genetic interests, and, as often noted on this site, he is aware of a huge double standard where the only people in the world whose ethnic interests are claimed to be illegitimate are Europeans. He opposes race-mixing, noting that Nordic racial characteristics are typically genetically recessive so that they are quickly lost by race-mixing. He notes the paradox that Nordic media superstars who engage in race mixing would never have achieved fame and fortune without their Nordic looks.  But “thanks to their parents’ carelessness, their offspring will be cut off forever from their ‘extended ethnic family.'” He also has a section on the decline of Nordic physical traits like blue eyes as a percentage of the population in the U.S. and elsewhere—the basic logic of natural selection in the biological world.

So there you have it. Europe is heading towards cultural and demographical suicide due to the absence of nationalistic doctrines. Nationalism is the anti-thesis of multiculturalism/internationalism. In order for nationalism to succeed, multiculturalism must be deconstructed and vice versa. The cultural Marxists/humanists/globalists will do EVERYTHING in their power to prevent nationalists from succeeding as we have witnessed now for several decades.

Campaigns of psychological warfare (anti-nationalism) have been integrated into the school curriculums and all intellectual public frameworks. Europeans have been psychologically conditioned into a state of denial and self contempt. A majority of Europeans are therefore in a permanent state of psychological trauma, some nationalities more than others.

The most severely affected are of course the Germans and the Nordic countries; Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark. The justification for demonising their forefathers is a mixture of portraying the evil crusaders, the evil colonisers/enslavers and of course Nazi Germany’s policies of nordicism. The clear message from our cultural elites is that we are by definition evil and unworthy of life. And that we will do the world a big favor by contributing to our own extermination through third world colonisation. The self loathing runs deep through most aspects of society. To quote one of the most influential professors in Norway, Thomas Hylland Eriksen:

“Our (the Marxist elites of Europe) most important task ahead is to deconstruct the majority, and we must deconstruct them so thoroughly that they will never be able to call themselves the majority again”.

Later quote

“This will contribute to understanding and liberation”

The problem in our societies isn’t primarily that individuals like Eriksen exists (and believe me, every country has their share of these highly influential anti-nationalist intellectuals) but rather that they are allowed unrestricted access to broadcasting networks, state channels, the main stream media in general to spread their hate-speech. They are allowed this access because 80% of politicians and 98% of journalists (category A and B traitors) are aiding and abetting them in the ongoing genocide. This while people like myself, who are trying to warn people of this extremist hate speech, are systematically ignored and demonised as, guess what; racist, fascist extremists… It is nothing less than insane and it borders to an advanced level of psychopathic absurdity. A majority of Europeans are still susceptible to this brainwashing although this is gradually changing.

Parenthetically, Breivik includes a wonderful article by Fjordman dissecting Eriksen and other high priests of White genocide. Eriksen is described as “a career multiculturalist and intellectual celebrity” who, by his own admission, lives in a “boring, monocultural part of the city, insulated from the effects of cultural diversity.”

Eriksen has clashed with Ole-Jørgen Anfindsen, who runs the bilingual quality website  and warns against the effects of uncontrolled mass immigration. … What are the problems presented by Mr. Anfindsen? Well, he has published numbers indicating that if the current immigration continues, native Norwegians will be a minority in their own country within a couple of generations. Given the fact that ethnic groups who become minorities in their own lands usually have a hard time, and always get persecuted when the newcomers are Muslims, one would assume that this would be interesting information. But for self-proclaimed “Multicultural cosmopolites,” it is “petty and irrelevant” to even consider that this could represent a problem.

Eriksen, writing in The Guardian in the wake of Breivik’s actions, lamented the fact that the Internet allows people to get divergent opinions:

Had [Breivik] instead been forced to receive his information through a broadsheet newspaper, where not all the stories dealt with Europe’s loss of confidence and the rise of militant Islam, it is conceivable that his world would have looked slightly different. Perhaps one lesson from this weekend of shock and disbelief may be that cultural pluralism is not necessarily a threat to national cohesion, but that the tunnel vision resulting from selective perusal of the internet is.

Sounds like a recipe for a completely controlled media–an attitude quite appropriate for a cultural Marxist.

Back to Breivik: From Section 3.84:

Within approximately 100-150 years or within 4-5 generations (if the current development is allowed to continue) the Germanic/Nordic race in several countries will be diluted or annihilated to such a degree that there will be no one left with Nordic physical characteristics; blond hair, blue eyes, high forehead, sturdy cheekbones. As such, the Nordic tribes will become extinct if we do not resist and seize political and military control of our countries. To illustrate the ongoing demographic annihilation of the Nordic peoples; in 1900 there were 50% Nordics in the US (blonde hair, blue eyes). But now, as a result of primarily non-European immigration, there was in 2008 ONLY 16%.

