Italian Culture of Critique and other translations

There is now an Italian translation of The Culture of Critique. From our correspondence, the translator, who wishes to remain anonymous, is very meticulous (he found many typographical errors in the English version). His translation is available here:

There are also complete translations of The Culture of Critique in Russian (an electronic version, available here), Swedish, and German. The German edition (Die Kultur der Kritik) was published by Verlag Libergraphix, a German publisher. Libergraphix has also published Separation and Its Discontents (Absonderung und ihr Unbehagen) and A People That Shall Dwell Alone (Der Jüdische Sonderweg – Der Judaismus als evolutionäre Gruppenstrategie). 

The Swedish version of The Culture of Critique (Kritikkulturen) was published by Nordiska Förlaget, and is now available at Arktos.

The translation page at also lists translations of a variety of other essays into the following languages: Russian, German, French, Swedish, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Danish, and Norwegian.

Finally, we also have a translation page for TOO articles by a variety of writers. Right now it is has 28 translations into a variety of of languages, including Spanish, French, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, and German.