Richard Spencer’s Ski Club Smackdown of Randy Scheuenemann

Richard Spencer has been leading an interesting life lately. Banned in Budapest for organizing the National Policy Institute conference, he was deported. Now we read of an encounter last winter with Randy Scheunemann that started with a chance meeting on a ski lift. Scheunemann is familiar to TOO readers as someone who has made a lucrative career by getting on the neocon gravy train:

Just recently it became  known that Randy Scheunemann, McCain’s foreign policy adviser, was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the government of Georgia. Scheunemann was also President of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, sponsored by Bill Kristols’ Project for a New American Century. Kristol, like the other neocons, is eager for the US to stand up to Russia over Georgia: “Is it not true today, as it was in the 1920s and ’30s, that delay and irresolution on the part of the democracies simply invite future threats and graver dangers?” Ah, the old argumentum ad Hitlerum. (“The Neocons Versus Russia“)

And Scheunemann is well aware that to stay in the good graces of his masters and keep the money flowing he has to toe the neocon line on race. So one can only imagine his horror when he found himself sitting next to a certified advocate for people (like Scheunemann) of European descent. As we all know, the war on Whites is massively incentivized. Scheunemann is a good example of a White person who has benefited greatly by turning his back on his own people.

An article on their encounter appeared in the Daily Beast by gay activist James Kirchick  (“A Racist’s Crazy Ski Resort Smackdown“). Kirchick’s piece exudes hostility toward Spencer and everything he stands for.

When Scheunemann grasped how closely he had come to evil, it was obvious what to do — get Spencer expelled from the ski club and maybe even assault him. Indeed, Scheunemann was so upset by Spencer’s brief comments about neocons that “if I saw him again I would be likely to punch him in the face.” And this was before he did his research on Spencer’s background.

Scheunemann … had no idea who Spencer was, and did some homework. What he found was chilling.

‘Chilling’ is a favorite leftspeak term, connoting the eerie sense of horror and dread one is supposed to feel at the mention of someone who disagrees with leftist dogma on the non-existence of the White race and, ipso facto, their ridiculous claim that Whites therefore have no legitimate ethnic interests.

Spencer recently made international headlines after his NPI attempted to hold a conference in Budapest featuring some of the continent’s most notorious extreme right political activists, including the neo-fascist Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin. “I’m sympathetic toward Putin in many ways,” he recently told Buzzfeed. Russia has the opportunity, to put it bluntly, to make the world a better place.”

Kirchick, like other neocons, is well known to be hostile toward Russia, but in Kirchick’s case his ire ostensibly stems from his gay activism. He famously protested Russia’s treatment of homosexuals on a RT broadcast that was supposed to discuss Bradley Manning’s sentencing.

The Hungarian government, citing a questionable interpretation of its constitution, banned the conference, arrested Spencer, and deported him from the country. (In his Twitter handle Spencer now humbly refers to himself as an “international thought criminal.”)

Spencer has been an up-and-coming figure in the obscure precincts of the white nationalist subculture that likes to adopt a veneer of academic respectability.

Again we see the power that comes from the control of academic discourse by the left, combined with very biased and selective media coverage — another bastion of the left.  A hack journalist like Kirchick can belittle Spencer’s beliefs as irrational and out of the mainstream; and he can be assured that his readers will properly look down on Spencer and his ilk as beneath contempt and with a sense of intellectual superiority. With confidence that his readers will understand that Spencer’s ideas are nothing but a veneer for intellectual dishonesty, Kirchick feels free to tell his readers about Spencer’s very impressive academic background:

In addition to heading up NPI, he also publishes a journal, Radix, and oversees a small publishing house. Though their ideas are not entirely different from those of old southern segregationists, they’re expressed with the verbosity of a highly literate professor. Spencer has an impressive academic pedigree, having earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Chicago, a master’s at the University of Virginia, and he was engaged in doctoral work at Duke University around the time of the infamous incident in which a black stripper falsely accused a group of white players of rape. Spencer mysteriously left Durham without finishing his studies, “presumably with his racial animus enhanced,” according to one source familiar with Spencer’s background.

After spending time as an editor at the Pat Buchanan-founded American Conservative, Spencer decided to leave the confines of paleoconservative journalism for outright white nationalism, assuming the leadership position at NPI and its affiliated Washington Summit publishers in 2011. At a conference organized last year by American Renaissance, another white nationalist publication, Spencer called for a “white homeland” to be created via a process of “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” about which he did not elaborate. Echoing Martin Luther King Jr., Spencer declared, “I have a dream.”

One wonders what Kirchick, who is Jewish and writes regularly for Jewish publications like Forward, Haaretz, and Commentary, thinks of the idea of a Jewish homeland. I suspect that the  “peaceful ethnic cleansing” that Spencer has in mind is less violent than that being perpetrated by the Israelis.

Scheunemann notes that Spencer’s parents, who used to live in Whitefish just five minutes from Scheunemann, “had a massive 8 foot by 10 foot Ron Paul for President sign in their front yard” during the 2008 campaign.

Gasp!! A Ron Paul sign. Spencer’s parents must be … libertarian? Off to the gulag with the whole lot!

Fast forward to the next winter. Horrified that a leading racist activist would be a member of the same ski club, Scheunemann confronted Spencer at the annual Christmas party in December of 2013. “Do you want to talk now before you can run away you fucking racist pussy?” Scheunemann asked. Again, Spencer scurried off.

Hmmm, Kirchick is obviously relying completely on Scheunemann’s account here. Spencer took the high ground and didn’t give his side of what happened (see below).

In any case, I can totally believe that Scheumemann loudly called him a “fucking racist pussy” within earshot of the other members of the club. It’s a textbook case of what overtly identified White advocates must be prepared to deal with — screaming, aggressive fanatics with all the confidence that their opinions are shared by the vast majority of their audience. In addition to possible job loss, it’s the terror of having your face-to-face world suddenly become a mixture of hostility and shunning. But the good news is that’s not what happened to Spencer.

This time, with ample evidence to back his case, Scheuneman complained to the club’s organizers, outraged that they had offered someone (especially a highly controversial public figure) full membership without consulting other members, an apparent breach of protocol. And so Scheunemann offered an ultimatum: Kick Spencer out, or he would leave.

The club chose to keep Spencer. None of its leaders responded to queries from The Daily Beast.

Score one for the side of truth, justice, and free speech!

After the reading the article, one is left to wonder just who Kirchick thinks got smacked down. (Recall that Kirchick titled his article “A Racist’s Crazy Ski Resort Smackdown.”) The club didn’t give in to Scheunemann’s demands, so it looks to me like Scheunemann got smacked down. And just who is crazy? After all, isn’t ‘crazy’ precisely the term one would use to call someone who threatens physical violence against those who have opinions he doesn’t like?

Asked for comment, Spencer replied, “Randy Scheunemann has given you a gross mischaracterization of events. However, I will not elaborate for the simple reason that this is a private matter involving a private organization. I refuse to bring private matters into a public discussion.”

Asked if he misses his time in the Big Mountain Ski Club, which offers its members perks such as early morning runs on the slopes with the ski patrol before the mountain opens to the general public, Scheunemann has no regrets.

“I don’t want to be in a club that has this overt racist in it,” he said.

I am sure that Scheunemann will be forwarding this article to Bill Kristol, John McCain and his other benefactors and enablers. And I can just see him wearing tee shirts and lapel buttons loudly proclaiming “I don’t want to be in a club that has overt racist Richard Spencer in it.”

After all, what better way to tell the world what club he belongs to. And to keep his lucrative career thriving.

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