I don’t see why we shouldn’t actively strive for the establishment of a Nordic League propagating Nordic interests, following the design of the Arab League. After all, why shouldn’t we, Scandinavians, Nordics, Germans and to a large degree Brits, Americans, Polish, Czechs, Swiss, people from Benelux and Balticum be allowed to feel pride in our ethnic heritage and fight for our ethnic interests? Shouldn’t WE have the EQUAL right to actively pursue and protect our interest based on ethnic origin when Arabs, Pashtuns, Africans, Kurds, Tibetans, Aboriginals, Native Americans, Rom/Gypsies are allowed to?

Why are we labeled as Nazi monsters when we do and they are tolerated, encouraged and even supported financially? The answer has been explained in this compendium on multiple occasions. It is because the current US/EU cultural Marxist hegemony is a racist and evil empire which has embraced a hate ideology equal to Stalinist Communism and Nazism. Multiculturalism IS as evil and racist as Nazism and as brutal as Stalinism. They don’t use the same persecution methods, instead they ratify hate laws and get their propaganda machine (MSM) to character assassinate people, ridicule them resulting in conservatives losing their jobs, family and committing suicide. Multiculturalism must be destroyed as soon as possible, or we, all European tribes, will seize [sic] to exist within 100 years! …

Race-mixing propagandists: Heidi Klum, Elin Nordgren, Madonna, Brangelina, Lady Gaga etc – An irreversible action, the eternal loss of your extended ethnic family

The witty comment stating; “if you go black, there is no turning back” actually underlines the severity of the decision involved in race-mixing. It is quite a paradox as specific European entertainment stars (including but not limited to Heidi Klum, Elin Nordgren, Madonna, Brad Pit & Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga chooses to propagate and glorify race-mixing either through direct or indirect (adoption) choices. The only reason that many of these individuals became famous in the first place was specifically due to their Nordic/European physical characteristics, rare characteristics that have been acquired through an evolutionary process which has taken more than 1 million years. These characteristics, both physical and psychological are then wiped out forever, due to their miscalculated decision. Obviously, the offspring of these entertainment stars will never receive the same opportunities as they, themselves, once did. It is obvious that Nordic entertainment super-stars like Scarlett Johansson (60-70% Nordic purity), Gwyneth Paltrow (70-80%), Pamela Anderson (90-95%), Paris Hilton (70-80%), Taylor Swift (80-90%) would have never been where they are today hadn’t it been for their distinct Nordic physical characteristics. They would have never, in a million years, managed to reach their current status of fame had they belonged to another ethnic group. Same can be said about several other superstars with Nordic physical features such as individuals from Marilyn Monroe to Megan Fox. So why not embrace their Nordic gift by contributing to preserve Nordic culture instead of throwing it away and robbing their children of the same opportunities they once received? It should be noted that the US was composed of 50% with blue eyes in 1950 but this number has been reduced significantly and was in 2008 only 16%. By 2020 it is estimated to be less than 8%.

Recessive vs. dominant genes

Blue eyes and blond hair (and possibly many psychological traits) almost never survives a race-mixing process due to the fact that Nordic genotypes are recessive unlike for example African, Arab or Oriental genotypes which are considerably more genetically dominant. In order to dominantly dilute an African individual it would require 5 individuals of Nordic descent. Thanks to their parent’s carelessness, their offspring will be cut off forever from their “extended ethnic family”. They will become, tribe-less individuals and many are likely to either swear allegiance to extreme cultural Marxism/multiculturalist ideological views (90%) or choose the extreme right (>10%). They often hate their parents for what has been done to them, as they are neither European, African nor Asian.

The Nordic ideal – our tribe counts 200 million individuals as of 2010

There are many non-Nordics who try to mimic Nordic beauty by dying their hair blond and wearing contacts. So why not offer our children the actual genetical gift instead, through repro-genetics, rather than spending thousands of Euro and thousands of hours on make-up trying to mimic the Nordic ideal?

As the Nordic ideal obviously is still prevalent in this multiculturalist world it may not be too late to prevent the extinction of the Nordic tribes. We are still a strong tribe, representing the most numerous in Europe, counting more than 200 million individuals worldwide. …

A 2002 study found that the prevalence of blue eye colour among European-Americans in the United States to be 57.4 percent for those born from 1899 through 1905 compared with 33.8 percent for those born from 1936 through 1951. Blue eyes have become increasingly rare among American children, with only one out of every six – 16.6 percent, which is 49.8 million out of 300 million (22.4% of European-Americans) of the total United States population having blue eyes. The plunge in the past few decades has taken place at a remarkable rate. A century ago, 80 percent of people married within their ethnic group. Blue eyes were routinely passed down, especially among people of Western and Northern European ancestry. …

Be proud of your ethnic group – be proud of belonging to the Nordic tribe

The current cultural Marxist world order lead by Western European and US elites acknowledge and tolerate that most ethnic group’s fight for their interest and are proud of their ethnic group. The Arab League, Kurdish Rights Movements, Rom (Gypsy) Rights Movements, Tibetan Rights Movements, Native American Rights Movements and Aboriginal Rights Movements, to name just a few are all interest groups based on race or ethnic affiliation. They are among those interest groups that propagate interests based on race/ethnic origin. They are all tolerated, encouraged and even often supported by the current US/EUSSR cultural Marxist hegemony. If I were to create a Nordic or an even broader European Indigenous Rights movements with the goal of propagating rights and interests for the indigenous Europeans we all know what would happen. It has been done before and the result of the former efforts (resulting in persecution from the establishment) just underlines the hateful and destructive agenda of multiculturalism. The evil nature of this hypocrisy is so deliberate and it clearly tells us that multiculturalism (cultural Marxism) is an anti-European hate ideology designed to deconstruct European culture, traditions, Christendom, ethnic groups and even nation states. We cannot defeat multiculturalism until we defeat Marxism as it is two sides of the same coin. Multiculturalism is Marxism, Marxism is multiculturalism. Do not have any doubt about this. A liberal right winger might claim that he is not a cultural Marxist but a globalist. He should however know that a globalist is the exact same thing as a cultural Marxist. Because there are only two cultural poles; if you are not cultural conservative then you are a cultural Marxist. …

Countries ranked after historic concentration of the Nordic genotypes

Country 1900 – % 1950 2010 2040 2070
Iceland 90 80


30 15
Finland 85 75 55 35 25
Sweden 85 75 45 20 10
Norway 85 75 45 20 10
Denmark 85 75 45 20 10
Germany 75 65 35 17 8,5
Baltic 75 65 35 25 18
Czech Rep 75 65 35 25 18
Poland 75 60 30 20 15
UK 70 60 30 15 7,5
US 57,4 33,8 16,6 8 4
Benelux 55 47 30 15 7,5
Australia 55 45 30 15 9
Slovakia 55 45 30 20 15
Belarus 55 45 30 20 15
Russia 35 45 25 18 13
Canada 40 35 25 15 7,5

As you see, the future projections of the extinction rate are based on current immigration policies. Eastern European countries will have a slower extinction rate due to more conservative immigration policies.

Political correctness/cultural Marxism causes the extinction

The countries included in the current EUSSR/USASSR hegemony refuse to discuss these topics due to the fact that political correctness paralyzes and prevents all meaningful debate. So the only chance we have to prevent the complete and utter extinction of the Nordic genotypes and other genotypes for that matter is depending on what policies the future cultural conservative European Federation countries choose to implement.

A solution which seems to be the only option which could work in this modern world would be to commercialise positive reprogenetics programs on a state level. This will obviously not be possible as long as the cultural Marxists dominate our regimes due to the fact that they are bound by political correctness/cultural Marxism. Anyone who suggests a program like this would immediately be labeled a Nazi and racist which subsequently would end anyone’s career (character assassination). No Western politician, which is a part of the current EUSSR/USASSR hegemony, will take this chance. It is therefore up to the politically incorrect cultural conservatives to take responsibility when we seize power within 30-70 years. And when we do we should refrain from committing the same mistakes of the past. We must reject negative eugenics and instead focus on positive eugenics or so called reprogenetics.

Political correct individuals will say:

“Who cares if blonde people with blue eyes are extinct? We are all going to be dark skinned in the future anyway.”

Wrong. We are only going to allow the indigenous peoples of Europe to be indirectly exterminated if we allow it, which we have no intention to allow. The hypocritical thing is that the same individuals stating this is likely to support animals that are facing extinction, the preservation of rare species in the animal kingdom etc. Why should we preserve the polar bears, when we have brown bears?

According to the logic of the cultural Marxist – blonde, blue eyed people have lesser value than animals.

There are absolutely no valid arguments for propagating political views which indirectly result in the extinction of ethnic groups. The mentality just underlines that multiculturalism is in fact an anti-European hate ideology created to exterminate everything European. If a rare African or Asian ethnic group was found with distinctive physical characteristics the current cultural Marxist hegemony (lead by EUSSR and USASSR) would have no problem at all to allow and fund a group which goal was to preserve it (they are in fact doing this in Tibet who is being invaded by Han Chinese). They have no problem to justify their support to Tibet which makes them nothing more than hypocrites.

Solutions to prevent the extinction of the Nordic genotypes

There are basically two realistic solutions:

1. The commercialisation and state/media encouragement of reprogenetics favoring the Nordic genotype- See “reprogenetics and the future” for more information.


2. The usage of large scale surrogacy facilities as a secondary reproduction option for countries to compensate for non-sustainable fertility rates. The donors of eggs and sperm will then exclusively carry the Nordic genotypes. See “National reproduction policies” for more information.

Both solutions are possible and realistic if the political will is there.

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